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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESThe Rebels battled with the Crevasse’s soldiers and Prime Jedi on Notrhupa… Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Syndoor… Kuwani Saewa arrived on Notrhupa to back up Han Solo and defeat Empress Nephtys…

This time, in the PENULTIMATE chapter… Luke is provoked to fight Syndoor… Solo and Kuwani fight their way into the caves of Notrhupa hunting down the Empress, seeking Han & Leia’s child…


***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay. Listen, read, look, scroll.***


(click, listen, scroll – ENNIO MORRICONE’s score for THE THING)

The story continues here with CHAPTER TWELVE – pages 96 – 106




  LUKE: Kuwani told me.

  SYNDOOR: Kuwani? My love?


  LUKE: The Empress manipulates you. Remember the true legends. The original tribes. The Invaders will return one day. Our ancestors bled for us. Yet their blood still flows in our veins… Remember this.

  SYNDOOR: She said the tribes are gone. If we are to defeat the invaders we need more power.

  LUKE: Don’t listen to her. SHE wants the power. She will simply absorb you next.


  SYNDOOR (realizing): No… It can’t be.

  LUKE: Join us. Before you’re consumed by the dark. I’ve seen it. It is possible. Fight it.

  SYNDOOR (sad): I can’t. I’ve tried… I’m trying.

  LUKE (passionate): There IS no try… DO IT!

  SYNDOOR: I’m scared, Skywalker. Help me.


Syndoor reaches for help. Pleading. The sadness FADES to concentration. He’s trying to pull Luke with the Force.


Luke closes his eyes. Concentrating. Fighting it.

Syndoor’s concentration FADES to anger. He approaches Luke with DELIBRATE steps. He REACHES for his fallen saber. It FLIES into his grip. SNAP HISS. He SLASHES the ice below him. Thick gashes.

images (18)

  SYNDOOR: LIAR! I believe the Empress. Your mind tricks will not work. I will absorb you!

Syndoor Force-throws a pile of chopped logs at Luke. He redirects them, splintering into the walls.


  LUKE: Don’t do it, Syndoor.

Syndoor quickens his pace. He spits. YELLS. Several feet away now. Luke just stays CALM, arms folded into his robe.

SNAP HISS. Luke THROWS his saber. It SLICES through Syndoor’s hand and the saber hilt. Blood and SPARKS.


Luke REACHES out with both hands, guiding the FORCE. The ice below Syndoor MELTS. The floor becomes slush. He sinks.

  LUKE: I told you. The Force binds all matter together. The Master can re-arrange the structure of any object. One element and it’s many forms.

images (17)

  SYNDOOR: No? You’ve seen it… It can’t be? You ARE our saviour. Forgive me. Let me repent.

Luke keeps reaching. The faint breathing sounds of Vader echo. The slush turns to liquid. A deep pool slowly forms.

The bon fire is snuffed out and pulled into the water.

Syndoor swims, STRUGGLING. He sinks. Bubbles flood from his mouth. He KICKS at the water. He BURSTS through the surface.

  SYNDOOR: You can’t… Kill? Me.


  LUKE: The Apprentice balances anger and rage, against love and compassion. The Master controls them all.

  SYNDOOR: Teach me, Skywalker.

  LUKE: It’s too late. You made me do this. Solve the riddle and we may meet again.

Luke is menacing as he uses the Force. The liquid SHIFTS to ice – HARDENING around Syndoor’s reaching hand.


Luke lowers his hands, brow furled, staring at the frozen hand of Syndoor. His saber FLIES into his grasp. SNAP HISS.

The faint breathing sounds of Vader echo through the cave.



Large hulking pieces of debris float in space. Some of the towers are still suspended in the clouds. None are unscathed. Some are torn in half. Some have giant ruptures.

The clouds part, as the nose of The Bird comes through.


images (12)

MeCoulm stares out at the devastation.

His crew looks out with him. Nova, K’Sol, Elix. All sad.


K’SOL (as *played here* by JUNO TEMPLE)

  K’SOL: Let’s go. I’ve seen enough.

  NOVA: No. It can’t be. It’s true.

A tower CREAKS and groans. It SNAPS in half, and falls through the sky, with a thick trail of dark smoke.

  MECOULM: Get a good look, guys. We’re too young to know. Too young to remember. But THIS is what the Empire looks like. THIS is why we’re on our mission. To stop THIS from happening to your home.

  ELIX: There is still hope. The exterior may have crumbled but the interior survives.

  MECOULM: Elix. Make sure the nava computer is finished clearing a path to TRILLINIA. Let’s see what Lando has planned.

Elix hovers out of the cockpit. MeCoulm stares out at the carnage. K’Sol consoles him, a hand on his shoulder.


  K’SOL: You okay, Calm? What is it?

  MECOULM: I… I had no idea, K’Sol. I’m…

MeCoulm places his hand on hers. He’s confused. Hesitant.

  K’SOL: Go on. It’s okay. It’s us.

  MECOULM: I’m a Jedi.

K’Sol startles back. She RETREATS her hand from under his. Nova is stunned too. They don’t know how to react.

  NOVA: What?

  MECOULM (shaking): It just… happened.

images (11)

K’Sol stares at him. Shocked. Hurt. Wondering.



Terranauts and Rebels fight off the remaining Imperial soldiers and bald Jedi.

Han approaches the smoking cave entrance. Kuwani follows steps behind. She blindly SWATS away a laser with her saber. RAAWWOOOR. Han turns.

Chewbacca RUSHES to the cave, dodging blasts as he goes.

harrison-ford-enders-game (1)

  HAN: Chewie. No. Stay here. Cover fire.

Chewie retorts with a growl. Han shoots down Chewie’s enemy.

  HAN: Protect us, ol pal. S’what you do best.


Chewie agrees with a roar and PUMPS his fist. Han smiles.



The violet glow from Kuwani’s saber illuminates the cave, as Han follows closely behind. No guards. No décor. Empty.

Kuwani closes her eyes. Concentrating. She opens them.

  KUWANI: This way.


Kuwani’s saber lights their way. Han follows, pistol drawn. Kuwani holds up her hand, stop. She points to the air. They listen. And hear the faint cries of a baby.


The chamber is elaborately decorated with various statues and trinkets. Rugs hang on the wall. Candles light the room.

The Empress, Nephtys, stands beside the cradle, looking to the child with fond eyes as she feeds him from her breast.

  NEPHTYS: Kuwani Saewa? The dark apprentice who took to the light. Why do you return?

Kuwani steps into the chamber from the halls. Her saber is still drawn and ready. Humming.

  KUWANI: Empress, I found him. The Sky Walker. As you commanded.

Han hides in the shadows of the entrance. He reacts to Kuwani’s words. Suspicious.

Nephtys places the child in the cradle. She tucks away her nursing breast, back into her open gown.

Paula Patton-Wallpaper

  NEPHTYS (laughs): My child. I have the Skywalker I want.

  KUWANI: What of Syndoor? His religion?

  NEPHTYS: I kept him away didn’t I? Does he have the Skywalker? It won’t be long, until I take my seat at the throne of all worlds.

  KUWANI: You lied to us all. Manipulated us.

  NEPHTYS: And? Should I not? The pieces are there, the board is set, should I not make moves?

  KUWANI: Syndoor believed. His whole life–

  NEPHTYS: For naught… Now, what is it YOU hope to do? Do not think I forgot when we last talked. Leave now, with your life, Kuwani Saewa–

  HAN (OS): Or what?


Han steps out of the shadows. Pistol aimed right at Nephtys.

  NEPHTYS: Han Solo. I sense much pain in you. Ah. Yes. The child. Your son. Do you wish to hold him?

Han yells and FIRES at her. She uses the Force and WHIPS an ornate shield off the wall to BLOCK the laser.

  NEPHTYS: Full of rage, this one. A shame. You would have made a good Apprentice.

Nephtys tickles the baby. She cackles like a witch.

  NEPHTYS (CONT.): Imagine that, Han Solo, a Dark Jedi? Can you, child? One day.

  HAN: Don’t you touch him.

  NEPHTYS (mocks): “Or what?” I also have secrets in the shadows. (smirks, beat) Da’Lyk, step forward.

The Hispanic Jedi, Da’lyk, steps out of the shadowy corner.

DA’LYK (as *played here* by MICHAEL PENA)

  DA’LYK: My master?

  NEPHTYS: End this drivel. I must plan the nava for our next destination. I will return shortly. After you have dealt with this minor annoyance.

SNAP HISS. Da’lyk’s orange lightsaber ignites. He advances towards Kuwani. She DIGS in her heels for a fight.

The Empress turns, gown flowing, looking back with a smile.

  NEPHTYS: Oh, and Han. May the Force be with you. I think you’re gonna need it.

Kuwani Force-throws the Empress across the room. She lands near a rear entrance. Han FIRES. Several times. The Empress sends ornaments out to BLOCK the lasers.

Kuwani engages Da’Lyk in a DUEL, as the Empress SLINKS out, through the rear passage.

Han crosses the room, to the crying child in the cradle.


Kuwani and Da’Lyk trade blocked strikes. They’re blows land faster and more furious. Kuwani SLICES into his shoulder. He SLICES into her thigh. They CLASH blades. Pushing another.

Han blasts Da’Lyk. The shots spark across armour.

  HAN: Shoulda… took… a bowcaster.

Da’Lyk looks to Han, and Force-pushes him back.

Kuwani takes this opportunity. She swings up, THROUGH the lower ribs, and up through the shoulder.

Da’Lyk’s saber-arm lands on the ground, connected to part of the torso. He yells in pain.

Kuwani WHIPS Da’Lyk into a cabinet, shattering it. He falls.

Han approaches the cradle.

KUWANI (as *played here* by ALEXANDRA DADDARIO)

  KUWANI: Solo. Do I have your forgiveness, now?

Han picks up his child, bundled in blankets. The baby stops crying. He looks down with the fondest eyes in the galaxy.


  HAN (tearful): My son. (looks up) Sorry I didn’t trust you sooner.

  KUWANI: I’m glad to earn it.

  HAN: Then go, Kuwani. Get that evil witch. I know you want to.

  KUWANI (smiles): Get your son to safety.

  HAN: Kuwani? Thank you.


(switch it up with something different… the score from LAST OF THE MOHICANS)


The ante-chamber is carved into the rock, and filled with BLINKING equipment. The constellations of a giant starmap SPARKLE across the WALL in the darkness.

The Empress stares at a console – a hologram of several tall hooded council members. All WOMEN. They stand around a large round table. When one speaks, they ALL SPEAK.


  NEPHTYS: My master ensures success. The first steps were successful.

  COUNCIL (TOGETHER): And the babe. Where is he now?

  NEPHTYS (LYING): He is safe. Secret.


a sister from the COUNCIL

  COUNCIL: Has Darth Syndoor reported in?

  NEPHTYS: Patience, council. Everything is running according to–

The panel SPARKS – sliced apart by a VIOLET lightsaber. The console SLIDES apart, revealing KUWANI behind it.

  NEPHTYS: Kuwani Saewa? I didn’t see that coming.

  KUWANI: You never believed in me.

  NEPHTYS: Belief? Well… It’s never too late for THAT.

Nephtys reaches to her waist, and TWIRLS her saber into a two-handed grip. SNAP HISS. The yellow lightsaber ignites.


NEPHTYS vs KUWANI (with a different set of players)

Kuwani LAUNCHES towards Nephtys, PROPELLED by the Force. They CLASH blades. The energy CRACKLES.

  NEPHTYS: Where is the babe?

  KUWANI: Gone. From under YOUR watch. Why are your defenses limited so? Does your ego know no bounds?

  NEPTHYS: We fight mere soldiers of the Rebellion. What need we of defenses? My Prime Jedi are all I need.

  KUWANI: They have fallen with the soldiers your Masters must have sent. They don’t trust you. Do you not fear them, Nephtys? What will your Masters think now?


  NEPTHYS: I only have one. The CHOSEN ONE. The only defence required… MY master.

They separate. Kuwani BOUNCES around the room. AGILE.

Nephtys is more pronounced. Deliberate. With HEAVY strikes.

They WHIP pieces of equipment into each other.


  KUWANI: You’re drunk on your power, Empress. Intoxicated. I know your plan. You want the child for yourself. The Council will not abandon their search.

They trade blows. Slicing into each other occasionally. The saber fight is made more of BLOCKS than strikes.

  KUWANI: You will perish, if not today by my hand, then tomorrow by another’s.


  NEPHTYS (laughs): Is that what you believe? By now my master has found poor Solo. All will end as planned. (cruel hiss) Apprenti-sssss.

The Empress SLAMS her elbow down, DRIVING it into Kuwani’s forearm. Bones BREAK. The violet saber falls.

Nephtys raises her saber for a heavy over-handed blow.

WHOOSH. The saber returns to Kuwani’s grip. Her left hand.

Female Apprentice

She BLOCKS Nephtys’ strike. She fights hard to hold it off.

The Empress keeps PUSHING the saber down.


Kuwani SWEEP-kicks the Empress to the ground. She Force-pushes Kuwani back. Nephtys rises, and RUSHES Kuwani. They CLASH blades.

Kuwani isn’t as adept with her left hand. The strikes nearly knock away her saber. She can only DEFEND.

Nephtys WHIPS equipment into Kuwani’s arm – her saber FALLS.

Nepthys reaches out and lifts Kuwani into the air, strangling her with the Force. Higher and higher.

Kuwani struggles. Her feet dangling above the ground.


  NEPHTYS: You’re right, Kuwani. I DO love this power.

Nephtys LAUGHS, looking to the ceiling, INTOXICATED with power, holding her saber by her side.


WHACK. Kuwani KICKS the saber. It retracts. And FLIPS through the air.

Nephtys is stunned, releasing Kuwani from the Force.

Kuwani falls and catches the saber with her left hand, as it twirls through the air. SNAP HISS.

images (8)

From this lower angle, on the ground, the shining blade SLOWLY grows and ENTERS under Nepthys’ ribs.


Her gown, flowing in the back, is PENETRATED – first by a BLOOM of blood, then EMBERS from the intense heat of Kuwani’s saber, as it SLIDES through, extending and HUMMING in the dark.

The saber SLICES the gown strap. It falls. Shadows hide the tall nude curves of Nepthys.

Blood flows from her wound – trickling down, bi-furcating, REACHING like a crevasse, to the small of her back.

  KUWANI: My Empress. I am sorry.

Nephtys GASPS. Confused. Kuwani retracts the yellow saber – the only thing holding Nepthys up. She falls to the ground.

Nephtys is slumped on her side, staring at Kuwani, nearly face-to-face. A moment. Then her pupils BLOOM large. Dead.


Nephtys’ lightsaber

Kuwani rises. She tucks Nephtys’ saber into her belt. She reaches out. Her saber flies into her grasp. SNAP HISS.


Nephtys’ nude corpse SHIMMERS out of existence.

Only the robe remains, crumpled on the cave floor, next to Kuwani’s boots as she stands, saber HUMMING, against the backdrop of stars.




Han holds his son, looking into the baby’s twinkling eyes. He walks to the chamber exit.

To be concluded…



NEXT TIME on THE CREVASSE… The Finale… Han Solo must fight his way to freedom… The battle on Notrhupa winds down… MeCoulm and his crew travel to Trillinia…


What do you think?

Is Syndoor dead? Or IS there a riddle to be solved?

images (16)

How will Han escape with his son and get back to the Millenium Falcon? Will the Rebels win the battle against the Crevasse’s soldiers on Notrhupa?


Is MeCoulm heading towards a trap on Trillinia? Did Lando sell-out his old friend… again?

How will the Rebels spread throughout the universe respond to the Empire’s return?


Have you enjoyed the ride so far? Has it been boring? Did you like the action scenes? Are there too many characters to keep track of?

Would you rather the focus be on the characters from the original STAR WARS? Or do you like the ideas of new characters with new character arcs to be explore in further sequels?

What do you think of the legend of the Old Tribes and the Ancient Invaders? This story would continue in sequels to THE CREVASSE.



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