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Thomas Cassidy, a former military intelligence operative seeks answers from a mysterious Arabic notebook in this original screenplay.

VOW TO KILL is an adult thriller with character drama and exciting action sequences. The film is set in 2001, as Cassidy hunts down clues to solve a mystery involving the events of September 11th.

This second chapter further develops Cassidy’s family. He’s finally rebuilt his life after a tragedy and now he’s forced into this chase by a madman on the day of his wedding.

THIS TIME… Cassidy overcomes his first challenge. His training comes in handy during a fight. And we get a few more clues.



VOW TO KILL – Chapter 1

VOW TO KILL – chapterONE

A former intelligence operative has finally rebuilt his life after personal tragedy. Now, on the day of his wedding, he is forced into one last mission. The mystery somehow involves what happened on 9/11.

LIAM NEESON portrays the hero here for a visual representation in the experimental PICTUREplay format

This is a character driven action thriller with a male lead in his 50s. There will be mystery and intrigue, alongside action and emotional drama.

For this experimental PICTUREplay format I will cast representatives for the characters. I hope with images and music the reading of a screenplay is more entertaining for those unfamiliar with the format.

(click, listen, scroll – ENNIO MORRICONE from THE THING)

Pages 1  –  9


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