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CRUEL REALTY: Chapter 4 – A Screenplay in PICTUREplay Format

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This time on CRUEL REALTY… Marilyn claims another victim. Former special agent, Jane Finch, works alongside Winters, the News Reporter, urging him into action to solve the Realty Murders.

Amber Heard PICTUREplays Marilyn *here* only

As this unlikely duo assemble pieces to this mysterious puzzle, Myles Harkaway gets another step closer himself – stepping into harm’s way.

While CRUEL REALTY is an adult thriller with dark subject matter, there is also a lighter side with humour.

Taylor Kitsch PICTUREplays the role of Myles

This is the tale of a serial killer with hidden motives, and an author investigating the Occult based murders. It won’t be long before their paths intersect.

Entangled relationships continue to develop in the Fourth Chapter of my original screenplay, CRUEL REALTY – presented here in the experimental PICTUREplay format.

* Images act as representations to the actions in the script. Actors portraying characters are only here as a guidance for your own imagination. *

* I hope this format makes reading a screenplay more exciting. Accompanying musical selections are available as well. Let me know what you think in the comments below. *

click, listen, scroll – a track called “Bunsen Burner” from the EX MACHINA score

this chapter includes pages 33 – 45 from the feature length screenplay

* CRUEL REALTY is R-Rated in content *


Marilyn examines an ornament on the mantle. Her brow lowered. Interested. She picks up another.

     VOICE   Those come with, if you like them.

AMBER HEARD *portrays* Marilyn here only

Marilyn turns, aiming her fake smile at the REALTOR, a mildly heavy-set woman in her 40s.

     REALTOR (CONT.)   The owner was a real collector.

     MARILYN   She passed?

     REALTOR   Yeah. How’d you know that?

     MARILYN   These figurines. They’re from early Salem— Old. Like real old. Boston I think.

ANN DOWD *portrays* the Realtor here only… she was amazing in COMPLIANCE

     REALTOR   Yes. The family goes back to Massachusetts. Way back. Her children want this off their hands. Quick.

     MARILYN   Ahhh. I see. So maybe I wait a month and the price will drop.

     REALTOR   With the news and all, maybe you’re right.

     MARILYN   Hope I didn’t break your heart. I’m just passin through anyways.

     REALTOR   I figured. People don’t think about us.

     MARILYN   What?

     REALTOR   Every day… I’m so scared. The killings… It’s interesting to watch on TV,  but… this is my life.

     MARILYN   Shhh. Things have a way of working themselves out. Take this.

Marilyn reaches into her fanny pack. She pulls out a tissue. The Realtor smiles. Takes it. Wipes her nose.

     MARILYN   I’m looking at this open house for some friends. I noticed it on my run. Tell you what. I’ll send them over tomorrow.

     REALTOR    Really. You’d do that?

     MARILYN (an eerie pause)   I would.

The Realtor hands Marilyn a business card. They share a smile. Marilyn tucks into her pack. She notices something.

     MARILYN   These always make me feel better.

She hands the Realtor a homemade granola bar.

     MARILYN (CONT.)   Real honey. Didn’t harm the bees… Nothing is so sweet.

     REALTOR (hesitant)   Uh. Thanks.

The Realtor reaches out and accepts the offering.

Marilyn’s smile hesitates. Creepy. Her lips twitch. She watches as the Realtor takes a bite. Mmmm.


The rear screen door opens. It’s Marilyn. She checks her surroundings. She’s clear.

Marilyn runs through the backyard.


The realtor stares out at her reflection in a mirror. She’s sitting in a large chair. She’s gagged by a trophy, JAMMED down her throat.

Blood trickles down her neck, between her cleavage. She is bound by belts to the chair. Nude. Defiled. Staring at the monstrosity, reflected in the mirror.

Her eyes roll back. A wet gurgle, as her last breath exits. The Realtor dies.

A figure made of twine: a small pig. Rests on the sink. Carefully placed with intent.


Finch opens the front door, exiting the house. She approaches the police officers in the driveway – her head down avoiding the gazes of gossiping neighbours.

     FINCH   Don’t react to me.

     COP (reacts anyways)   What?

     FINCH   It happened again. Call it in. We don’t want the neighbourhood to panic.

     COP   What? Miss Finch, but weren’t you inside?

     FINCH (points, demanding)   Don’t… Do what I say. Now.

The cop enters the squad car to call it in.

Finch scans the neighbourhood, looking for a suspect. Everyone is where they were earlier. Nothing suspicious stands out.


click, listen, scroll – “Welcome to Jamrock” by Damian Marley


A basketball pounds against the asphalt court as it is dribbled. The ball gets ripped away by another player.

A young kid, RAHIM, 13 or so, strips the ball from Myles. He dribbles to the net and scores on the drive.

The kid laughs and points.

     RAHIM   Gotcha, old man.

     MYLES   Check.

Rahim throws Myles the ball. Myles catches it.

     RAHIM   14 to 20. Game point.

     MYLES   And don’t forget it, kid.

     RAHIM   I’m winnin’ this time, Myles.

Canadian TAYLOR KITSCH *portrays* Myles here only

     MYLES   Yeah right, Rahim. You’re quick. I’ll give ya that. But I’m experienced, bro.

Myles pump fakes a shot. The kid jumps to block his shot.

Myles smirks and side-steps the lunging boy. He puts up a shot. CLANK. It hits the rim and out.

Rahim runs quickly for the rebound, laughing as he goes.

Someone watches the game from a distance.

They watch as Rahim clears the ball and tries to score on Myles. The kid dribbles like he’s a Harlem Globetrotter.

That watching someone is Marilyn, still in her jogger attire. She’s in the park area too, near a Jamaican food vendor.

Tables set out for dining. Two men play chess at one table. At another, several friends play a passionate game of Dominoes.

Marilyn sips on a fresh sugar-cane drink as she watches Myles on the nearby court. A smoking cigarette dangles in her other hand.

Rahim scores on Myles.

     RAHIM   15 – 20. Game point… Still.

     MYLES   Quit runnin your mouth, kid. And gimme the ball.

     RAHIM   “Kid?” I can almost taste that free chicken now.

     MYLES   Rahim… I’m not losing. Check.

The kid passes the ball.

     RAHIM   That’s right. Cheque. And that’s what you’ll be payin: my cheque for one order of Jerk Chick—

With Rahim distracted and running his mouth, Myles takes the opportunity to blow by him and drive right for the hoop.

Marilyn enjoys her drink as she watches Myles score.

An old man playing chess checks her out while her gaze is diverted. He smirks and nods to his friend.

     MYLES   Game over, man. Better check your mouth next time. Gotchu in trouble… again.

     RAHIM   Whatever. Good game, Myles.

     MYLES   Damn, Rahim. Don’t act like I just shot your dog or something. Come on. Jerky.

The kid’s frown turns upside down as he runs for the Jamaican vendor. Myles watches with a smile.

Marilyn watches it all. She takes a long haul off her cigarette.

Myles wipes some sweat from his face with a towel. He notices Marilyn from afar. He double-takes.

Marilyn turns and steps away from the vendor as Rahim arrives full of smiles.

     VENDOR   Ah, lickle one. Tell me ya just won the game.

     RAHIM   Uh. Yaaa. Of course I won.

Myles arrives at the vendor.

     MYLES   Nice try.

     VENDOR   Myles, bredren.

The vendor reaches out and they pound fists, as they share a laugh together.

Marilyn looks over her shoulder, casually strolling away.

     VENDOR (OS)   You know when you win now, you don’ pay, mun.

     MYLES  Right… 2 combos, please.

Myles catches Marilyn’s gaze. She turns away. It was such a quick glance, the red hair and jogging outfit makes it easy to confuse Marilyn with Penelope. They look so similar.

     VENDOR   Thank the man, Rahim.

     RAHIM   Thanks, Myles.

Myles watches her go. Suspicious. He snaps out of it.

     MYLES   No problem, buddy. Now take a seat.


click, listen, scroll – Linda Perry & Grace Slick with “You Knock Me Out”


Julian Winters, that square-jawed News Reporter from earlier, closes up tonight’s program.

Canadian ELIAS KOTEAS *portrays* Julian Winters here only

     WINTERS   Without enough resources it’s impossible to surveill every Open House. Former Police Chief Ms. Jane Finch has emplored the authorities to focus on specific areas. Is she over-stepping her bounds? Think on the details from the interview earlier in this broadcast. I emplore you to contact your local leaders and motivate them to action. How many lives must we lose to this deranged mad man before our councils react? Demand—


WHAM. A stack of papers are slammed onto a table.

It’s Julian Winters. He spreads out the papers across the whole table in front of Jane Finch.

Finch smiles oddly and picks up her coffee. This allows for a little more room on the table. Instead of getting angry, she spreads out the papers even more.

JACQUELINE BISSET *portrays* Jane Finch here only

     FINCH   Ah yes. I see you’ve gone over your homework, Winters.

     WINTERS   What is this shit? What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? You know I can’t broadcast these details. It would hinder the authorities—

     FINCH   You asked for it. You wanted to know what I thought. What I really thought.

     WINTERS   Yeah. Your opinion. That’s what I wanted. Not all these nasty photos and— God. How am I supposed to sleep tonight?

     FINCH   To understand this case, you must understand the mind of the monster.

     WINTERS (shaken)   Maybe I wasn’t clear enough then. I just wanted your opinion.

     FINCH   And it comes at a cost.

     WINTERS   How much?

     FINCH   No monetary value can purchase such access.

     WINTERS (frustrated)   What? You’re just as crazy as them.

     FINCH   Perhaps, it is the twisted dark reflection? It was Nietzche who said it best: Be careful when you look into the abyss… For the abyss stares back.

     WINTERS (sighs)   Are you gonna cooperate with me or not? You have decades of experience. Can’t you just help me—

     FINCH   Again. This knowlege. Has a cost. You must be willing to pay. Look into the abyss, and you may see what you desire.

     WINTERS   I just want a new theory to galvanize the viewers. I want to spark a debate. I want to examine these motives with careful analysis, not this fuc—

     FINCH (interrupts)   Then look ahead. Your homework. Perhaps you will see what I see? Perhaps not? Perhaps all you will earn is a dark slumber full of mangled nightmares? Don’t cower in fear, Julian. Use this darkness to illuminate your understanding.

     WINTERS (a moment, then…)   Fuck this.

     FINCH   Once we are off the air your demeanor surely shifts.

     WINTERS   I’ve had enough. Will you help me or not? Don’t you have a book I can plug? Come on, I’ll scratch your back if you—

     FINCH   Perhaps your voice may be advantageous in some regard.

     WINTERS   Yeah. That’s it. Gimme the Coles Notes on the case.

     FINCH   Look to the maps. Where do these murders occur? Is it more specific than mere open houses? Do these locations have something else in common?

Winters is beyond frustration. He’s pissed. Ready to snap. Finch watches the internal machinations, with a smug smile. Then, slow realization finally sinks in, Winters remembers.

     WINTERS   The greenbelt? You mentioned it before.

     FINCH   Did I?

     WINTERS   I get it. You’re testing me aren’t you?

     FINCH   Am I? To what degree?

     WINTERS   Motive. That’s what we all wanna know. Maybe it has to do with new developmental areas? Like the killer is some sort of tree huggin hippy or something. He kills to protect nature. (smiles) You can’t say these murders really help the realty market.

     FINCH   Stare a little deeper and the full picture may come into view.

     WINTERS   That’s it. This theory. It’s my next show.

     FINCH   Your homework?

Finch gathers the papers, sliding them together again.

     WINTERS   It’s a theory. An interesting one for the viewers at home. Whether it’s true or not.

     FINCH (hands papers over)   Look carefully.


click, listen, scroll – GONE GIRL score by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross


A computer monitor displays images of murder victims. Gruesome and grisly black and white photos.

Myles hunches over his computer scrolling through the photos. He scribbles down notes in a pad.

He moves his mouse. Makes some clicks. A new window opens up with Occult references.

Myles scans the website. Then flips through his notepad, looking for something.

He looks at a page regarding details of the crime scenes.

     MYLES   An offering… Consumption… Makes a sacrifice…

Myles moves the mouse. Clicks. Images of the artefacts left behind at the crime scenes.

     MYLES   Is he reclaiming the land? Sacrifices to honour the old gods?

Myles opens up a new window on the computer. His e-mail. A new message from Ivory Rose Whelan awaits. He clicks.

     MYLES   Yeah. I could really use your help on this, freaky Goth girl. Where are you?

Myles checks the e-mail. He mumbles some of it to himself as he reads aloud.

     MYLES   Tomorrow… Man, I sense a recurring theme here. I’m never gonna meet—

RING RING. Myles snatches his phone.

     MYLES   Penny.

click, listen, scroll – “The Wire” by HAIM (one of favourite new bands)


Penelope walks through her apartment putting away laundry.

Canadian MIA KIRSHNER *portrays* Penelope here only

     PENELOPE   Myles. So what was she like?

     MYLES   Who? Goth girl?

     PENELOPE   Who else?

     MYLES   Funny. She blew me off. Again.

     PENELOPE   Maybe you shouldn’t have been so forward with your theories.

     MYLES   What? You agreed with me?!

     PENELOPE   Did I? Well, I say a lot of crazy shit when I’m tired.

     MYLES   Tired? Oh yeah. So, how was the run? I didn’t think you came all the way up here.

     PENELOPE   What?

     MYLES   The park. I saw you. Why’d you take off. Too sweaty and stuff?

     PENELOPE   The park? Like the basketball park?

     MYLES   Ya. Duh. I saw you. With the sugar water. And I thought you quit smokin—

     PENELOPE (interrupts)   What?! Um… No you didn’t. Listen, I just wanted to—

     MYLES   What? It looked just like you.

     PENELOPE   See. You need to get laid, bro. I’m your last one and that’s all you see now. Any hot chick becomes me.

Penelope makes a blended drink from fruits and veggies.

     MYLES   You wish.

     PENELOPE   I have that effect.

     MYLES   Whatever. So what is it you want then? You need to borrow money again?

     PENELOPE   Whatever yourself. I just wanted— To call you before I showered up.

     MYLES   And you did. And here we are. What is it, Pen? Come on. I like it when you ask for favours.

     PENELOPE   You would. Well. It’s Halloween, right. And. I have this costume party at work. And.

     MYLES   Oh so you talk about me wanting you still and here you go asking me out on a— On a— Come on, Pen, help me fill in the blank here.

     PENELOPE   Date? Yes. A date.

     MYLES   See that didn’t hurt. Now did it.

     PENELOPE   Only a lot. Will you come with me? My last boytoy is there and I wanna make him jealous.

     MYLES   Well, when you put it like that. I’m there for sure. I like being used for my dapper good looks. Do you need my dick too? I like to be used for my dapper dic—

     PENELOPE   No. Don’t even. Like I said. This is like date revenge stuff. I just want to create the illusion of a sex-crazed couple.

     MYLES   Sex crazed. So you thought of me. You really know the right things to say. Well, just in case. My dick’s always ready.

     PENELOPE   Oh. Thanks. So romantic.

     MYLES   That it, then?

     PENELOPE   Ya. Thanks. Myles.

     MYLES   Hit me with it. When is it?

     PENELOPE   Duh. Halloween night. Do you need me to tell you the date?

     MYLES   Touché. Okay. Gives me some time. I’ll be there.

     PENELOPE   Good. Later, Myles.

     MYLES   Later, Pen. Think of me when you shower.

     PENELOPE   What?

And with that Myles hangs up. He has a huge smile.


click, listen, scroll – the score from HAUTE TENSION (a true hidden gem)


A dark enclosed room. No windows. A red light is switched on. The red light bulb dangles from a long cord.

A row of artefacts rests undisturbed. They are made of long reeds twisted up with sticks and straw. Every second or third spot is empty in this long row of artefacts.

A delicate hand grabs a tall thin feminine idol.

It’s Marilyn. She’s dressed all in an all-black jumpsuit with her red hair done up in a pony-tail.


Rain falls on a long bungalow with one light illuminating the porch.

The dark figure of Marilyn approaches the laneway. She wears a black jumpsuit, with a hood drawn.


Stay tuned for more. Coming soon.

What do you think?

Jaqueline Bisset… back in the day

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