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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES Han met with MeCoulm & Chewie… They talked about Leia and searched for Luke…

This time… Old friends get caught up… New friends meet – Elix introduces himself to MeCoulm’s crew… And a new enemy is introduced: THE EMPRESS…

***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my abilities, and perhaps garner interest for my original screenplays. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to better suit your browser. This is part of a continued experiment called PICTUREplay. ***


(listen to some ethereal music from UNDER THE SKIN while you scroll)

The story continues here with CHAPTER SEVEN – pages 45 – 56




The crew finishes their ascent to the cave. Luke awaits, his arms folded into his robe.

Chewie growls happily. He hugs Luke. MeCoulm looks to Han, who appears apprehensive.

  LUKE: I made us lunch.

  HAN: From what? You don’t got a lot of options out here.

  LUKE: I have a garden.

Han looks down to the weeds growing between the cracks.

harrison-ford-enders-game (1)

  HAN: What, these weeds?

  LUKE: Good to see you too, Han.

  HAN: This is my protégé, MeCoulm TeThur.

MeCoulm shakes hands. Luke uses his human hand.

  LUKE: Pleased to meet you. I never thought YOU’D have an apprentice, Han.

First, Han takes this as an insult. Then his frown, smiles.

  HAN: You’re right. My apprentice.

They share a brief laugh. Then Han gets a good look at Luke.

  HAN: Wow. Do you ever look like Old Ben. You been in this cave the whole time?

  LUKE: I don’t want to hurt anyone else.

  HAN: Too late. Did you hear?

Luke looks to his feet, his face hidden in the shadows beneath his hood. He doesn’t answer. MeCoulm looks to Han.

  HAN (aggressive): Did you hear?

  LUKE (it’s worse): I felt it.

  HAN: So why didn’t you stop it? Some Jedi Knight you are.

Luke looks up from the ground. His face exits the shadows.

  LUKE (cold): I thought YOU could take care of her.


  HAN (pissed): That’s it.

Han LUNGES. Luke doesn’t even flinch. Chewie roars. He holds back Han. MeCoulm steps to Luke.

Han relaxes. Chewie releases.

  HAN: Forget it.

Luke casually, cordially, waves them towards the entrance.

  LUKE: This way.

  HAN (points): You’re lucky you’re her blood, kid.

  LUKE: Our blood knows no luck.

He turns and enters the cave. Han thinks on this.

For a moment, a strange sound faintly echoes from within the cave – the familiar breathing of DARTH VADER: Whoo-pah.


(atmospheric and spooky score from UNDER THE SKIN)



The frozen tundra of Pel’n Drym. Smoke still billows from Kaz’Mur’s exploded spaceship at the cave entrance.

Syndoor walks along a canyon, overlooking a strong blizzard in the valley below. The drone orb follows him like a pet. His breath streams out from the gap of his high collar.

Slowly, a shape becomes visible through the blinding storm.


DARTH SYNDOOR as portrayed here by (the late great) RIVER PHOENIX

Syndoor arrives at a communication beacon, partially buried in snow. He clears some frost, revealing a panel. He uses The Force and the panel opens. Frost CRACKS off.

He navigates menus. Then grabs a nob from the panel and pulls down a thin semi-transparent sheet to the base of the beacon.

FZZZK. A live image projects onto the sheet.


NEPHTYS, 30s, wears a dark gown with high sharp collars.

The blizzard muffles out her voice. Syndoor STRIKES his hands together and makes an arced motion over his head. The Force stops the blizzard, like a snow-globe.

  SYNDOOR: You were saying.

Her dreadlocks reach past the plunging neckline. She has a shiny piercing in her clavicle and one between her cleavage.

NEPHTYS is another theatrical villain

  NEPHTYS (smiles): Is that a new trick you learned out there in the cold? Darth Syndoor. To what do I owe the pleasure? The Crevasse brings me no news of the Sky Walker. What is it you know, that I don’t?

As she paces her regal chamber, her SHINY piercings SPARKLE.

  SYNDOOR: I ask of the child, Nephtys. Have the Rebels seeked him out?

  NEPHTYS: Not as of yet. They must suspect another.

  SYNDOOR: Was she seen?

  NEPHTYS: SHE never leaves your mind does SHE?

  SYNDOOR: She WAS my apprentice, my lord.

  NEPHTYS: These bonds are strong. But as you know they are made to be broken. By the way, how’s Pel’n Drym? I see you have a new toy.

  SYNDOOR: You sent him didn’t you? It didn’t work.

He shows the bracelet he took from Kaz’Mur. Nephtys frowns.

  SYNDOOR (lying): I kept the ship. I altered its programming. I can now leave this rock. Empress, won’t you allow me to return?

  NEPHTYS: It’s over. Banishment is yours.

  SYNDOOR: Then I ask of the child’s capture. AGAIN. Tell me. Was SHE seen? Is she with you?

  NEPHTYS: Me? No. She was quite upset.

  SYNDOOR: You told her? That wasn’t the plan.

  NEPHTYS: Oh. She knows. I have sent an outfit to retrieve her.

  SYNDOOR: Empress. Let me handle her.

  NEPHTYS: I’m afraid not, Syndoor. Her plans now differ from ours. Strongly. Magnetic. My special officers of night will find her.

  SYNDOOR: Where did she go?

  NEPHTYS: She didn’t say.


  NEPHTYS: Priorities, my apprentice. Do you want KUWANI SAEWA or do you seek the true one. The ancient one. The Sky Walker.

  SYNDOOR: I’ve searched the Force for years. If he wants to hide, we’ll never find him. But if he learns of the Crevasse, if he learns of you, we won’t need to find him. He’ll find us.

  NEPHTYS: Quite right. And according to plan.

  SYNDOOR: He’s coming for you, Nephtys.

  NEPHTYS: You first. There is a reason we Jedi Masters have Apprentices. Isn’t there? How does it feel being my decoy?

  SYNDOOR: You should fear me, Empress. I have learned much.

  NEPHTYS: Much? Alone? Exiled in a frozen desert? (laughs) You’ll do as your told, like a good little Tauntaun. I know a lot more than you do about this magical Force you so believe in. Now. Be a good little martyr. Find me the Sky Walker.

  SYNDOOR: I do have ideas. If I can tune myself to his energy. His life force. Perhaps I–

  NEPHTYS: I need more proof than your useless religion offers me.


Syndoor breathes heavy. Angry. His brow is furled.

  NEPHTYS (CONT.): Do as your told, believer, and fetch me my legen–

Syndoor PUNCHES the panel. The beacon SPARKS. The Force-dome fades. He is pelted by the blizzard once again.

The projector’s image fragments, but still shines against the snow and the scruffy animal hide of Syndoor’s cloak.

The distorted image of Nephtys laughs and laughs.




Several ships fill this large hangar. Crews attend to them.


ELIX… the cybernetic alien hybrid from the bar earlier

Elix hovers into the entrance, in robot form.

The spiked brow humanoid from the bar, that bumped into MeCoulm, examines the ships as he casually walks the hangar.

Elix floats along, FOLLOWING the spiky alien.

The open roof streams sunshine across the hull of the Millenium Falcon, parked in the back corner.

Next to it is the slender ship of MeCoulm’s. Its orange body has red paneling. Cyan stripes dash across the wings, looking like feathers. Handwritten letters near the cockpit read: THE BIRD.

Wedge strokes his moustache as he looks over his cards.

NOVA, a wide alien with a wide cigar, chuckles as he shows his cards to…

K SOL as portrayed here by JUNO TEMPLE

K’SOL: blonde hair, blue eyes. A small circular tattoo where her Third Eye would be. Her long legs stretch across a crate, as she sharpens a blade. A hand-rolled cigarette dangles from her lips.

  K’SOL: I dunno, Wedge. You sure? Nova’s hand is stacked.

  WEDGE: You want me to fold. How do I know it’s not a bluff.

  NOVA (stern): K’sol don’t bluff.

DENIS LAWSON – the original WEDGE Antilles

  WEDGE: It’s not her I’m worried about.

  K’SOL (flippant): Do what you like, it’s your creds.

  WEDGE (hesistant): Fine. You got me, Nova. I fold.

Wedge SLAMS his cards on the table. Folding. Nova slides the credits towards himself.


A laugh escapes. Wedge is confused. Nova reaches back and bumps fists with K’Sol. They smile. Then LAUGH even louder.

  WEDGE: Sol? I thought you didn’t bluff?

  K’SOL: I don’t. Nova does. I back up my crew. Be thankful for it on the starfield.

  WEDGE: That’s the last time I play cards with you smugglers.

  NOVA: Smugglers? You trust Han don’t you?

Wedge raises a pointed finger to respond but is interrupted.

FZZAK! A laser blast STRIKES the card table. Followed quickly by a SPATTER of blue blood. The crew WHIPS around.

The spiky alien stands there, SURPRISED. His blaster aimed at them. It FALLS from his grip. He looks down to the crater in his chest. He falls, dead, revealing ELIX behind him.

Wedge just stares. Nova reaches for his holster. K’Sol jumps off the crate, blade drawn and ready for battle.

  ELIX: A moment. I am here to help. I am Elix Shakur from the Shattered Moons of Minerva.

The mechanical shell cracks open. Steam vents out. Thick clouds part and reveal the large smiling face of Elix.

ELIX mimics NOVA – his face shifts and morphs to this new form

This time, the large face is the same alien species as Nova, rather than a human. It MIMICS the subject addressed.

  ELIX (CONT.): I observed this cretin as he bumped into your pilot MeCoulm TeThur, whom I had the pleasure of making acquaintance after this thief stole his starter for the smuggling vessel aptly known as the Bird. Upon pursuant of employ by your pilot, I perceived it as beneficial to retrieve said starter.

The crewmates look to each other. Confused.

  ELIX (CONT.): Is MeCoulm back yet?

  NOVA: Um. He’s out at the moment. If you like I can take a… message?

Sol examines Elix carefully. She takes another inhale before she snuffs out her smoke.

K SOL thinks it over with a drag of her smoke

  K’SOL (points with knife): Wait over there.

  ELIX (smiles, weird): Fear me not. Check its pockets. I doth profess, this is why I switched my phasers to NOT disintegrate.

K’Sol checks the pockets with a blade. She finds the starter on a ring, with a little yellow toy bird attached.

She holds it up.


(some good old JOHN WILLIAMS to mix it up)


The two R2 units chatter to each other outside Luke’s cave.


Empty bowls lined with broth. MeCoulm exhales, stuffed.

Chewie has his arms folded behind his head.

  HAN: Turns out that garden ain’t so bad.

  LUKE: Told ya.

Luke reaches into a box, resting on a desk of knick knacks.

  HAN: Whatcha got there?

  LUKE: Something special. During their travels the Jawas found me what I asked for. This.

Luke hands something to Han. Chewbacca notices and growls.

  LUKE (CONT.): C3PO. His mind. Is in your hands.

Chewie roars. He rises and pumps his fists. Excited.

  HAN: I’ve never seen a Wookie so happy.

Chewie opens his palms like Communion. Han places it in his friend’s large furry hands. The Wookie stares in wonder.

  LUKE (OS): I was hoping to give R2 a companion, for once I passed on.

Luke smiles. He removes his robotic hand, rubbing the stump.

MeCOULM (portrayed here by MICHAEL B. JORDAN)

  MECOULM: You found him, buddy. I told ya. Every port he looks for parts of that droid. I hope I get to meet this C3PO. He’s the stuff of legend. (beat) Speakin’ of which. Heh, Luke? Maybe you can clear this up? Han said you guys met here. Tatooine.

  LUKE (reflective): Long, long ago.

  MECOULM: So… did Greedo shoot first or what?

They all laugh around the table. Even Chewbacca.

  HAN (smirks): I told ya. I’m the stuff of legend.

Han grabs a glass straw. He cracks it and inhales.

  MECOULM: I mean Han’s a quick draw. But some say Greedo was the–

  HAN (laughs): What’s really worth tellin’ about that day was Old Ben. That mad man.

Luke shakes his head. Chewie growls. MeCoulm perks up.

  MECOULM: What? Who’s Old Ben?

  HAN: It’s a long story. But if you wanna know what he was like, look no further than the end of the table.

  MECOULM: A Jedi Master?

  HAN: Yeah. An old wizard living in a cave while the whole galaxy spins around him.


  LUKE: Old Ben seeked solitude in the desert. The Force is a dangerous energy. It can rip worlds apart.

  HAN: Forget that religious stuff. So. Anyways, Old Ben, bumps into this real ugly alien covered in hair. Like hair all over.

Chewie protests with a roar.

  HAN: No. Not like you, Chewie. You make all that hair look good. Well, needless-to-say, the guy can’t clap anymore if he wanted to. Old Ben chopped his arm off. (laughs) Just whips out his lightsaber, SNAP HISS!

  MECOULM: There, in the bar? Shoot. You think they wouldn’t serve HIS kind in there?

  HAN: I know. And no one ever ASKED if that hairball shot first.

They all laugh.

  HAN (CONT.): It’s like one drink and the man went nuts. I hope you can handle your spirits a lil’ better there, Luke.

  LUKE (sips): Don’t test me.

  HAN: Oh, you’ve gotten surly in your old age. I like it.

Luke enjoys a spoonful of dessert, it floats in the air, as if an invisible hand holds it. MeCoulm stares, in amazement.

  MECOULM: Did you always have the Force?

  LUKE: You didn’t tell him?

  MECOULM: What?

  LUKE: I never knew my family. I wasn’t aware of the Jedi legacy.

  MECOULM: So… how did you learn the Force?

  HAN: Enough questions, kid.

  LUKE: No. Han. It’s okay. My aunt and uncle raised me. The Empire killed them, while I was off with Old Ben.

  MECOULM (sad): Oh. Like me. And Han. Our families killed. Lone survivors of war torn planets.

Luke looks at Han with a puzzled face. Han chugs his cup.

  LUKE: Old B– Obi Wan Kenobi died by the hand of Darth Vader. Our worst enemy. The father that neither of us knew. They all lied to us. (beat) Why are you here, Han?


  HAN: I’m not hiding anything, Luke. It’s Leia. She came to me. In a dream or– You ever see something like that before?

  LUKE: Yes. A long time ago.

  HAN: Will I see her again?

  LUKE: I don’t know. Yoda. Obi Wan. My dad. No matter how bad I want to see them again. They never show. They abandoned me.

Luke stares out blankly. Remembering. The crew watches. Sad.

  HAN: When she came– Leia told me that I needed to find you. You know… To stop the bad guys. She gave me this.

Han retrieves the holo-disc from his vest. Luke lights up.

  LUKE: R2!

The R2 unit whistles from outside of the cave.


CLOUD CITY from space


Sunlight basks the wispy clouds surrounding the OPULENT floating Cloud City. The warm sunset SPARKLES across the shining towers.




The Crevasse attacks Cloud City…

Luke and Han listen to Leia’s important message…

And the Assassin attacks our heroes

What do you think?

Would you like to see PAULA PATTON play a villain with fight scenes and such – in a real movie?

Is Luke tempted by the Dark Side? Is he afraid of its immense power? Is he scared he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps?

JUNO TEMPLE was great recently in HORNS.

What do you think of the talented and versatile JUNO TEMPLE? I feel like she is underrated at the moment. She would be great in one of these big budget action adventures.

Will Han truly forgive Luke for hiding in seclusion while Leia was attacked?

Are you excited for a lightsaber duel? Keep your eyes peeled for the next Chapter.


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