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CRUEL REALTY: Chapter 4 – A Screenplay in PICTUREplay Format

This time on CRUEL REALTY… Marilyn claims another victim. Former special agent, Jane Finch, works alongside Winters, the News Reporter, urging him into action to solve the Realty Murders.

Amber Heard PICTUREplays Marilyn *here* only

As this unlikely duo assemble pieces to this mysterious puzzle, Myles Harkaway gets another step closer himself – stepping into harm’s way.

While CRUEL REALTY is an adult thriller with dark subject matter, there is also a lighter side with humour.

Taylor Kitsch PICTUREplays the role of Myles

This is the tale of a serial killer with hidden motives, and an author investigating the Occult based murders. It won’t be long before their paths intersect.

Entangled relationships continue to develop in the Fourth Chapter of my original screenplay, CRUEL REALTY – presented here in the experimental PICTUREplay format.

* Images act as representations to the actions in the script. Actors portraying characters are only here as a guidance for your own imagination. *

* I hope this format makes reading a screenplay more exciting. Accompanying musical selections are available as well. Let me know what you think in the comments below. *

click, listen, scroll – a track called “Bunsen Burner” from the EX MACHINA score

this chapter includes pages 33 – 45 from the feature length screenplay

* CRUEL REALTY is R-Rated in content *



CRUEL REALTY: Chapter 3 [screenplay]

CRUEL REALTY is an original screenplay presented in the experimental PICTUREplay format.

Marilyn, is a woman of many disguises. She’s a serial killer somehow inspired by the Occult. The mystery continues, as a writer examines the killer’s motives.

CRUEL REALTY is a steamy sexy R-Rated dark thriller, intended for MATURE AUDIENCES.

This Chapter builds the character of Marilyn (PICTUREplayed by AMBER HEARD), Myles (TAYLOR KITSCH), his ex-girlfriend Penelope (MIA KIRSHNER), and former special agent Jane Finch (JACQUELINE BISSET).

Their paths are on a collision course as Marilyn prepares to claim her next victim.

Check out CHAPTER ONE…

* This is my original screenplay presented with music and images in my experimental PICTUREplay format. I hope this makes for a more entertaining read. *

click, listen, scroll… MASSIVE ATTACK: “Angel” (live)

pages 21 – 33


CRUEL REALTY – Chapter Two

Amber Heard as Marilyn Stone

THIS CHAPTER of my original screenplay CRUEL REALTY…

Marilyn, our curious and manipulative killer of many disguises, claims another victim. Myles, our hapless author researches these murders and their connection to the Occult for a book he’s writing. Their two paths slowly build towards a crash.

Taylor Kitsch as Myles Harkaway

Will the mild mannered author be seduced by the crazed temptress? What is her long term goal?

How does this tie in with the former detective, Finch? And the TV host, Winters, reporting on the Realty Killer?

Is there method to the madness?

Click here to read CHAPTER ONE.

*** this screenplay is presented here in the experimental PICTUREplay format… there will be musical score to listen to while you scroll and read… occasional images portray similar events in the script… actors portray these characters as a representation only… I hope this makes reading a bit more entertaining… and I hope you enjoy what you read ***

click, listen, scroll – musical score by BERNARD HERMANN from TAXI DRIVER

keep clicking as they appear and switch up the mood if you like

CRUEL REALTY – CHAPTER 2 – pages 11  –  21




I’m posting the first 10 pages of several screenplays I wrote. Which ever one gets the most interest (if any) will be the next experiment in my PICTUREplay format.

Amber Heard represents MARILYN, the killer, in this experimental PICTUREplay format.

First up, we have CRUEL REALTY. This is a movie in the same vein as something like BASIC INSTINCT ( a sexy R-Rated murder mystery )  with an affable (almost goofball) author writing about a female serial killer inspired by the Occult.

CRUEL is a dramatic thriller concentrated on deceit and murder and understanding, but it does have its share of lighter moments.

The film also thematically examines humanity’s cruelty in destroying nature to make skyscrapers and plug & play subdivisions.

(click, listen, scroll – CHOPIN … NOCTURNE op.9 No.2)

Pages 1  – 11


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