Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESThe Empire struck back… After decades of hiding and mindful preparation, the enemy fought the Rebels in a perilous dogfight amongst the stars – over the recently discovered planet, Notrhupa. 

We also met QUEEN LEIA Organa-Solo, leading a peace-bringing mission aboard her New Alderaan Peace Council’s Mothership… The Empire tricked the Rebels, secretly sending a sleek JACKAL to board Leia’s ship.

the good old days

***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my abilities, and perhaps garner interest for my original screenplays. This is NOT the REAL script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to better suit your browser. Speakers / Dialogue will not be centered, as per the standard. Added images are just references. Hopefully, they help break up the wall of text… and makes for more exciting scrolling. These images may not always match up perfectly with the story.***

(There will also be a few musical score links to accompany these images. You can click to play the YouTube video, and scroll with the score if you like.)

***As a guideline, a page usually equates to a minute of screen-time. So by the end of Chapter 2 it’s been about 15 minutes into the movie. The complete script is 118 pages – just under 2 hours.***

The story continues here with CHAPTER TWO – pages 8 – 15…


the NAPC Mothership


A chamber room filled with star-maps and ancient artifacts.


From the BOTHAN’s side of the conversation…

A grey haired man, the GENERAL, hunches over a desk. A small-scale holographic alien, a BOTHAN, “stands” on a holo-tablet before him.

  BOTHAN: General, I fear it is so. The Cartesian Ring won’t let the cargo loose. This course of action could injure our relationship with them.

  GENERAL: Relationship? Come on, I don’t wanna hold their hand. Are you telling me the Enterprise I’ve worked so hard for. So long for. Doesn’t earn US more respect than that?

the BOTHAN (another design)


  BOTHAN: Never-the-less, the Cartesians will not listen.

  GENERAL: I don’t need to tell ya how smuggling works, now, do I, pal? You’re a damn Bothan. You know how it’s done. So… TAKE the provisions. Re-distribute them amongst the Rebel Flotillas. Like the plan.

  BOTHAN: Perhaps you should lend your name to the operation. Surely, they will listen then.

  GENERAL: Keep my name out of it. That’s it, that’s all. Now, make it known.

  BOTHAN: I should refrain, but General SOLO, sir. If the Cartesians knew who we represented th–

  GENERAL: You heard me… Make it known.

the BOTHAN relents

  BOTHAN (bows): General.

  GENERAL (aggressive): Off.

The holo bursts away with STATIC.

The General reaches and grabs a long thin glass straw from a richly ornate hand-carved box. He CRACKS the tip, and inhales. Smoke creeps around his silhouette.


It is HAN SOLO – aged and grey, but with that same sly smile.

  HAN: Han Solo? The name still means sumthin’.




A swimming green planet, NOTRHUPA, swirls with atmospheric gasses. A Steward and a few X-Wings, protects the NAPC.

A boxy CARRIER exits the NAPC and enters the atmosphere.


A large green ocean covers most of the planet. The solitary continent’s interior thrives with lush plant life. A habitat of bunkers and domes lines the coast.

atmospheric conversion – far inland, away from the coast and forests

Atmospheric conversion machines send pulse waves into the planet’s core. Others gather water from the ocean.

Terranauts look to the sky, as the carrier lands nearby.

CHADWICK (*played by historical figure Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander*)

A greying officer, Captain CHADWICK, exits. He is met by a formally dressed alien with numerous eyes, VILACQUA.

  VILACQUA: Captain Chadwick? What happened?

  CHADWICK: Vilacqua. Now is not the time.

VILACQUA, Chief Terranaut (alien designed by MASOCHA from DeviantArt)

  VILACQUA: But the battle. We all saw. What happened? Who were they?

  CHADWICK: I’m not here to discuss the momentary skirmishes of the stars. I’m here to inspect the Queen’s accommodations. She wants to be on soil for this important event.

  VILACQUA: But Captain, if WE just discovered Notrhupa, how’d the enemy find us?

  CHADWICK: Commander Lucas destroyed the enemy. That is all that matters. Now, show me the Queen’s Chambers.

  VILACQUA: You’re right. Commander Lucas gives us hope, in these dark unexplored corners of the galaxy… This way.

CHADWICK, has a rich past

The officers pass several terranauts, with official salutes.

  CHADWICK: Quite right, Vilacqua. He protects us again. Notrhupa is to be a shining beacon for the New Republic. And birth-place of a new Royal Legacy.

  VILACQUA: Long live the Rebellion. Long love the Queen.

Surrounding terranauts repeat the mantra with salutes.

images (3)



The NAPC Mothership is protected by its defensive flotilla.


Han Solo marches down a hallway, passing a tall droid.

The General’s DROID

  DROID: General Solo. Queen Leia eagerly awaits your presence.

  HAN: Tell me something I don’t know. How’s the arm?

  DROID (bends arm): Fully operational now. Thank you.

  HAN: I tried to warn ya, pal. It’s unwise to upset a Wookie.

  DROID: Quite right, General. My programming has been modified accordingly.

  HAN: What? Let the Wookie win?

  DROID: Affirmative. This method of action proves beneficial to this one. May I accompany you to the Queen’s chambers.

  HAN: No. I’m fine on my own. Is SHE alright though? Is it happening?

  DROID: The Maidens are at her side.




TURN IT OFF is an original short film screenplay – a twisted time travel science-fiction tale like TWILIGHT ZONE with QUANTUM PHYSICS.

This was a short film challenge from SIMPLY SCRIPTS solid community. Every few months they will have a ONE WEEK CHALLENGE. This time the parameters included a TIME TRAVEL premise.

Here is the short I developed. NERD ALERT 2000: My username is Last Fountain over there. (Go figure.) I’m including images within the script. The actors are not who I want to play or anything like that. More like an easy to  Google visual stand in. I feel like it helps with enjoying the read a bit more in this unique medium.

***Screenplay formatting has been adjusted to fit in this browser. The speaker / dialogue will not be centered.***



By Daniel Viau

© copyright, all rights reserved, January 2014



Cellular structures under extreme magnification. The images keep dividing from the micro-world to the macro.

Vibrating strings wobble in the vast interior of a nucleus.

    NARRATION (male): It`s been a long time since they first turned IT on. But ever since, they`ve been trying to turn it OFF.

A quadruple helix of DNA, a ladder with four corners, stacked like a skyscraper.

A laboratory technician skilfully manipulates the strand of DNA with nano-machine technology.

    NARRATION: The believers say it can be done. I think it`s a waste of time.

A long thin tablet glows a faint violet. The smallest of structures forms from an invisible nothing.

Nano-machines are building a crystalline structure from miniscule carbon tubing.

    NARRATION: You look at yourself long enough. You begin to see what others see.

A long row of pale shining domes, with small openings on top.

A robotic arm gently places the crystalline structure into one of the domes. The pale beige dome slides closed.

It’s a cybernetic human. His eyes open. The large pupils dilate.


JAMES FRANCO as the “MAN”, and the voice of the NARRATOR

A MAN (mid-30s) with stubble and scruffy hair, looks to his reflection in the mirror, examining the details. Wondering.

  NARRATION: I don`t know what`ll happen when I see him. They say the world will end with his return. I don`t buy it.

He washes face and prepares for the day.

  NARRATION: Every trip a new stream is made. A new road. But a completely unique road that only the observer can see.

The man fastens his outfit by running his index finger along the seams. It form fits. A flight suit.


An orange sky streaked with brilliant smears of red. The sun blares on the cracked RED desert floor below.

A sleek blue jet rockets across the sky. Past the horizon of the sun and a small BLUE marble in the distance.

  NARRATION: We all drive down our own long stretch of highway. Alone.

Small dome habitats dot the landscape below. This is MARS.


That same MAN from earlier, looks through his visor down to the ground below. He tips his wings at a dome.

The jet rockets down toward a collection of domed habitats.



A chalk board with a giant equation, taking up both slabs.

  NARRATION: But every now and again, there`s a turn-off.

A typewriter. A stack of sheets next to it.

Music from the 50s plays from somewhere off-screen.

A man (20s) hunches over his desk. He has thick glasses and looks like he belongs in the 50s.


This is MALLICK, theoretical scientist.

  NARRATION: That`s what I`m looking for. A way out.

There is a strange something covered in sheets next to the chalkboard. It’s a 10 foot tall strange something. It’s as wide as the rest of the room.

Mallick’s hands deftly swipe across a tablet surface. The small computer verifies the equation. Long sequences of complex numbers stream by.

RING! Mallick reaches for his SATphone and answers.


The blonde cracked desert of the Australian Outback.

SUPER-IMPOSED TITLE types out one letter at a time:


The TITLE disappears via back-spacing, THEN:


A small plane flies over the countryside. Above some ancient caves and Aboriginal men. It lands over a hill near a small cabin with a small garden.


Inside the lab, the chalkboard starts to vibrate. A small piece of chalk rolls out of its cradle, onto the wooden floor.

MALLICK (also played by James FRANCO)

Mallick looks up from his desk. He rushes past boxes of supplies, over to a window, and swipes the curtain aside.

He sees the landed plane outside. The spinning engines slow down, and the vibrations cease.



images (3)

The STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer blew up the Interwebs recently. I commented on my experience in earlier articles.

I even posted the opening page of my EPISODE VII spec script (from last May) over on my movie site SLIP/THROUGH (movie news for movie nerds).

I am not a fanfic writer. I actually perceive it as a sort of dirty word. So I understand the hypocrisy of participating in this form of writing.

However, I have written screenplays for over a decade – all original content. I wanted to possibly garner more attention for my original screenplays with this writing sample. I even adapted this as an original property.

Enough with the preface… 

The entire script is available for your nerdy consumption should you desire. Email me at thelastfountain (at) gmail (dot) com … blame Spam bots for that weird description there. 

I am altering the traditional screenplay format to squeeze in more text into less space. Speakers/Dialogue will not be centered, for example.

I will break it up into chapters so it doesn’t take forever to load / scroll through. Makes for good bookmarks too. Check back later or FOLLOW me for updates. 

***Remember, this is NOT the REAL screenplay for THE FORCE AWAKENS.***

Here is CHAPTER ONE –  pages 1 – 8 of my writing sample STAR WARS: THE CREVASSE REACHES

Set the mood, listen and read… Watch for the occasional image too…







In the decades following the destruction of THE EMPIRE, the REBEL FORCES
have spread further out into the galaxy. Their peaceful reach extends into
unexplored territory.

currently en route to the recently discovered planet, NOTRHUPA, undergoing
atmospheric conversion.

HAN SOLO, pilot of the infamous MILLENIUM FALCON, accompanies his wife,
leaving his lucrative smuggling enterprise in the hands of his young protégé,

Unbeknownst to THE REBELLION, this newly discovered solar system is already
occupied by an extremist sect of specialized warriors known only as THE
CREVASSE, a splintered faction of the supposed FALLEN EMPIRE.

The long clawed reach of THE CREVASSE, led by the ruthless DARTH SYNDOOR,
grasps for the Royal ORGANA LEGACY, hoping to crush the future of the
REBELLION at its very conception…


The CRAWL comes to an end over a field of brilliant stars.

VRRAAMMM! A TIE FIGHTER whips across the stars, quickly followed by a new harshly angled model BLACK TIE FIGHTER.

Lasers blast between the TIE fighters. An X-WING whips across the starfield in pursuit. The TIEs split away.


A young pilot, THRESH, yells into his communiqué.

    THRESH: You heard me. TIE fighters. Over.

    RADIO: Repeat. Carbon Squadron 6. Say again?

    THRESH: Dammit. I’m not seein things, Cap.

Thresh chases the Grey TIE. The Black TIE is too agile.

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT… as THRESH … (nerd casting 2000)

    RADIO: How is that possible? The Empire fell decades ago.

    THRESH (obnoxious): You want me to ask? I’ll be polite.

The grey TIE approaches the large Mothership of the New Alderaan Peace Council (NAPC; nay’pack) in the distance.

Thresh follows.

The Black TIE circles him, RIPPING away at strange angles.

Three X-Wings and two large defensive ships, known as STEWARDS, protect the NAPC. An X-Wing launches after the Black TIE.

    THRESH: I lost visual.

Thresh keeps close, even though the TIE tries to evade.

The other X-wing pilot spots the BLACK TIE fighter. It quickly alters course, up and up. The X-Wing follows.

    RADIO: Carbon 9 found the Black TIE Fighter. Commander says if they get too close to the NAPC, take ‘em out.

    THRESH (obnoxious): How close is too close?

The grey TIE gets closer and CLOSER to the Mothership.

The Black TIE loops back down, facing the X-Wing, BLASTING.

Thresh notices the X-Wing EXPLODE, then whips his attention back to the enemy in front of him. He yells in anger and BLASTS away. The TIE is struck, but keeps going.

The STEWARDS shift to defend the front and rear of the NAPC.

The remaining X-Wings leave the NAPC’s side and rocket towards the Black TIE. They blast away as the TIE leads them further away from the NAPC Mothership, into deep space.

Thresh chases the grey TIE. They BLAST and dodge, back and forth, until Thresh EXPLODES the TIE. He hollers and cheers.

The other X-Wings pursue the Black TIE.

BAMF. It escapes, warping into hyperspace, leaving the Rebels far from the NAPC.



A uniformed operator, ABRAMS, swipes at a tablet-device.

    ABRAMS: The Stewards have shifted their stance to protect us. We lost a few X-Wings to battle before the enemy disappeared.

Abrams turns, holding the tablet, displaying the skirmish. He walks across the regal Victorian-style chamber.

LEIA sits in a modest throne, cross-legged and casual. Her hair is elaborately woven atop her head, like a tendrilled bee-hive. She still has that air of stubbornness about her.

    LEIA (unapologetic): We have more. Tell me, Abrams, the way they move – are those TIE fighters?

    ABRAMS: Private Thresh confirms it is.

  LEIA: I knew it.

  ABRAMS: What? Queen Organa, if I may, the Empire fell long ago. Perhaps there is another, more rational,         explanation.

    LEIA: You don’t know the Empire like I do. I knew there would be others. Somewhere. Our mission here is still a success, Abrams.

    ABRAMS: I thought we were exploring undiscovered territory? To shine the light, into the darkness. A peace mission, you said.

  LEIA: As you should, Operator. Not all should know of the Empire’s reach. Panic spreads more easily than Hope. The New Republic would never grow to this size if we were all afraid. Alas, we feared this day would come. And the day is not yet over. It has just begun.

    ABRAMS: Are you quite certain there will be more, Queen Organa?

    LEIA (looks away): There’s always more.


BAMF. Two massive Empire Motherships exit light-speed. Swarms of Grey TIEs escape from the black hulking exterior.


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