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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES There was all-out war on Tatooine and in the stars above… The Rebels found the Empire on Notrhupa… MeCoulm used The Force to save himself…

This time… Our heroes clear the hangar… They dogfight the Empire in the stars… They depart for their individual missions…


***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay.***

click, listen, scroll – JERRY GOLDSMITH … TOTAL RECALL)

The story continues here with CHAPTER TEN – pages 76 – 85




  LUKE (nods): They’re getting closer.

Kuwani uses the Force and pulls a Prime towards her.

  LUKE (smirks): And closer.

She keeps PULLING – saber aimed out. It SLIDES THROUGH him.

The human Jedi, ignites his orange saber, and advances.


Luke reaches for the remaining Prime. He motions with his hands like he’s balling up a wad of paper.

The bald android’s body CAVES IN. His arms and legs FOLD into a MANGLED twisted ball. It SPARKS a moment, then FALLS.

Kuwani BATTLES the Jedi, as the IMS crashes in the background. Their sabers CLASH.

An even fight, until Luke joins in.

The Jedi bounces, avoiding swipes and clashing sabers.

images (13)


Kuwani and Luke share a look. They nod. Kuwani SWIPES low, the Jedi jumps, into Luke’s HIGH swipe. BBZZAAASSH.

The Jedi is SLICED apart. Kuwani stands over him, and stabs.

  LUKE: Was that necessary?

  KUWANI (shrugs): Empire technology. You never know.

The IMS crashes. KAAZZZAAM. It explodes. Real pretty-like.

  KUWANI (smirks): And I suppose THAT was necessary.


Han, K’Sol, and Nova look to the IMS explosion. Amazed.


  HAN: Impressive.


MeCoulm reaches out with Force. His hands aimed at the sky with the Imperial Mothership exploding.

He looks to his hands – like HE did it.

  MECOULM (smiling): Most impressive.



Elix DISINTEGRATES black-armoured soldiers. Crewmates defend their positions, INCLUDING Captain WEDGE Antilles with an old fashioned blaster. They finish of the enemy. Then…

  WEDGE (points): Luke!

  ELIX (surprised, excited): Skywalker??!!

Luke and the other heroes BARGE into the hangar.

  LUKE: Back away.


An Imperial soldier FLIES through the entrance. A speeder SMASHES several soldiers off its hood, CRASHING into a wall. Chewbacca’s driving. R2D2 whistles an insult from the back.

  MECOULM: Elix?



  ELIX: MeCoulm TeThur. I was thinking of your previous offer of employ.

  MECOULM: How many of those guys you kill?

  ELIX: Many. The winds will surely stir their dust this eve.

  MECOULM (smirks): Riiiight.

  HAN: Cut the chatter. There’s more comin’.

  NOVA: How do ya know that?


K’SOL (as *played here* by JUNO TEMPLE)

  K’SOL: There’s always more.

Chewie runs to the crew with the R2 units. The red R2 is blasted. It whistles a high pitch shrill as it sparks apart.

Chewie turns to see a pinned soldier firing at the R2. Another rises from the crash. Chewie FIRES two bolts.

All the enemy soldiers have fallen.

Harrison Ford

  HAN: Prep a launch for Notrhupa.

  WEDGE: What?

  HAN: You heard me. They hid right under our noses.

  KUWANI: Solo! Behind you!

Laser-fire NEARLY hits Han. He and Wedge turn and BLAST.

future_soldier_by_rodrigo_sanches_a-d744fd2Empire soldiers pile in, climbing over the crashed speeder. Chewie tosses a grenade. A few soldiers dive as it explodes.

Kuwani Force-throws a soldier over to Luke. He throws him at Han’s feet. ZAP. Han blasts him.

The enemy fans out. Pilots and crews fight back. Some die.

Nova and K’Sol work as a team. He BLASTS. She SLICES.


Kuwani and Luke work back-to-back deflecting lasers and striking down any soldier who gets close.

Elix ZIPS through the air, dodging, and firing back.

MeCoulm shoots a soldier, dodging return fire, until he strikes down the enemy.

New soldiers arrive with an artillery cannon.


Luke SQUEEZES his black fist. The cannon CRUMPLES.

Han and MeCoulm stand back-to-back and blast away. Chewie fires and ROARS. Kuwani sees it too. More soldiers. A floating DROID.


R2D2 whistles. He stands at a panel. A gadget extended. A sleek ship turns and fires at the enemy. R2 cheers.

Kuwani reaches for a jet. She THROTTLES it through soldiers and blocks the entrance.

Han smirks at MeCoulm. They’re both aimed. They blast the jet, blocking the entrance, EXPLODING the remaining enemies.


The survivors cheer. Crew. Pilots. Our heroes.

  HAN: You know your missions. Now, go on. Get outta here. NOW!

  LUKE: I should go for your son. They will have Jedi.

  HAN: No. I go for my son. You get the Master.

  LUKE: You heard what Leia said didn’t you?


  HAN: You’re not the only hope, Luke. My son. My mission. I don’t care what she said.

  LUKE: The Crevasse. They’re strong, Han.

  HAN: I’m a survivor. Always have been. All those years ago. My family. Our home. Our name will live on. I’ll see to it.

Luke relents. He reaches to shake with his human hand. Han smiles. Nods. They shake. Firm. Then part ways.

Nova, K’Sol, and Elix make their way for The Bird.

images (12)

  MECOULM: Before I go. I wanna tell you somethin’.

  HAN: You heard me. Go on. Get.

MeCoulm looks down. Shuffles his feet. Han hesitates.

  MECOULM (struggles): Han. Y-you’re like. A father to me. You always–

  HAN: I know, son. I feel the same. We both did.

MeCoulm puts his hand on Han’s shoulder. Han taps MeCoulm in the ribs. This is as close to hug as they get.


Chewie interrupts with a sad growl.

  HAN: You’re with me. Calm’s got his own crew now. Let’s go, Chewie.

Chewbacca howls. He hugs his friend, goodbye.

  MECOULM: Take care of Han, now. Later, bro.

MeCoulm walks over to The Bird. Nova, K’Sol, and Elix await.

  MECOULM: You heard the man. We’re outta here. We got a card game to attend.

  NOVA (cheers): That was fun.

Premiere Of Dimension Films' "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" - Arrivals

  K’SOL: I still beat ya.

  NOVA: Is that so?

  K’SOL: Bonus points.

  NOVA: For looks? No fair. Of course yo–

  K’SOL (clicks blades): No. STYLE points.

  MECOULM: Game time, folks.

They enter the Bird. MeCoulm waits at the entrance, looking to the destruction.

Then to Luke, getting caught up with Wedge. His gaze settles on Han, loading the Falcon with Chewbacca.


ELIX… inside the shell

Elix floats over. The shell opens: a familiar human face.

  MECOULM: Come on, Elix. We got room for one more. Good thing you’re so small.

  ELIX: MeCoulm? If I may be so bold. I must tell you something in private.

  MECOULM: This is private enough.

  ELIX: MeCoulm TeThur. I know.

  MECOULM: Know what?

  ELIX: Your secret. I AM a Jedi historian, after all. I can read the signs, just as well. It would be my privilege.


  MECOULM: Privileged how?

  ELIX: My cargo. I have crystals.

  MECOULM: We’re not on a trade mission. This is serious, Elix.

  ELIX: I am serious… The crystals are for your saber, Jedi. You must build it like the old ways. Like the scrolls. Like your father… son of TeThur.

MeCoulm thinks a moment, is he serious?


Kuwani kicks at a fallen enemy. Making sure he’s dead. Her blazing lightsaber held casually as she goes. HUMMING.

Han calls out to Luke, across the hangar.

  HAN: Luke. You sure you wanna take her with you?

  LUKE: She knows more than we do. I don’t have an apprentice, like you do. Besides, “I have a GOOD feelin’ about her”.

  HAN (smirks): Old wizard. Stay in touch this time.


  LUKE: I will. Be careful, Han.

  HAN (smirks): Aren’t I always.

  LUKE: Go on, old man. Get my nephew back. And, Han? May the Force be with you.

  HAN: I hope so, kid. (to himself) I hope so.


(click, listen, scroll – JERRY GOLDSMITH … THE GHOST & THE DARKNESS)



T H E    B I R D

The Bird launches from the hangar, followed by the Falcon.


The space battle is still underway. Debris floats in orbit. Pieces of ships and the toll station.

A squad of grey TIEs exits the IMS and LAUNCH straight for a squad of X-Wings.

KAZZACH. The Falcon shoots apart a few of the TIEs.



Han CHEERS, operating a CANNON in the gunner bay. He looks UP to Wedge, who cheers as well, at the other gun.

The Bird CARVES around, landing in front of the TIE squad.

  MECOULM: K’Sol. This one’s yours.

MeCoulm pilots The Bird with Nova. K’Sol sits in a rear cockpit, facing the enemy. She laughs BLASTING them apart.

  HAN (to comm earpiece): I saw that. Nice flyin’, kid.

  MECOULM: I learned from the best.

  HAN: And don’t you forget it.

Chewie roars from the cockpit. A BLACK TIE rushes right for them, blasting the Falcon. They turn sideways.

The Bird changes direction, not as fast as the Falcon, but more agile. It blasts the black TIE’s force-field.

  LUKE: Be careful with that one.

  MECOULM: The black TIE?

  LUKE: I sense the Force.

Luke stares out of his X-Wing. R2 whistles.

  LUKE: Careful guys, they can hack too.

Luke joins a squad of X-Wings and heads for the IMS. They fire into the massive hull but don’t cause much damage.

images (10)

  LUKE: Artoo. Find me a weak spot.

R2D2 replies. Kuwani’s sleek ship appears next to the X-Wing squad. She tips her wings at Luke.

  LUKE: Barely saw you, Kuwani.

  KUWANI: These new ships won’t show on radar. Like that black TIE fighter. Don’t approach it.

  LUKE: Why? Who is it?

Kuwani shakes her head, and RIPS her ship away.


  KUWANI: She would never tell me.

She rushes away and saves a Rebel alien squad them from a heavy Imperial ship. She blasts a PULSE wave. It RIPPLES the enemy’s hull, TEARING off panels like a shockwave.

The Falcon and the Bird DIVE and SWIRL around another as they BLAST. Firing lasers out of the front and the rear.

An enemy locks onto the Falcon. The Bird SHOOTS it apart.

  WEDGE (to comm): Whoah. Close call. That you, K’Sol?

  K’SOL: Told ya, Wedge. I got your back.

  WEDGE: And you’re right, I’m happy for it.

The black TIE zooms for the X-Wing squad rushing the IMS. It takes out two jets next to Luke.

  LUKE: Kuwani. Need help.

Kuwani looks up and sees Luke. She’s upside down, relative to him. She flies close. They look to each other with WEIRD smiles.

THRAAAM. Her PULSE shot ROCKETS towards the IMS.

  LUKE: How do we stop it?

  KUWANI: The mothership won’t sink easily.

  LUKE: Don’t you have heavy weapons?

  KUWANI: Not heavy enough.

  LUKE: Wedge. Come in, Wedge. How did you guys top the mothership before.



  WEDGE: My son. He– The only weak spot is through the cockpit.

  LUKE: How in the worlds do you do that?

  KUWANI: Sacrifice. Allow me.

Kuwani PEELS away and THROTTLES right for the IMS.

  LUKE: No. Kuwani. You’re too important.

The final Steward is swarmed by TIEs.

The Bird WHIPS around and SAVES the day. K’Sol yells as she BLASTS away.

Han CHEERS from the Falcon as they join in. Together they DESTROY the TIE squad.

Kuwani ZOOMS closer and CLOSER to the IMS.

An X-Wing CLIPS the black TIE’s wing, and ZIPS away, damaged itself. The TIE SPIRALS out of control. SMOKING.

an alien Rebel ship

A squad of alien Rebels forms on the black TIE. Luke leads them, CHEERING. They BOMBARD the black TIE with blasts.

BAMF. The black TIE warps into hyperspace.

The battle in the stars dwindles down. The warm sunny skies return below. The final IMS takes a lot of fire from a Rebel alien squad led by the Falcon and the Bird.

Kuwani looks into the IMS cockpit. Pilots run from the impending collision. She closes her eyes, bracing for impact. She yells, Kamikaze-style.

THEN– A pilot runs and PULLS down on a large lever. BAMF.

The IMS BLINKS out of existence. ESCAPING. Chewie ROARS.

  HAN: Yeah. No fair.

The Falcon shoots down the last remaining TIE fighter.

Kuwani YELLS, eyes closed, charging ahead. After a moment, she opens her eyes to discover the IMS has warped away.

Her shouts turn to laughter, realizing she survived.

MeCoulm looks at the devastation. Ship-parts BURN up in the atmosphere below. FIRE rains on the planet. EXPLODING.

  MECOULM: Gimme a sec, guys. It’s too much.

  NOVA: MeCoulm? They made us do it.

Nova and Elix leave the cockpit, and enter the lounge area. K’Sol joins them from the gunner bay.


  K’SOL (excited): We did it.

  NOVA: Not yet we didn’t.

  K’SOL: What?

  ELIX: It is only now that we may embark on our real mission. I doth profess, this is only the beginning.

K’Sol’s smile FADES as she looks out a window. The carnage.

MeCoulm stares out, alone in the cockpit. Tears form. Sad.

  HAN (to comm): You there, kid.

  MECOULM (clears throat): Go ahead. You see this?

  HAN: All those years you asked of the Empire. Who were they? What did they want? What did they do?

MeCoulm stares into the debris. A dead pilot floats by.

  HAN (OS): This is the Empire… Get a good look, son.



NEXT TIME on THE CREVASSE… Empress Nephtys prepares for the Rebels on Notrhupa… Luke Skywalker confronts Darth Syndoor on the icy planet Pel’N Drym… Han Solo joins the battle on Notrhupa…

The end is near… The final missions are under way…

What do you think?

star wars r2d2 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_45

Do you look forward to these sort of battles in the stars on the big screen, filtered through JJ ABRAMS lens?

What does the Empress have planned?



What is the full extent of the Crevasse’s mission?

Will Luke convince Syndoor to leave the Empress and join the Rebels?



Will Kuwani betray the heroes?



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