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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES Cloud City (and Lando Calrissian) was attacked by The Crevasse… Luke and our heroes listened to Leia’s mission from a secret holo-disc… Kuwani Saewa, Syndoor’s apprentice, fought Luke Skywalker…

This time… Tatooine is under attack… Notrhupa’s Terranauts make a startling discovery… Meanwhile, Syndoor prepares himself for the next surprise guest to his icy home on Pel’N Drym…

***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay. Listen, read, look, scroll.***


(click, listen, scroll to JERRY GOLDSMITH and his score for LEGEND)

The story continues here with CHAPTER NINE – pages 65 – 76



It’s LANDO CALRISSIAN, hunched over a console, a bloody rip in his shoulder. He’s out of breath.

  LANDO: This message is intended for transmission across the Rebel Network.

The group looks to the image with concern, especially Han.

  LANDO (CONT.): Cloud City is under attack. The Empire strikes back. Again. After all these years. They came outta nowhere.

Kuwani looks on with concern. MeCoulm eyes her suspiciously.

  LANDO (CONT.): I can’t believe it. You guys know me. I’m Lando Calrissian, diplomat, mediator, protector of the New Rebel Republic. (smirks) Ladies man… I’m not one for the scrolls. But. Well. They have Jedis. They look for a legendary saviour born of the clouds. They call him the Sky Walker.


Luke looks to Kuwani, with wonder.

  LANDO (CONT.): Hurry. If they destroy this outpost, the Republic will be crippled. If it happens. If the city falls. Just know. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect the center of the Republic.

Lando looks away, struggling with emotions. An explosion rocks the room. He looks back to the console.

  LANDO (CONT.): Tell the Queen… I meant to.

The image disappears. The group is stunned. Chewie yells.

  KUWANI: The Crevasse reaches. Now they attack.

  MECOULM (realizing): They destroyed Cloud City to find you.

  LUKE: I’m sorry.

  HAN: That’s just the beginning, MeCoulm. You? Jedi. What’s their plan?

KUWANI (as *played here* by ALEXANDRA DADDARIO)

  KUWANI: The child, Solo. YOUR child. His birth has lit a fuse of events, that will explode one after another.

  MECOULM: They’re using Han’s kid to lure Luke?

  HAN (distracted): Something like that.

  MECOULM: Then what?

  KUWANI: We cut the fuse. That is why I am here.

  MECOULM: I’ll comm Nova to get the ships ready.


Han nods. MeCoulm and Chewie rush down the trail from the cave to the speeders.

Luke and Han walk behind Kuwani and the droids.

  HAN: How did you board the NAPC, Jedi?

  KUWANI: I was sent by the Empress, with a PRIME Jedi. They can manipulate machinery and hack any network.

images (7)

  HAN: The bald Jedi. The robot?

  LUKE: Robot? With the Force?

  KUWANI: The Empire has been developing the tech for decades. Since Vader.

Luke stares at his black robot hand. Wondering.

  HAN: I knew it wasn’t Chadwick. You hacked the cargo bay. And warped so we wouldn’t see you leave from right under our noses.

  KUWANI (lowers head): I beg forgiveness, Solo.

  HAN: It’s only words.

  KUWANI: Precisely. I am moved to action.

  HAN: The hangar first. Then you prove yourself.

They arrive at the speeders. MeCoulm talks on the comm. Chewie loads the droids into the back of a speeder.

  LUKE: Kuwani? I’ll ride with you. Tell me more.

  KUWANI: Yes, Skywalker. You must know of my master.


  LUKE: I feel him. The dark side is powerful.

  KUWANI: Darth Syndoor. A spiritual man, hidden in exile, haunted by you. He believes.




The never-ending blizzard continues. The large iceberg shelters Syndoor, as he kneels next to the drone, at the entrance to his carved cave. His braids are wrapped around his neck.

He works away at a panel on the drone. He swipes his bracelet.

He rises and looks up to the sky. The shattered moons. He points his finger in the air, imagining measurements. He works through the bracelet menu. TSSSH.

A bay OPENS on the underside of the drone. Three missiles rest in a cradle, next to an empty one. He swipes the bracelet.

A missile rotates in the bay, from the cradle to the launcher. The missile LAUNCHES out, across the tundra, trailing fire through the storm. And UP through the sky.

DARTH SYNDOOR (as *played here* by RIVER PHOENIX)

  SYNDOOR (laughs): You’re move, Empress.

Syndoor cranks his neck, looking out from under his shaggy hood. The missile EXPLODES against some debris from a shattered moon.

A lascivious smile REACHES across his face. Then, SUDDENLY, he WINCES in pain, sensing something. He searches the sky.

  SYNDOOR: Cloud City is no more. Soon, my believers will bring ME the Skywalker.



The green marble, of Notrhupa, rotates in vast space.


The lush rainforest canopy rises far above the ground. Busy alien life pollinates flowers and scavenges the forest.

VILACQUA, the many eyed alien from earlier, SLAMS a spike into the ground. A dish SPIRALS out from the top. Branches EXTEND and grow, then DROP a curtain of glass beads.

images (3)


  VILACQUA: Atmospheric blend installed. Quadrant SG-8. Animal life observed. Mark as habitat ward six. Heat scans are employed.

Vilacqua waves to a crew on a peak and points to his ear.

  CREW (static): There. It works.

  VILACQUA (annoyed): Finalizing report. What did you see?

  CREW: You didn’t hear me? That whole time? Over there. The heat scan shows life.

  VILACQUA (smacks insect): I can see that.

  CREW: No. The caves. Hidden. Behind all those trees.

Vilacqua looks to the trees. BATS zip out from within.

  VILACQUA: What did you see, foreman?

  CREW: Humanoids. A whole lot of ‘em.

  VILACQUA: Did you comm Chadwick?

  CREW: Chadwick?

  VILACQUA: Forget it. Just get out of there.

The crew looks to the trees. Suddenly scared.



Two speeders traverse the desert. Kuwani drives with Luke. MeCoulm drives with Han, Chewie, and the two R2 units.

  HAN: No answer. Cloud City can’t be gone.

Han’s bracelet lights up. He holds it up to the dash. FZZZ. A video panel opens. It’s Lando, in the cockpit of a ship.

  LANDO: Our comm is damaged. We can ride exterior signals. So, if I know you, like I think I know you, Han. I KNOW you wanna come in like gangbusters and save the day. But don’t.

  HAN: What?

  LANDO: You heard me. Don’t. It’s all gone. I’m going somewhere safe. Somewhere I can hide. It’s where you won the Falcon.

  MECOULM (smiles): Cards? You KNOW that’s MY mission.

  LANDO: Sumthin tells me you can’t forget about that. Now, go. Meet me there, ol’ friend.

The comm ends. Han thinks. Chewie growls. Han looks up and notices Luke, pointing to the skies. Han looks up. Amazed.

  HAN (sarcastic): Great. Just great.

  MECOULM (obnoxious): Lemme guess, the Crevasse reaches.

NIGHT REACHES out over the desert sprawl. High above the clouds, in the stars, an all-out space battle is underway.

(click, listen, scroll… more JERRY GOLDSMITH from Ridley SCOTT’s LEGEND)



Trading vessels are THRUST into war as the Empire unleashes an offensive flotilla, including two IMS. The sleek black fighters SHRED any ship in their way. Lasers fill the stars.

INTERCUT: Communication console.

An operator is rocked by explosions, as the Empire attacks.

  OPERATOR: Tatooine is under attack. Send help immediately. Rebels save us. PLEASE!

The toll station above Tatooine is under HEAVY FIRE.


The speeders near the city limits, under the dark sky. Luke’s speeder is BLASTED by fire from the SKY. It EXPLODES.

MeCoulm notices the explosion. Their speeder SWERVES.

  HAN: Focus, kid. Get us to the hangar. Luke can take care of himself.

Kuwani lands delicately, like an acrobat. And ignites her violet lightsaber. Luke slowly hovers to the ground.

  KUWANI: They came for me. They must have hacked my nava. Like I did to Han.

  LUKE: You what?

  KUWANI: I’m sorry. I knew he would come for you. I needed YOU.

  LUKE: Alright. Kuwani. At my side. I need to focus all of my energy.

  KUWANI: I will shield you.

Kuwani BATS enemy blasts away, shielding Luke as he sits cross-legged and meditates.


Han’s speeder arrives at the city walls.

  MECOULM (pointing): K’Sol!!

K’Sol stands side-by-side with Nova. They BLAST away enemies: Empire soldiers, of various species, dressed in BLACK armour, with a RED pinstripe along the seams.

K’SOL (as *played here* by JUNO TEMPLE)

  K’SOL: Cover me, Nova.

  NOVA: No. There’s too many.

  K’SOL (she clicks her blades): I’ll make it quick.

  NOVA: Hurry.



Nova gives K’Sol cover fire as she quickly DARTS from one soldier to the next. She uses dual-wielded ringed blades and martial arts to dispatch her multiple combatants.


The toll station gets rocked by Imperial fighters.

BAMF! A Rebel squadron exits lightspeed and joins the battle.

Several BLACK enemy ships with RED pinstripes, exit the large body of an Imperial Mothership. They chase down Rebels and their alien allies. A massive dogfight ensues. Lasers fill the stars.

BAMF. A Rebel Steward appears. An X-WING squad exits from it. The Rebel numbers grow. The fight becomes more balanced.

The alien Rebels leave the toll station and form a squadron to attack the enemy’s heavy ship. A few Rebels die, as they swarm and EXPLODE the enemy.

KAZAAAM! The toll station is blasted apart by black jets following the lead of THAT harshly angled BLACK TIE FIGHTER.


Kuwani reaches out and Force-throws part of their crashed speeder at a group of enemies. It explodes with them.

Luke meditates amongst all the carnage. The sounds of war slowly FADE. He opens his eyes. And rises. He REACHES for an Imperial mothership high in the stars. He PULLS.


Han and MeCoulm join the fight. Chewie delivers heavy fire. He follows them as they go for Nova and K’Sol.

  HAN: No Chewie. Stay. Protect the droids.


Chewie howls, agreeing. He back-steps and continues to fire.

Han joins K’Sol and Nova, while MeCoulm provides cover fire from behind an alley wall. Han and friends blast and dodge.


MeCoulm shoots down another soldier. He spots a gap. FZZAK. Blasts from behind. He takes COVER. Sneaks a peak. It’s four of those 3-armed gnarly aliens.

  MECOULM: How’d they found me HERE?

A blast SCORCHES nearby. He blindly returns fire.


Han and his crew blast away, as pilots, crew, and civilians join the battle in the streets.

  NOVA: You find him?

  HAN: Who?

  K’SOL: Luke?

  HAN: Well. Yeah.

Han nods to Luke at the city outskirts. K’Sol’s jaw drops.

  NOVA (amazed): Wow. He can DO that?!

  K’SOL (almost swears): Ohhhh, fuuuuuu-N.


Luke concentrates. Struggling. He PULLS the IMS through the upper-atmosphere, WIPING OUT enemy ships as it goes.



The aliens BLAST away. Dirt BURSTS at MeCoulm’s feet.

  MECOULM: Guess I backed myself into this corner.

He PEAKS. The aliens hide behind a fallen wall. One notices MeCoulm. FZZAK. MeCoulm notices too, and QUICKLY ducks back.

  MECOULM (calls out): Sorry, guys. It was just a card game. Nothing personal.

  ALIEN: Shut up. Cheata. You kill our father.

  OTHER ALIEN: On Tyrannus. Die Rebel scum.

  MECOULM: Oh. I see. In that case… He asked for it. You ugly bastards.

They yell in and fire. MeCoulm scrunches up. Debris flies.

  MECOULM: Not good. Not good.

MeCoulm takes to a ROLL – rushing to cover on the other side. He fires around the corner, killing one alien.

Another looks to his fallen brother. He CHARGES, VAULTING over the fallen wall with two hands, and FIRING with the other. MeCoulm fires several shots. The alien FALLS dead.

The other THROWS a grenade. MeCoulm RUNS for the other side, firing as he goes.



FZAK. He’s shot in the arm. DROPS his blaster. The grenade explodes, ROCKETING him into the wall.

The lead alien waves his partner to the other side.

MeCoulm looks to his blaster, across from him. He spots Han in heated battle.

MeCoulm can’t be helped. ALONE. CUT UP.


Families and vendors run from the carnage. Some get shot. Civilians fight soldiers. Pilots fight the Empire. Outranked. Overpowered. This is a losing battle.

Smoke streams over destroyed vehicles and exploded market stalls. Unleashed beasts of burden run by.

K’SOL and MeCoulm’s crew are attacked on the streets of Tatooine… and he’s helpless


MeCoulm sees it all. He lowers his head in defeat.

  MECOULM: Not again. No. We’re all dead.

The aliens blast APART the wall. Blood TRICKLES from his cut forehead. He tucks his legs into his chest. Infantile.

  LEIA’S VOICE: Use the Force, son of TeThur.

MeCoulm looks around. No Leia. Just WAR.

  LEIA’S VOICE: I believe in you. I always did.

  MECOULM: Leia?

He can’t find her, BUT he does spot his blaster, across the alley. He REACHES out. Nothing. He continues to reach.

The enemy’s shots land closer and closer. One RUSHES ahead.

  MECOULM (scared): I can’t.

  LEIA’S VOICE: Use the Force, MeCoulm. You’re more powerful than you believe.

He STRAINS with effort. The blaster handle begins to move SLIGHTLY. The rubble STIRS. He keeps trying. Almost. ALMOST.

  LEIA’S VOICE: Use the Force.

WHOOSH. The blaster FLIES into MeCoulm’s grip.

He rises. Empowered. He steps into the alley. And takes two deliberate, FOCUSED, shots. The aliens fall in SYNC – foreheads smoking. MeCoulm stands confident, pistol gripped.


The black TIE fighter battles an A-Wing and defeats it. The TIE WHIPS around, turning on a dime, continuing the fight.

An alien Rebel ship rises up. A grey TIE follows. Three friendly ships close in. One has the Republic insignia. They swarm the TIE, which SWERVES to evade. Too late. KAZAAAM.

The black TIE blasts apart this Rebel squad. One by one.

  ALIEN: What? That Black TIE doesn’t show on radar. How–

WHAZAM. The alien explodes, yelling through fire. The black TIE zips away – agile and destructive – to a new combatant.

The mothership continues to crash through the atmosphere.


Luke exhales, tired. The IMS continues its descent to destruction. Parts break off in the atmosphere and BURN.

  KUWANI: You finished with that?

  LUKE: Gravity takes over.

  KUWANI: Good. We have company.

Two bald PRIME Jedi, and a human Jedi advance. Rebels shoot them. They Force-throw them or RIP their guns away.

Kuwani looks from the soldiers, to the IMS crashing fast.

  KUWANI: Who taught you how to do THAT?

  LUKE: My master. On Dagobah.

  KUWANI: Yoda? YOU were trained by–

  LUKE (nods): They’re getting closer.

Kuwani uses the Force and pulls a Prime towards her.


  LUKE (smirks): And closer.

She keeps PULLING – saber aimed out. It SLIDES THROUGH him.

NEXT TIME on THE CREVASSE REACHES… The heroes fight their way through the hangar and into space… They head their separate ways on separate missions…

What do you think?

K’SOL… just one of the NEW characters… PICTUREplayed by JUNO TEMPLE…

Do you want to see all-out war on Tatooine in the REAL Episode VII?

How powerful will Luke become? Can he master both sides of the Force? Is he the ultimate Jedi?

KUWANI… friend or foe?

Is Kuwani to be trusted or is she leading Luke to his death? Is she trying to separate our heroes? Does the Crevasse hope to divide and conquer?

What does the Empress have planned?

EMPRESS NEPHTYS (as *played here* by PAULA PATTON)

Is Notrhupa doomed? Will the Rebels keep this new outpost

What is next for MeCoulm?


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