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SLIP/THROUGH – Chapter 2

SLIP/THROUGH is an original screenplay presented in the experimental PICTUREplay format.

Two detectives from opposing factions (one is human, the other is cybernetic) hunt down an elusive serial killer terrorizing interplanetary tourism corporations.

There are film noir homages like femme fatales mixed with cyberpunk elements in this hard boiled thriller.

This Chapter will have a lot of action, some crime solving, and  it will get a little steamy.

This Chapter… Wilder (portrayed by IDRIS ELBA) encounters danger on the rooftops as he searches for clues. There’s a big sci-fi action sequence.

Meanwhile Dash (portrayed by RYAN GOSLING) goes over his gathered evidence searching for Black Syn’s identity.

click, listen, scroll to something different, PORTISHEAD with “Cowboys”.




SLIP/THROUGH – Chapter 1


Decades after the hotels of the Moon, in the age of space tourism, visitors flock to the Vegas of the stars. However, this is not utopia. Crime is still ever-present. Two detectives – one human, one cybernetic – track an elusive and relentless serial killer.

SLIP/THROUGH is hard-boiled action set in an original science-fiction universe filtered through 1930s FILM NOIR. This is R-rated stuff – for graphic violence, sexual subject matter, and coarse language.

This feature film screenplay is presented here with Chapters in the experimental PICTUREplay format. Actors will portray characters in images, like our two leads RYAN GOSLING and IDRIS ELBA. Listen and look while you scroll…

Pages 1 – 12


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