CRUEL REALTY – Chapter Two

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Amber Heard as Marilyn Stone

THIS CHAPTER of my original screenplay CRUEL REALTY…

Marilyn, our curious and manipulative killer of many disguises, claims another victim. Myles, our hapless author researches these murders and their connection to the Occult for a book he’s writing. Their two paths slowly build towards a crash.

Taylor Kitsch as Myles Harkaway

Will the mild mannered author be seduced by the crazed temptress? What is her long term goal?

How does this tie in with the former detective, Finch? And the TV host, Winters, reporting on the Realty Killer?

Is there method to the madness?

Click here to read CHAPTER ONE.

*** this screenplay is presented here in the experimental PICTUREplay format… there will be musical score to listen to while you scroll and read… occasional images portray similar events in the script… actors portray these characters as a representation only… I hope this makes reading a bit more entertaining… and I hope you enjoy what you read ***

click, listen, scroll – musical score by BERNARD HERMANN from TAXI DRIVER

keep clicking as they appear and switch up the mood if you like

CRUEL REALTY – CHAPTER 2 – pages 11  –  21


The television plays the news. Finch smiles on screen.

     MYLES (OS)   She did it.

TAYLOR KITSCH portrays MYLES *here* as a part of the PICTUREplay experiment

Myles sits on his couch with his friend, PENELOPE (early 30s) beautiful, with shoulder length curly RED hair.

They both laugh.

     MYLES   What? Like the thought didn’t cross your mind?

     PENELOPE   Nope. All that research has finally gotten to ya, Myles.

     MYLES   Me?

     PENELOPE   Yeah. Everybody’s a suspect to you.

     MYLES   It helps to use critical thinking, Penny. You should try it once in a while.


     PENELOPE   I do. I dumped your ass, didn’t I.

Myles gasps sarcastically and tosses a throw pillow at her.

     MYLES   You hungry or what?

     PENELOPE   I could go for some Pad Thai.

     MYLES   Mmmm. Good call. I’ll pay.

     PENELOPE   Duh. You called me over. You got that fat cheque.

     MYLES   Exactly. Don’t ya wish we were still together?

     PENELOPE   Why? So you could buy me shit I don’t need.

     MYLES   You’re so hard to impress.

     PENELOPE   Not really. I just get impressed by different things.

     MYLES   Like Pad Thai, right. Let’s go.

They share a smile. Myles clicks off the TV. The image of Jane Finch disappears.



Marilyn’s crappy little Sedan cruises a suburban subdivision. The houses all look the same.


AMBER HEARD portrays MARILYN *here* only

Marilyn looks out at the neighbourhood as she drives. She has a shoulder length BLACK haired wig on this time.

She takes a turn down a dead-end street. She drives by an open house with police parked outside.

An SUV parks at the open house, on the road. A business man in a suit exits and walks up the laneway.

The business man waves to the officer. The uniformed policeman waves back, barely noticing him. He’s more concerned with his fellow officer in the squad car.

Marilyn raps her fingers on the steering wheel as she watches them. She keeps going, then turns around at the dead-end and drives back towards the open house.


Marilyn parks her car on the road.

She pulls down her visor, and looks to her reflection in the small mirror. She smiles. Puts on lipstick. Glossy, pouty full lips. She smiles again.

She reaches to the passenger seat and grabs a white brimmed hat. She puts in on. She adjusts her bangs. She puts on expensive looking sunglasses.

She opens the door, her long legs and black high heels swing out as she exits. She approaches the laneway.

The police in the driveway are still joking with each other. One officer stops laughing abruptly when he notices Marilyn.

Marilyn is dressed in a tight fitting white business skirt that contrasts nicely with her pitch BLACK hair.

She also has black translucent stockings, with a black stripe leading up her nice calves.

 Her hips sway as she slinks towards the officer.

 The officer blindly reaches out to tap his friend in the car. He hits his hand on the door.

The other officer peeks out of the window. His jaw drops.

They are awestruck. Totally seduced by her approach alone.

She lowers her sunglasses and works the men with her gaze.

     MARILYN   Boys. Everything good?

     OFFICER   Good? Uh. Yes. Ma’am.

     MARILYN   My name is AMBER FLYNN. Is the open house still on or is their trouble inside? I’ve read the headlines.

     OFFICER   No, ma’am. We’re here as a precaution. I’m officer HAIM, this is ORTIZ.

She reaches out to shake, in the manner to receive a kiss on her hand. Officer Haim is oblivious. He shakes her hand.

     MARILYN (smirks)   Charmed.

JAY HERNANDEZ portrays Officer ORTIZ *here* only

     ORTIZ   Ms. Flynn.

She reaches for Ortiz. He knows the etiquette, he kisses her hand. And looks to her seductively.

     HAIM   We’re here today with your best interest in mind.

     MARILYN   Is that so? Will you protect me, Haim?

     HAIM   Yes, ma’am. As best I can.

     MARILYN   Has he killed here? In this neighbourhood?

     ORTIZ We are stationed across the area. Each subdivision is on patrol. Ever since yesterday.

     MARILYN   Yes, I heard. Well, thank you, officer. You make me feel at least a little more secure. Safe.

     HAIM   That’s what I’m here for ma’am. May I show you to the door?

     MARILYN (smirks)   I can manage. Thank you, officer.

She slinks away. Swaying her hips. Her long sexy legs. The officers watch her go. A perfect ass.

Haim snaps a few PHOTOS with his phone.

Marilyn looks over her shoulder, she knows she’s got their undivided attention.

     MARILYN   See you on the way out.



Busy people walk the busy downtown streets, barely paying attention to one another, occupied by their phones.

The restaurant has Asian text along the border of a long window facing the street.

Myles sits with Penelope at a window table, enjoying lunch.


A waitress leaves them after topping off their coffees. They thank her as she goes. Myles watches her as she walks away. Penelope follows his gaze.

     PENELOPE   You want I should get her number for you?

     MYLES (obnoxious)   Shut up. Is it that obvious?

     PENELOPE   Uh. Ya. Come on. You’re due, bud.

     MYLES    So is this book. You know how easily I get distracted by… that.

     PENELOPE   Distractions can be good some time. Come on, Myles. Leave the dark every once in a while.

     MYLES   It’s just a lot of research lately. That’s all. This case just keeps growing. I can’t help it.

     PENELOPE   I’m just sayin. If you had guy friends they’d be rippin you way worse. Now do it. Remember to live, Myles.

     MYLES   I know, I know. But Penelope?

     PENELOPE   What? You aren’t up for it? Yeah, right. I know you like it. I know you’re good at it.

     MYLES   What’s “IT”?

     PENELOPE   You know.

     MYLES   I know. I just wanna hear you say it.

     PENELOPE   Your dirty, dirty boy.

     MYLES   Keep goin. Tell me more.

     PENELOPE   Shut up. Go on. If you don’t ask her I will. You decide which way will be worse.

     MYLES (smirks)   I hate you.

     PENELOPE (smiles)   I hate you too.

Myles wipes his mouth, throws down his napkin, and rises from the table.

     MYLES   If this doesn’t work I want some pity payments.

     PENELOPE (rolls eyes)   We’ll see about that, cowboy.

     MYLES   I still get benefits don’t I?

     PENELOPE   Don’t waste that charm on me. Go on. Git.

She waves him away. He smirks. Pats down his hair. And walks to the waitress at her station.


Busy people stream by. Penelope watches Myles approach the waitress. She’s all smiles.

Myles talks to the waitress with animated gestures, nervous hand movements. The waitress laughs.


Both officers, Haim and Ortiz, lean on the squad car. Casual and cool. Or that’s what their aiming for.

Ortiz hits Haim to put his phone away this time. No photos.

Once Marilyn exits the house, their cool demeanour betrays them. They can’t help but oogle her.

She puts her shades back on. Glides her hand along the brim of her hat. She smiles at the officers.

     MARILYN (lyrically)   Later, boys.


Marilyn reaches the men. They stare at her ample cleavage. She must have loosened the top buttons on her blouse.

Haim shakes from his daze.

     HAIM   Ms. Flynn.

     MARILYN   Officer Haim?

     HAIM   Um. Let me escort you to your vehicle.

     MARILYN   That’s not necessary. Thank you.

     HAIM   Of course.

     ORTIZ   Have a nice day, Ms. Flynn.

     MARILYN   Please, boys. It’s Amber.

     HAIM   Maybe I can call you sometime? Take you to a nice steak dinner?

     MARILYN   Red meat? I think not.

     ORTIZ   I know this great vegan place, Amber. Maybe I could accompany you—

     MARILYN   Persistence pays off. Look me up, Officer Ortiz.

     HAIM   What? That actually worked?

     ORTIZ   You heard her.

 Marilyn strides down the laneway, leaving behind the officers. They can’t help but watch her as she goes.

     MARILYN   If you can find me. I’m yours.

 Ortiz’s eyes light up. He can’t believe it. He hits his friend in the shoulder. Playfully.

 Haim looks to the ground, pissed. He kicks some gravel.

     MARILYN   Now play nice, boys.

     ORTIZ   You heard her.

Marilyn continues down the street to her small beat-up car.

She smiles as she goes. They don’t suspect a thing.


The business man walks through the upstairs. He checks this bedroom, that bedroom. The bathroom. He takes a quick glance in each room.

He comes down the stairs talking on his phone.

     MAN   It’s perfect, honey. I’ll ask. How’s tomorrow sound? Good. Let me find the realtor. I’ll call you after.

He hangs up the phone and searches for the realtor.

He leaves the stairwell and heads to the dining room. Nicely decorated but no one’s there.

     MAN   Hello. Sir? Hello?

No one answers. He continues to search the house. He gets to the kitchen counter, it’s a long wrap around island. 

He grabs a brochure for the open house. He scans the sheet for details as he rounds the island into the kitchen.

He looks out the kitchen window to the officers arguing playfully in the driveway.

He steps to the fridge and nearly slips. He looks down.

Blood. Small drops of shining red blood.

     MAN   Sir?!

He follows the blood drops to the living room.

The couch is bloody. He yells, backing away, terrified.

A bloody hand dangles over the couch. The body falls of the couch on its own.

The man sees the realtor, eyes frozen open, dead, and staring directly at him. He yells again.

This scares him so much he trips over the rug while backing away. He turns to land on his hands, and strikes his head on the edge of a mantle.

WHAM. The door rips open. It’s the police. Guns raised.

The business man holds his bleeding head on the floor of the living room. He gets up, panicked and sweaty, and runs.

He comes around the corner into the main foyer, right into the line of sight of the police. They yell at him.

He’s shocked he keeps running. Ortiz draws his tazer and shoots the man. The coils rocket into his chest. He’s jolted and falls.

Haim has advanced, following the blood drops. He enters the living room and notices the dead realtor.

He reaches for his communicator attached to his vest.

     HAIM    Dispatch. Dispatch. Unit 7039. Code 62. We need—

The communication fades as Ortiz handcuffs the panicked man.

He looks to the staircase.

At the bottom, next to a potted plant, is a small Occult artefact. Twisted twine and bundled sticks.



Skyscrapers are pelted by rain. A thunderstorm is well underway. Pedestrians rush for cover on the streets below.

Some use newspapers as make-shift umbrellas.

A few people huddle under a vendor’s shelter.

Myles takes a bite out of his steaming hot dog. He looks to the vendor.

     MYLES   East side gets all the rain, eh?

     VENDOR   Can’t rain all the time.

     MYLES   Heh, that’s a line from my fav– Uh… Sure feels like it. Ever think of movin your spot to Sinclair?

     VENDOR   Nah. This works for me. ‘Sides get a lotta custies this way.

     MYLES   Ya. Good shelter.

     VENDOR   And it smells good. No?

     MYLES   Oh I see. A toll. Gimme another then, bro.

Others just look out the rain, waiting for it to subside.


CLACK. The door unlocks. The knob turns. Rainy shoes enter.

It’s Myles, soaked, and carrying an extra hot dog and fries.

He kicks off his shoes, while balancing the take-out food.

He crosses the apartment, in his two different coloured socks, making his way to his office.


Myles closes the door with his foot.

He plops down in his chair. He boots up his laptop. And opens his take-out on the computer desk.

He pulls a can of pop from his pocket. Opens it. Sips.

His web browser opens to a newspaper site. Myles scans the headlines as he reaches for some fries.


No rain here. A housing complex with attached buildings. It almost looks like a condominium. Except for the graffiti.


The showerhead rains down on short RED curly hair. Dark red almost black DYE drips from her head. It’s Marilyn.

The shower curtain is semi-transparent revealing the tall curvy silhouette of Marilyn inside. She scrubs the hair dye from her hair.

Her black cat, Zombie, parts the clouds of steam. MEOW.

A delicate hand draws the shower curtain aside slightly.

With one eye closed, dye smeared across her brow, Marilyn searches for the cat.

She finds it at the tub. It puts its paws on the ledge.

     MARILYN   Zombie?! Hold on. You’re not gettin out and rippin up all my bread and shit. Stay. Be good.

Marilyn draws the curtain. She continues to shower.

The dye runs from down her neck, across her breasts, becoming less dark and more red, it travels across her navel and along SCAR tissue.


The bathroom door opens. The black cat scampers into the hallway.Steam blooms out and wafts around Marilyn as she exits. Her head is wrapped with a bland towel.

Marilyn is topless with boring pale cotton underwear. She unravels the towel and dries her hair as she follows the cat to the kitchen.


The cupboards open. A tin of cat-meat is opened. The cat scarfs it down. Purring loudly. The tin is tossed into recycling.

     MARILYN   There. Happy? Bitch.


The computer desk is empty.

The monitor displays the OCCULT website of Marilyn’s.

A blog is ready for POSTING. The command box says “SEND BLOG?”. The mouse cursor hovers on “SEND”.

to be continued….

Stay tuned for CHAPTER THREE… Coming Soon.

What do you think? Leave a comment below. 


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