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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESLuke fought Syndoor, trying to reason with him… Kuwani fought Nephtys, enacting vengeance for Han, and clearing her conscience… MeCoulm and his crew reacted to the Empire’s destruction of Cloud City…

***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay. ***

(click, listen, scroll – classical JOHN WILLIAMS)

The story concludes here with CHAPTER THIRTEEN – pages 106 – 117




Han holds his son, looking into the baby’s twinkling eyes. He walks to the chamber exit.

  HAN (smiling): Heh, there Solomon. How ya like that name? It goes way back.

The baby COOS with a giant toothless grin.

  HAN: We’re gonna have one heckuva story to tell you once you get older. Eh, Lil’ guy. I love you.

FFZZAK. Han GASPS. Shot in the back. FFZAK. AGAIN.

Han spins and SHOOTS back.

DA’LYK (as played *here* by MICHAEL PENA)

He steps towards Da’Lyk, nearly ripped in half from earlier, crashed against the cabinet.

Da’Lyk laughs a frightful laugh. A deathly grin. A bloody smile. As Han keeps firing into his armour.

  HAN: Why won’t you die?!


Han keeps FIRING as he goes. The Jedi shoots Han in the leg. It doesn’t phase him. He keeps shooting.

Blasts SPARK armour, then higher, towards the face. Han doesn’t relent until it’s done.

  HAN: Come on. Die. Lemme see those wires.

Han stands over the crumpled body of the Jedi. No sparks. No wires. The Jedi was human. Blood and bones.

  HAN (smirks): Hmmm. “Takes a Jedi”, my ass.


Sunlight streams in. The sounds of battle are faint.

Han stumbles, holding the baby, silhouetted in the light.

Han closes his eyes, relieved. He BASKS in the sun.

THEN, the sound of Vader’s breathing. Han BLINKS his eyes open.



Han awakes. It was a dream. He’s crumpled against a wall.

  HAN (faint): Must have passed out.

Han is severely wounded – blasted all over. He gasps.



KUWANI (as played *here* by ALEXANDRA DADDARIO)

Kuwani runs down a long carved hallway. Determined. Her arm is in a sling made of Nepthys’ gown.

Two sabers bob at her hip, dangling like jailer’s keys.


Han REACHES to the light of the cave exit. Struggling. He’s too dizzy to rise.

Blood TRICKLES down his lips. Some lands on the baby’s head. Han wipes it with his sleeve.


He notices his bracelet. Realizes. He swipes. It blinks red.

  HAN (coughs): Wedge. I’m…

He coughs. Again, Vader’s breathing. Han almost passes out.

Han rolls his eyes back down. He looks to his child. A fond faint smile reaches across his face. THEN–

Impossibly, Han’s child, Solomon, FLOATS away.

Into the shadows. Towards a reaching BLACK HAND.

Han reaches for his son.

The breathing sounds continue. Is it LUKE?

















A large black boot.

A long black cloak.

A tall black figure.

It’s Vader – holding Solomon, wrapped in a red blanket.

  HAN: NoooOOoOO!

(that familiar JOHN WILLIAMS score we all love to dread)

Darth Vader just stands there. Whoo-Pah. Whoo-Pah. Omninous.

Han struggles, but AIMS his blaster.

Vader tilts his head. Amused.


He REACHES. The blaster FLOATS out of Han’s grip.

It HOVERS in the air for a moment. Then each component, every small part of the blaster dis-assembles.

The pieces fall.

Vader slowly approaches Han, the baby cradled in his arms.

He stands over Han.


Han looks way up. RAGED. He SPITS blood.

  VADER: Solo. It was only yesterday when–

  HAN (struggles): No. My son.

  VADER: Have no fear, a Skywalker WILL raise the boy.

  HAN: You can’t.


  VADER: Can’t I? Han Solo. Pilot of the Millenium Falcon. Master manipulator of time and space. You die before me. It’s too late for you now. Unless, like the Empire, you truly can manipulate time. (turns his back) Tick tock.

  HAN: You’re dead.

  VADER: Is that a question, or a meagre threat?

  HAN: How?


  VADER: You don’t know the power of the Dark Side. The Empire will will return me to my time. I will train your boy to become a powerful Sith Lord. And return to claim what’s rightfully mine as the Chosen One: the galaxy. First, with Corruscant. Then Kashyyk, the home of your beloved Wookie.

  HAN: I’d like to see you try.

  VADER (laughs): The Crevasse reaches, far beyond your grasp, old man.

Han coughs. Then starts to laugh. His bracelet still GLOWS.

  HAN (shows bracelet): Now the whole Rebel network knows. Thanks for revealing the big plan. Jedi Master.

  VADER: What is that device? Lies!

  HAN (to bracelet): Activate troops. Send them to–

WHOOSH. The bracelet flies off of Han. Vader CRUMPLES the bracelet into a ball as it FLOATS away. Han laughs anyway.

Then, Han draws a stolen lightsaber. SNAP HISS. It blares ORANGE. Vader watches a moment. Then simply KICKS it away.

  VADER (mimics): You’re dead.

Vader points at Han, holding the hilt of his saber. SNAP HISS. The red saber GROWS, slowly, steadily, reaching Han.


Han feebly GRASPS for it, but is too slow. The saber INJECTS into his chest. Slowly advancing through his flesh.

Darth Vader turns his back and makes for the cave exit.

  HAN: My son. Solomon. He’ll live. They’ll get him back.

  VADER (laughs): Solomon? The hero from the Old Republic? Your foolish legends. What was that family name again?

  HAN: TeThur. And like him, Luke will raise my son to become the greatest Jedi ever.


  VADER (surprised): Luke? He’s alive?

  HAN: Ohhhhh yeah… The Empire will fall. AGAIN. And if he’s anything like his old man, you’re gonna die a slow agonizing death.

Vader’s silhouette is basked in sunlight. He looks back.

  VADER (over shoulder): Your dreams are lofty, Solo. Do you forget I hold the babe in my arms.

  HAN (strong): For now.

  VADER: Silence, fool. Your dream will remain idle. The stuff of stars. It will fade quickly. Like you. Enjoy your death.

  HAN: Likewise. You bastard.

Han REACHES towards Vader, trying to use the Force. He STRUGGLES. Nothing. He coughs. His head sags into his chest.


  VADER (laughs): Pathetic.


Chewbacca kills one of the few remaining Primes. Chadwick and Vilacqua continue the fight. A Rebel soldier ROCKETS into a vehicle by the Force from a bald Prime Jedi.

Chewie hears something. Underneath the sounds of battle. The familiar breathing of Darth Vader. He TURNS to it.


Darth Vader exits from a side cave. He’s as tall as the opening. He holds the baby in his arms. Bats ZIP out and around him.


Chewie yells. Vader looks. He grabs a grenade, about to throw. He stops, realizing the baby. He growls sad. Then RUNS at Vader.

Chadwick and Vilacqua look to the charging Wookie. They notice Vader. Their jaws drop in horror. Brief panic. Then, the veteran soldiers provide cover-fire for Chewie.

Chewie bends to a knee. Aims his bowcaster. Fires.

The blasts SINGE Vader’s cloak. SPARKS.

Vader reaches out, CRUMPLING the bowcaster.

Chewie keeps CHARGING. Vader REACHES and uproots a tree. It falls. Chewie HOPS it. Nothing can STOP HIM.

Vader arrives at a small clearing. Something shimmers into view. THAT black TIE fighter. Vader’s.


Vader looks back, Force-throws Chewie, ROCKETING into a giant tree trunk. WHAM. Bark STRIPS off from the IMPACT.

TSSH. The TIE fighter opens. A bridge extends. Vader enters.

Chadwick and Vilacqua BLAST the TIE as it prepares for take-off. The shots SPARK. No damage. Then, BAMF, the TIE disappears, leaving behind a round launching pad of sorts.

  CHADWICK: What? Is that a warp platform?

masocha deviantART Arachno Dectus


  VILACQUA: But that’s only theoretical.

The veterans look to the sky, dumbfounded. Then they turn and look to Chewie, shakily rising from the tree trunk.

And further out to all the carnage from the battle. The forest is devastated. Atmospheric equipment smokes.




images (22)

Boots run down a long tunnel.

It’s Kuwani. She keeps running and running, until she arrives at the entrance.

She GASPS at the sight of Han, and falls to her knees.

RARROAWOO. Chewbacca’s sad cry as he bursts into the cave, running.

He JABS at the air with paw, accusing Kuwani.

She puts up her hand, shakes her head.

Chewie keeps coming, growling.


She slowly reaches for her saber at her waist.

  HAN (coughs): No. It was. Vader.

  KUWANI: Darth… Vader?

  HAN (coughs): One and only. Took. Solomon. My son.

Chewbacca growls sad.


  KUWANI: Solomon?

  HAN: The name stays. Chewie. Work together. Find him for me.

  KUWANI: You okay?

Han TREMBLES. He looks to Kuwani’s broken arm in the sling.

  HAN (smirks): Ya. I’m okay. You?

Kuwani almost smiles. She bends to checks his wounds. She looks to Chewie. She shakes her head. Chewie groans.

Han coughs blood.

  HAN: MeCoulm. He’s more like me than I cared to tell him.


  KUWANI: Solo?

  HAN: He doesn’t know. What Leia learned. His family.

  KUWANI: I’ll tell him. Where do I look?

  HAN: Leia’s den. The Falcon.

CHEWBACCA … worried and concerned

Kuwani tries to sooth Han. Shh.

He struggles, GASPING at the air. Again.

He GRABS onto Chewie’s arm.

  HAN (scared, trembles): I don’t wanna die.

Chewie growls long. He holds Han in his arms like a child.

  HAN: I went in battle. Almost gave up on that. My name will live on. Make sure. My son. Knows. Who I was. What I did. Chewie, protect him. My boy. Solomo–

His eyes roll back.

Chewie’s cries echo in the cave. Han dies.



Luke flies across the vast blanket of stars.


Luke checks a monitor. He looks back to R2D2.


  LUKE: Notrupha. R2. Find a path.

R2 WHISTLES. Luke looks out of the cockpit – into infinity. He closes his eyes. Concentrating. His eyes SNAP open.

  LUKE: Han?! NoooOOOo!

Luke’s screams BREACH the X-Wing. So much pain. Guilt. Rage.

For a moment, the empty space around the ship reacts to the Force, like the stars VIBRATE from pain.





Vader’s black TIE flies through space approaching a large BARREN red planet, OBYSVIA.

An Imperial mothership floats in orbit.


Vader looks to a console hologram of the female council.



  VADER: Everything moves according to plan. Ready the machine. I have the Skywalker. I am ready to return to my time.

  COUNCIL: Permission to enter atmosphere granted.

  VADER: The machine?


a sister from the SITH COUNCIL

  COUNCIL: Bring the child to us, Vader. We will raise the Skywalker. He must learn the old ways. The true ways. He is the ancient one we have seeked for centuries.

  VADER: Why did you seek me out then? You said he would return with me. You said I would train the saviour. You ripped me from the height of my reign as Lord over–


another COUNCIL leader

  COUNCIL: Silence, my pupil. You believe the scrolls don’t you. You believe the Old Republic. The legends of the Jedi Knights.

  VADER (relents): Yes. My masters.

  COUNCIL: Than do not question our judgment. Bring the child to us.


  VADER: Solo mentioned the TeThur family name. Do they still live?

  COUNCIL: We ended his sacred bloodline years ago. His home planet is no more.

  VADER: Are your certain? I sense–


another Sith Sister

  COUNCIL: Answers only lead to more questions, Apprentice. THOSE scrolls will wait.

  VADER: And what of my return? From whence I came.

  COUNCIL: The child first, Lord Vader. Permission to enter atmosphere granted.

FZZZK. The image bursts away.

Vader contemplates his next move, breathing into the silence of space.

He looks to the rear of the TIE fighter.

? ? ?

In the shadows, the baby is nursed by a gowned woman.

It coos at her breast. Nurtured.


Vader watches. WHOOO-PAH. WHOOO-PAH.




Trillinia is a worldwide Vegas – tons of blinking lights.


Ornate cards are SLAMMED onto a felt table.

  MECOULM (OS): Read ‘em and weep fellas.

MeCOULM at the card table… it’s like deja vu all over again

MeCoulm, scarred from battle, grins at his competition. His bracelet blinks with an incoming call. He swipes it OFF.

He looks to his crew at their own table, enjoying drinks. Nova has a cigar. He jokes with Elix, inhaling a straw.


K’SOL (played *here* by JUNO TEMPLE)

K’Sol, drink in hand, watches MeCoulm in a new light.

  MECOULM: Thanks for the coin, guys.

  VOICE: Not so fast. MeCoulm TeThur.

A set of cards SLAMS on the table. A BETTER hand of cards, belonging to another smiling young JOKER, with wavy hair.


  MAN: I got you beat. Fair and square.

The man scoops up the coins, as MeCoulm watches in shock.

  MAN: At least you didn’t bet the Bird. That’s how my old man lost the Falcon.

  MECOULM: You’re a Calrissian?

  MAN: Don’t you know it. How’s the ego?

MeCoulm is still stunned and confused. His crew approaches.

  K’SOL: Everything alright, Captain?

  MECOULM: Yeah. We are go for launch. Meet our Calrissian.

The man smiles, rises, and reaches out to greet K’Sol. He looks to MeCoulm, raises an eyebrow – then KISSES her hand.

…MARLO CALRISSIAN (*only here*)

  MAN: Marlo. Marlo Calrissian. Pleased to meet you, princess.

MeCoulm looks on, with a hint of jealousy.

  MECOULM: Her name is K’Sol.

  MARLO(MAN): Now come on guys. My dad’s got it all planned out. Well, for now, at least.

He laughs. And walks the crew away from the table.

  MARLO (to comm): They’ve arrived. Prepare their suites.

  K’SOL: Suite?

  MARLO: Yup. You ready or what?

  NOVA: Sweet! All those time zones, I’m ready.

They laugh. MeCoulm looks at his crew, easily charmed by Marlo.



He looks to Elix, hovering at his side.

They aren’t impressed.

Marlo SLINKS his arm into K’Sol’s and LEADS her away.

  ELIX: A bad feeling, this one has.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

  MECOULM (smirks): Tell me about it. Can you believe this guy? Just like his ol’ man.

Elix looks to MeCoulm, suspicious. Was it something he said?

MeCoulm follows his crew, as Marlo leads them through the large extravagant casino.



The swirling blue planet. A toll station in the stars. Lots of ship activity, as winners and losers come and go.

BAMF. An Imperial Mothership exits lightspeed.




The empty ice cave of Darth Syndoor, the severed hand, the broken saber, the FROZEN REACH of Syndoor in the ice, and THAT torch in the cradle.

It STIRS with movement – ALIVE with the Force. A flame IGNITES. The torch vibrates, READY to fly.

The FROZEN hand of Syndoor, breaching the ice, SPASMS.  It REACHES.



T H E    E N D

So… what did you think?

Is everything set up nicely for a sequel?

Juno Temple in Bullett Magazine-01


Are you upset with who survived? Or who returned?


How did our favourite villain return? Is it time travel? Or is there another technology at work?

who is the SITH COUNCIL? what do these mysterious “sisters” want?

What happens next on Trillinia? Are MeCoulm and his crew in trouble?

what does Lando have planned on Trillinia?

What will our heroes do next?



I’d love to hear your thoughts on this writing sample, now that you have read it the whole way through?



Was it entertaining? Satisfying? Uneven? Terrible?

who is the mysterious woman nurturing Solomon at the end?

Let me know in an email or leave a comment below.



Do you want a PDF file to read the script in its traditional format, and in its entirety?


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