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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESOur heroes fought their way through the Mos Eisley hangar on Tatooine… They defeated the Empire in the stars… They split up and set out on their own missions to defeat the Crevasse…

This time… Empress Nephtys prepares her forces for an attack… Luke Skywalker faces Darth Syndoor… Han Solo arrives on Notrhupa…

***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay.***


(click, listen, scroll – JERRY GOLDSMITH’s score from DEEP RISING)

The story continues here with CHAPTER ELEVEN – pages 86 – 96



MeCoulm stares into the debris. A dead pilot floats by.

  HAN (OS): This is the Empire… Get a good look, son.

  MECOULM: How can we stop them?

Han grabs a glass straw, looking at the destruction. He shakes his head, and throws the straw away.

Harrison Ford

  HAN: A little at a time. Go on then. See what Lando and the Rebels have planned.

Chewbacca says goodbye.

  MECOULM: You too, Chewie. And Han… Good luck.

  HAN: You know luck has nuthin to do with it. Be good, kid. Now, punch it, Chewie.

Chewbacca roars, and pulls on the throttle. The starfield ahead extends, elongates, stretching to infinity. BAMF. They vanish into hyperspace.


KUWANI (as *played here* by ALEXANDRA DADDARIO)

Kuwani flies up to Luke. The Bird flies by and tips its wings. Luke waves back, tipping his wings as well.

BAMF. The Bird warps away.

  LUKE: Kuwani, I think I found him. Narrowed it down to a system at least. Once we get there I’ll find him. Does it show on your nava?

  KUWANI: Luke? I’m not going with you.

  LUKE: What?

  KUWANI: I must do something first. The Empress. Han doesn’t know how strong she is. It takes a Jedi to kill a Jedi.


  LUKE: Then let me.

  KUWANI: No. Syndoor. We have a history. She twisted us into a mass of thorns. Before I see my love again, I must end her.

  LUKE: How do I defeat your master?

  KUWANI (surprised): You won’t stop me, then?

  LUKE: No. Now, how do I stop Darth Syndoor?

  KUWANI: He must join us to defeat the Crevasse. He is the most powerful Jedi I’ve ever seen.

  LUKE (clears throat): Before today.

  KUWANI (smirks): He is a good man, tainted by the Empress. He was raised on the OLD SCROLLS. You are the prophecy he believes in. They need you to reclaim the galaxy. Together you would be immovable. You must appeal to his higher senses. I will only cloud his judgement.

  LUKE: Do you still love him?

  KUWANI: Enough. To save him. Maybe, I will hold him again. My prince.

  LUKE: What would Han think? If I let you go?

  KUWANI: Trust me, I am for you. I will join your side again. First, I want to see the Empress’ face when I tell her I found the Sky Walker.




Flames flicker shadows across the FROWNING face of Empress Nephtys.

She is joined by several Prime. Her gown trails across the floor as she paces the well-decorated cave.

NEPHTYS (as *played here* by PAULA PATTON)

  NEPHTYS: You said we were hidden.

  PRIME: We are.

Spikes hang from the high ceiling of the cave. Intricate rugs hang on the wall. Elaborate ornamentation throughout.

  NEPHTYS: Do not lie to me. Their network is rife with chatter.

  PRIME: Every precaution was taken, my lord.

  NEPHTYS: And our defenses? Are they primed?

A Prime Jedi played *here* by GEORGE ST-PIERRE

The Prime bows to a knee. The other five mimic him, in sync.

  PRIMES (IN SYNC): We. Are. Primed.

The Empress grins at her obedient followers.

KAABLLAAM! The cave is rocked by an explosion. A spike from the cave’s roof FALLS. Then another lands INTO the collar of a Prime, deep, down into his lungs. He SPARKS and falls.

The other bald robot Jedi look to the ceiling.

  NEPHTYS (smirks): Don’t just stand there.


An explosion clears the foliage covering the cave entrance.

Vilacqua stands meters away, next to Captain Chadwick.

  CHADWICK: Again!

A terranaut slams his hand on a button. BLAAMMO. Trees and bushes are on fire. The entrance to the cave is cleared.


  VILACQUA (to comm): We’re ready for Solo.



P E L ‘ N    D R Y M

Space. Above Pel’n Drym. The frozen half. The warm half. An X-WING rockets into orbit and enters the atmosphere.


Luke stares down at this mysterious world. He closes his eyes.

  VOICE: I sense him too.

Luke opens his eyes. He is alone.

  VOICE: So powerful. The Dark Side.

He looks to his reflection in the cockpit. Strange colours rush by upon re-entry.

Somewhere in the swirling colours he sees QUI’GON JINN – the Jedi Master who found the young Anakin.

  LUKE: Ben?

  JINN (smiles): No. No. Luke. I am Qui’Gon Jinn. Master of Obi Wan’s. I once knew a young boy who was much like you.

  LUKE: My father?

  JINN: Yes. Little Ani. A kind soul… Before the Emperor found him.

  LUKE: Why do you visit me?


  JINN: Darth Syndoor. Do not be tempted by him, Luke. His beliefs are deeply rooted. He thinks you are the Chosen One.

  LUKE: I heard. What makes me so special?

  JINN: You balance the dark with the light. This gives you access to the full potential of the Force.

  LUKE: Anakin? He mastered all elements. Maybe HE was the Skywalker of legend?

  JINN: There ARE several candidates. You are but one. 


The X-Wing enters the atmosphere above the frozen tundra.

  LUKE: What do you mean?

  JINN: The universe does not hang by a thread, but a thickly woven cord.

  LUKE (realizes): Our. Blood?

  JINN: Syndoor believes the legend of your sacred bloodlines. He will try and absorb you.

  LUKE: What? Into the Force? Like you?

  JINN: The Empress lied to him. She said if he kills you he will gain your powers.

  LUKE: How do I stop him?

  JINN: You must appeal to his religious beliefs. The old scrolls tell of the original tribes who defeated ancient invaders. Those tribal bloodlines continue today. They are the galaxy’s only hope against The Invaders.

  LUKE: Qui’Gon, which legends are true?

  JINN: The Tribes were real. They saved us all. Remind Syndoor of history. There is still hope for him. I believe in you, Luke. I always believed in your family. Now, move.

  LUKE: What?


Qui’Gon DISAPPEARS. A very REAL threat hides behind his image. A MISSILE comes right for Luke in his X-WING.

He CARVES away, watching the liquid fire plume in its wake.

It’s Syndoor’s newly acquired drone racing towards Luke. He ZIPS away, firing at the drone. It DODGES. It fires the LAST missile.

Luke SPIRALS away, DODGING. It keeps pace with the X-Wing, as Luke DARTS for a shard of ice. He LURES the drone. At the last second, he ZAGS away. The drone EXPLODES into the ice.



the enemy’s foot soldiers

Han Solo battles the Primes alongside Chewie. Terranauts blast the enemy. Chadwick barks orders.

The Prime Force-throw Rebels into trees. Through bushes.

Chewbacca FIRES into a Prime from cover. He roars. Han smiles.


These bald Jedi exit through tunnels hidden on either side of the cave. Vilacqua sends off a troop of 5. They surround the Prime Jedi and attack using heavy blaster fire.

An Imperial carrier LANDS in the forest, BREAKING down trees. Foot-soldiers in black armour spill out. 50 of them.

Vilacqua joins Chadwick. Han cooks a grenade.

  VILACQUA (smiles): Han Solo. I thought you retired.


  HAN: This is me… Retired.

Han THROWS it at the carrier. Soldiers EXPLODE with it.

Terranauts fire heavy weapons, used to clear land, at the carrier. Han watches the boxy ship get destroyed. He pulls out a glass straw. Vilacqua blinks his many eyes.

  VILACQUA (confused): What’s that?

Han looks to the thin glass straw. He thinks a moment.

images (7)

  HAN: Dangerous.

He takes ALL the straws out from his pocket and STOMPS on the pile of them. FZZK. Chadwick shoots an enemy behind Han.

  CHADWICK: So are they. Now. Come on.

A Prime lands behind Vilacqua. He SMASHES it in the face with his rifle. The wound SPARKS. The Jedi CROOKS his neck. And Force-throws Vilacqua, into the trunk of a giant tree.

Han shoots that Prime down. Vilacqua struggles to rise.

  HAN: Send for reinforcements.

  CHADWICK: This is it.

  HAN: What?

  CHADWICK: Sorry old friend. The NAPC was on a peace bringing mission. We only brought so many soldiers.

  HAN: Still sarcastic after all these years, aren’t you, Chadwick?

  CHADWICK: The more things change, the more I stay the same.

They turn and SHOOT the same soldier. He falls. They grin.


Others aren’t faring so well. Two Primes work in tandem and Force-throw a terranaut back and forth between each other.

The wind suddenly STIRS. A squad of Imperial soldiers look up. A sleek black jet lowers – its flaming exhausts aimed right at them. They are all BURNT and CRUSHED.

Han grins at the ship. The hangar opens.

Kuwani Saewa steps out.

SNAP HISS. She ignites her violet saber.

And immediately goes about kicking some ass.

KUWANI uses the Force

She Force-throws one soldier into another.

They MASH together, and ROCKET into a terraforming vehicle. Ka-BOOOM.

A Prime Force-throws some atmospheric equipment. Kuwani counters, and WHIPS it right back. WAY stronger.

K U W A N I    S A E W A

Chewbacca shoots one of two soldiers behind Kuwani. She ducks, spins around, and swipes, SLICING the remaining soldier in half. She draws her blaster and SHOOTS a Prime behind Chewie. He ROARS, then savagely PUMMELS it with his bare paws.

Kuwani lands out of nowhere. Han looks up. Puzzled.

  KUWANI (smirks): Sometimes you need a Jedi.

  HAN: Where’d you come from? Where’s Luke?

  KUWANI: He sent me. Solo. She’s in there.

  HAN: The Empress?

  KUWANI: And your son. You’ll need my help.


(click, listen, scroll – PHILIP GLASS from KUNDUN)


DRIP DROP. A long dark tunnel leads to a cavern lit by fire. Darth Syndoor sits cross-legged watching the fire CRACKLE.

The faint sound of Darth Vader’s breathing echoes through.

SYNDOOR (as *played here* by RIVER PHOENIX)

  SYNDOOR: I had faith in you, Sky Walker. I knew they would find you and bring you to me. Even if we destroyed the Clouds.

Luke steps from the shadows, arms folded in his robe. DRIP DROP. The iceberg groans as it slowly shifts.

  LUKE: They didn’t find me, Syndoor. I FOUND YOU. There is still hope, dark one. I feel it.

  SYNDOOR: I feel it too. Sometimes. But the scale tips. The balance of the Force is uneven.

  LUKE: Not always. I can teach you. Free my nephew and I will relent.

  SYNDOOR: Do you hear the babe? I know not of its location.

  LUKE: Lies.

D A R T H    S Y N D O O R

  SYNDOOR: Your senses betray you. The Empress holds the babe to her breast. She nurtures it. It’s too late. She gets within and infests herself.

  LUKE: Let her go. Join me. Set aside your feelings for her.

  SYNDOOR: I’ve tried. I will bring you to her. The Old Ones have searched so long. I can make amends. She’ll forgive me.

  LUKE: Control your emotions. And you can be just as powerful. There is no chosen one. The Jedi ALONE is the miracle.

  SYNDOOR: They say he who slays the saviour receives unending life. The darkness scares me, Skywalker. I must not end.

  LUKE: We’re all scared. Time conquers all.

Drip drop. Syndoor slowly turns. The fire silhouettes him. SNAP HISS, his blue saber IGNITES.

  SYNDOOR: We shall see.

Luke ignites his saber. It BLAZES an intense green.

Syndoor RUSHES over, above the ground several inches. They CLASH lightsabers. They SPARK and REPEL. They hum.

Syndoor meagrely Force-pushes Luke back a foot, instead of flying across the cave.

  SYNDOOR: Impressive.

Luke Force-throws Syndoor across the cave. Through the fire. Embers stir. And WHAM into the icy carved wall.

  SYNDOOR: The boy. It’s too late for him. The babe of Solo-Organa is dead.

  LUKE: No. It can’t be. I would know.

  SYNDOOR: Once the Empress found him, any hope, any light, was extinguished. Like your father before… Darth Vader.

  LUKE (yells): No!

  SYNDOOR (mocks): Yes… Our scrolls are different. We learn from another source.

  LUKE: It can’t be. My nephew–

  SYNDOOR: –is gone forever. Engulfed by the Dark Side.

Luke yells in RAGE. Red LIGHTNING spews out of his black robot hand.

It CRACKLES across the cave, SPLINTERING into Syndoor. Luke STRAINS.

  SYNDOOR: Impossible.

The lightning WRAPS around Syndoor’s neck, under the collar. He CLAWS at his throat, dropping his saber.

  SYNDOOR (surprised): You’re… KILLING me?

Luke BASKS in a red glow from the lightning. His hood FALLS over his face. Luke GRINDS his teeth. MENACING.

Luke lifts Syndoor higher to the ceiling. The red lightning highlights the SHARP POINTED ends of icicles.

The ghostly spectre of Qui’Gon APPEARS behind Luke.

He leans in and whispers to Luke. Then SHIMMERS away. Gone.

Luke RELENTS. Realizing. The lightning STOPS. Syndoor falls, way down to the ice floor. He COUGHS. And gathers himself.

Luke is puzzled. Wondering, as Syndoor recovers.

  LUKE: The Force is everywhere. In between. Don’t you see it? Life. Creation? There is no chosen one. We are all chosen. We are ALL ONE.

  SYNDOOR: Do not challenge my beliefs. If I defeat you, I am the Chosen One.

  LUKE: It’s a lie, Syndoor. There is only the balance. The Force. It pushes us to live.

  SYNDOOR: No. The legends promise eternal life. Bliss amongst blisters. I must become forever.

  LUKE: The Empress has infected you. She sent others to kill you. Did she not?

  SYNDOOR: How do you know that?

  LUKE: Kuwani told me.

  SYNDOOR: Kuwani? My love?



NEXT TIME on THE CREVASSE… Luke battles Syndoor on Pel’N Drym… Han and Kuwani hunt down the Empress on Notrhupa, while the Rebels fight the Crevasse…

The story climaxes as it build towards its finale. There are 2 more Chapters left.

What do you think so far?

Has Luke changed enough that he will kill Syndoor to stop the Crevasse’s future plans?

R I V E R    P H O E N I X

Will Kuwani turn on Han now that he’s so close to retrieving his son from the Empress?

Or is the child somewhere else? Has Han been led to a massacre? Will the Crevasse (led by Nephtys) wipe out the terranauts and the newly established colony on Notrhupa?

UFC fighter George St. PIERRE as a Prime Jedi



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