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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES… Han was visited by Leia’s specter, warning him of the CREVASSE… Meanwhile on Tyrannus, MeCoulm and Chewbacca battled it out with some Gnarly aliens…

This time, the smugglers reunite at an infamous CANTINA… MeCoulm learns of tragedy, and Han lays out their new mission… We also meet a possible new ally…

***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my abilities, and perhaps garner interest for my original screenplays. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to better suit your browser. Added images are just references. Hopefully, they make for more exciting scrolling. ***

(click, listen, scroll – the Mos Eisley Cantina song) 

The story continues here with CHAPTER THREE – pages 35 – 45




A bubbly frothing PINT slides (with the WIPE) across the counter. Chewbacca catches it, and takes a big swig.

MeCoulm sips from his own. He wipes the froth away. They both swivel their stools around. In sync.

  MECOULM: You see him?

Chewbecca has a large frothy moustache. He growls.

  MECOULM (points): You have a little something.

Chewie wipes the froth, and smacks MeCoulm in the arm. They look to the crowd. Aliens pass by, a variety of species.


A scantily clad Twi’Lek sings on stage. Her tentacles (pierced at the tips) run from her head down her chest.

Her guitarist’s tendrils reach down from a tall hat like Slash from GUNS N ROSES. He smokes a glass straw casually held in his lips.

A humanoid with SPIKES across his brow, bumps into MeCoulm.

  MECOULM (sarcastic): Excuse me.

The alien grunts and keeps advancing. Chewie disapproves.

  MECOULM: No scenes. Han wouldn’t approve. We’re not trying to draw any unwanted attention.

Amongst the many faces, blends in a beautiful young woman with LONG BRAIDS. A thin violet VEIL drapes over her face.

ALEXANDRA DADDARIO *plays* the Assassin

Her nose is pierced with a SHINING stud. It’s the ASSASSIN.

(shift the mood with this music… an alternate track from KUBRICK’s 2001)

The slimy and dishevelled barkeep turns to the entrance.

  BARKEEP: We don’t serve your kind, here.

A floating robot hovers over. MeCoulm and Chewie watch.

a floating robotic orb

  ROBOT: This seat taken?

MeCoulm shakes his head, no, and waves the metal orb to sit.


Parked vehicles, and parked animals. A line of robots chatters. A tram pulls up. The tram is full of whispers. Boots step out. It’s Han. He walks by GOSSIPING aliens.

An alien boy walks up to Han with a tablet and a marker.

  ALIEN (nervous): Mr. Han Solo, sir. Can I? May I?

  HAN: Sure thing, kid. Anyone else? Five minutes.

The gathered crowd CHEERS. Han can’t help but smile.



MeCoulm and Chewie stare at the floating robot. Then to the scuzzy human barkeeper, who WHIPS his rag on the counter.

  BARKEEP: Are you defective? I said, we don’t serve your kind.

  ROBOT: One moment, sir. If you’ll allow me.

PSSH. The robotic shell HISSES with steam. A portal opens.

ELIX… his “body” has a nearly infinite amount of shapes and uses

A wafting thick plume of smoke BLOOMS from within, hiding a large FACE, with inquisitive eyes. No body. No appendages. This is ELIX.

  ELIX: As you see, barkeep. I am no robot. I am a sentient being such as yourself. If I doth profess, and as I do, I feel it slightly prick at my flesh. For you and I are far apart from being equals. Alas, I digress. I seek a glass–

  BARKEEP: No arms. No legs. But you gots ears. So, didn’t you hear me? No drink. Metal man.

MeCOULM (*played by Michael B. JORDAN*)

MeCoulm looks to Chewy. They eagerly watch the argument, hoping it will escalate. They drink their pints in sync.

  ELIX: At what point, precisely, do I then deserve equal treatment, I doth propose? Is it the moment I express emotions and desires? Pains and pleasures? Empathy and love? When is it enough, o man? Artistic expression? Surely, then.

MeCoulm looks to the barkeep, who folds his arms, unimpressed. The crowd around the bar is silent and watching. Curious.

One alien with robotic legs, takes a metal step closer.

Elix’s human face slightly shifts forms from moment to moment

  ELIX (CONT.): Artificial Intelligence in this galaxy has already achieved these remarkable feats. What then is acceptable, barkeep? The robot with the mind of man? Or the man with no mind at all?

The barkeep is slack jawed and stunned. He drops his rag.

  ELIX (CONT.): Now, serve me my spirits.

Some of the crowd chuckles. MeCoulm watches, with a smirk.

  MECOULM (to bartender): You heard the man. Give him his drink.

Elix, 3-foot long face lowers to a stool. He looks at MeCoulm.

  MECOULM: You got a way with words. You a Jedi or something?

  ELIX: Greetings and salutations, my name is Elix Shakur from the Shattered Moons of Minerva-3h in the Enoch Hyerdaal System. (beat) Is it always this hard to get a drink?

  MECOULM (smirks): I know, eh. Pleased to meet ya, Elix. Name’s MeCoulm TeThur.

  ELIX: From?

  MECOULM (laughs): From… a lil bit of every-where… This is my silent hetero life-mate: Chewbacca.


  ELIX: The great and mighty Chew-bach?! I’ve heard great tales about you.

  MECOULM: Nope, just hairy. No tail.

  ELIX: Amusing.

  MECOULM: Really?

  ELIX: Not really.

Chewie growls.

  MECOULM: Ya. I like him too.

The barkeep serves a glass straw, it smolders with smoke.

  ELIX: Obliged, I’m sure.

A mechanical arm FORMS from the hovering pod. NANO-machines assemble delicate pinchers at the tip. Elix grabs the straw.

  MECOULM: So, Elix? What brings you to this bunghole of the galaxy? You play cards?


  ELIX: Cards? Surely not. I’m a third generation belief historian.

  MECOULM: A what now?

  ELIX: The Force? You’ve heard of it?

  MECOULM (hesitates, nervous laugh): Well, yeah. Who hasn’t?

  ELIX: But you? You believe it. Don’t you?

  MECOULM (deflective): Heh, what do you mean?

  ELIX: You complimented me so, only moments ago.

  MECOULM: Ya. Right. Of course. So, what, are you one of those guys who quests his whole life looking for a real life livin’ breathin’ Jedi?

  ELIX: I am a third generation “one of those guys”, I doth profess. I’ve seen them. The Jedi are real. Many forms have I taken to travel the univer–

  MECOULM (interrupts): I guess so. Since you’re a… face.

ELIX shifts his facial features like ripples in hot wax, sliding along the wrinkles

  ELIX: Bodies are only made for movement, human. Manipulation of the surrounding environment. I accommodate depending on the worlds I traverse. Am I not adequately prepared for this desert planet?

  MECOULM: No. Ya. Of course. You know, Elix, we’re always looking for crew. Interested?

  ELIX: I work alone, MeCoulm TeThur. Will you be able to follow me wherever I go? I can go anywhere. Your body? Your arms and legs. They won’t always help.

  MECOULM (smirks): Sure thing, Elix. You coulda just said no.

  ELIX: I didn’t say no. I merely said I work–

  VOICE: Solo! It’s him.

The crowd gasps. Chewie roars. MeCoulm’s smirk fades.

  MECOULM: Hang on, Chew. Let him enjoy his fanfare.

Han walks through the swinging Wild West doors, smiling sly.


  HAN (sarcastic): Not all at once, now.

The crowd cheers and gossips as Han makes his way through.

  ELIX: Do you know who that is? General Han Solo, legendary commander against–

  MECOULM: Ya ya. I just call him boss.

  ELIX: Boss? Perhaps I AM more interested in your mission, after all.

  MECOULM: He has that effect on people.

Han walks past his FANS: this alien, that human. The singer points and WINKS at him. He loosens his collar and smirks.

A GREEDO-looking alien elbows his friend. He chuckles.


  ALIEN (sub-titled): Han Solo. It’s all lies. Jabba faked his death to get away from his enemies.

  FRIEND (subbed): What about the Death Star? They say Solo saved the day. He’s a hero.

  ALIEN: The Rebels lie.

Han walks by, UNDERSTANDING the alien language and amused.

  FRIEND: And the great Greedo?

  ALIEN (laugh): Han was saved by a Jedi. Lucky too. Greedo was the fastest laser in the galaxy. Greedo shot first.

Han whips around to the alien, with a threatening finger.


  HAN: That’s not how I remember it.

The strange aliens GULP. Han steps RIGHT into their faces. The crowd GASPS. Watching.

Han reaches out. The alien FLINCHES. Han grabs a hair off the alien’s shoulder. He drops it to the floor.

  HAN: Those aren’t rumours, pal. The stories are real. You wanna find out how real? I’ll be riiiight over there.

Han points to the bar.

The crowd gasps and cheers. Taunting.

  HAN (obnoxious smile): Later.

Han approaches Chewie and MeCoulm. Chewie roars. Excited.

  HAN: Look at this place. Just like I left it.


Chewbacca rises and embraces Han, jabbering away.

  HAN: I missed ya too, old friend.

A crowd of fans edges towards the bar. Gossiping.

  CROWD: How’d he get so old? He’s gone grey.

Chewie laughs at Han. Solo is not impressed.

images (7)

  HAN: Laugh it up, fuzzball. I’m not the only one. You’re goin’ grey yourself.

Chewie stops laughing. He strokes a grey patch on his chest.

  MECOULM: You’re late.

  HAN: I know. All those autographs.

  MECOULM: You lost. Pay up.

the real GRACE KELLY

  HAN (reaches into vest): Here. Grace K’lei. Vintage holo.

Chewie interrupts, growling. As MeCoulm activates the holo-disc. A black and white burlesque act. A dancer seductively sways.

  HAN: What? Calm? You’re recruiting now?

  MECOULM: Somethin’ like that.

Chewie roars and points to Elix staring, with a fanboy grin.

  HAN: That guy? The, uh, face? Does anyone else know about our mission?

  MECOULM: No. I barely do.


  HAN: Later, kid. Right now. Well. You hear?

  MECOULM (closes holo): Hear what?

  HAN: I didn’t know. I told them I wanted to tell you. Well. (hesitates, drinks) Leia.

  MECOULM: What?

Han can’t answer. Tears build up. He puts his hand on MeCoulm’s shoulder. He nods. MeCoulm shakes his head. No. Over and over, as tragedy sinks in.


  MECOULM: I didn’t tell her. I– She’s like a mother to me… Han?

  HAN: Shh. I know. Kid. I know.

The crowd watches. Han shooes them away.

the assassin… no braids… but deadly all the same

He doesn’t notice the braided admirer. But she notices him.

Han looks to Elix.

  HAN: This seat taken?

  ELIX: No. After you, General. It pleases this one.

  HAN (puzzled): Good?

Han sits, and swigs his drink. He looks to MeCoulm.

  MECOULM (tearful): Your baby?

  HAN: Alive. Somewhere.

  MECOULM: What?

  HAN: I can’t. Who knows who’s listening.

Elix listens suspiciously. MeCoulm sniffs away some sadness.


  HAN: I know, kid. I’m not the best with… emotions, either. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to deal. All I know is… I’m mad. Aren’t you?

MeCoulm nods. Han leans in and whispers behind his hand.

  HAN (CONT.): So, whadda ya wanna do about it?

(switch it up with this retro space opera scary theme)

  MECOULM: Just point me in the right direction.

Han smirks. He downs his drink. He looks to MeCoulm for a beat. Then JABS his finger into the bar. Pointing. HERE.



The jagged canyon walls dwarf the desert below. The HUD of binoculars scans the area, ZOOMING in on a crevasse.

The long BRAIDED ASSASSIN lowers her binoculars. A scarf over her lower face RUFFLES in the wind.

The piercing in her nose shimmers as she removes a camouflaged TARP covering her long thin speeder.


A dusty wooden box is opened for the first time in decades. Inside is an artificial BLACK HAND.


Luke raises his stump and attaches the hand. He adjusts several small straps.

Then extends his fingers and makes a robotic fist. A knife FLIES into his grip, by aid of the Force.

  LUKE: How far are they?

BEERRROOOO. The familiar whistle of R2D2 as he wheels into the campfire area as Luke cuts vegetables.

  LUKE: Already? R2 lend me a hand.

R 2 D 2

R2 whistles.

  LUKE (smirks): Another hand.



A speeder rips through the barren desert. MeCoulm drives the crew: Han, Chewie, and an R2 unit. The R2 whistles.

  HAN: We’re close. Wedge was right. Luke kept his R2.

  MECOULM: So which crevasse is his?

  HAN: Good question, kid.


The assassin sits on the hood of her speeder. Her long legs reach the ground. She scans the valley.

Almost hidden, clipped to her belt, is the unmistakable hilt of a lightsaber.

She watches the speeder below, then lowers her binoculars and squints against the blowing sands. Thinking ahead.



The speeder crawls along. An R2 whistle echoes. Chewie growls. Han searches for the familiar trill. He points up.

R2D2 stands outside the cave entrance with Luke.


The crew finishes their ascent to the cave. Luke awaits, his arms folded into his robe.




…to be continued…


HAN SOLO and his crew inform LUKE what happened earlier… As the ASSASSIN positions herself for an attack…

Meanwhile, SYNDOOR discusses the Skywalker legend with the EMPRESS… The big bad baddie of this EPISODE VII…

We will also meet the rest of MeCOULM’s crew – characters who will appear more in further episodes of this supposed trilogy.

What do you think?

Will we see a return to MOS EISLEY in the *REAL* EPISODE VII? It’d be great to see what today’s special effects wizards will come up with.

Will the *REAL* EPISODE VIII and IX focus more on new characters?

Alexandra Daddario (TRUE DETECTIVE, PERCY JACKSON) appears here as a new character… a Jedi

Will the original characters’ storylines arc towards completion by the end of THE FORCE AWAKENS?

Do you want a PDF copy of the complete screenplay for SW:TCR?


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