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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESWe met the ruthless villain Darth SYNDOOR on the icy planet Pel’N Drym… HAN SOLO got another step closer to finding the Assassins who killed LEIA and stole his infant son…

This Chapter Han laments on the past, dealing with his own guilt over earlier events. A mysterious figure visits him and warns him of the CREVASSE’s plan… Meanwhile, on Tyrannus – MeCOULM must pay for his indiscretions, as friends of the slain alien (from the card game) seek revenge…

***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my abilities, and perhaps garner interest for my original screenplays. This is NOT the REAL script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to better suit your browser. Added images are just references. Hopefully, they make for more exciting scrolling. ***


(click, listen, scroll… this is Michael Giacchinno’s work from THE INCREDIBLES)

The story continues here with CHAPTER THREE – pages 27 – 35




The cobblestoned streets of Tyrannus. Filled with vendors and market activity.

VRRRRRRM. MeCoulm RIPS down the street in his speeder bike. He takes a look behind.

Two GNARLED three-armed aliens pursue MeCoulm on their Harley-type speeder bikes. They BASH into vendors and dodge customers as they chase our hero.



FZZAK! MeCoulm ducks a laser from the aliens. Two hands drive, one shoots. He carves his bike around the blasts.

The chase takes to another street. They trade blasts back and forth, while in pursuit. MeCoulm looks back ahead.

Almost too late… SKKKREEE! MeCoulm swerves to avoid a large beast RIGHT in front of him and CRASHES the bike into a stall.


The alien owner curses at MeCoulm and BEATS him with a rag.

  MECOULM: Heh, no. Me friendly. (makes a happy face) Them. Not friendly.

MeCoulm makes a frown, pushes the owner to safety, then DUCKS a blast.

The gnarled aliens approach. Quickly.



MeCoulm mounts his bike. KKTT-KKTT. It’s busted.

He fires at one of the Harley speeders. A few BLASTS. It EXPLODES.

MeCoulm takes off running, down a narrow alley.

The alien stops, his bike won’t fit.

MeCoulm blasts his crashed speeder. It EXPLODES, throwing the alien off of his bike. 


The door BURSTS open. MeCoulm rushes in.


  MECOULM: I’m baaaack. This IS a buffet, right?

A shot enters the door. MeCoulm ducks. The crowd gasps.

MeCoulm RUNS through, as tables and chairs are BLASTED apart in his wake. The gnarled alien chases. He FIRES with one hand, FLIPS tables with his other two – clearing debris.

Chewbacca talks with a cute alien waitress, while he pays the bill across the restaurant.

ladies man

  MECOULM: Come on, Chewie. Get her number and go.

MeCoulm rushes for a side exit, pushing his way through the startled crowd. Two more gnarled aliens join the chase.

He reaches the exit. When, YANK, he’s grabbed. He struggles, his jacket is pulled off by 3 hands.

He shoots the alien.

  MECOULM (smirks): I claim self defense on that one.

He looks to Chewbacca MANHANDLING the other two aliens.

MeCoulm picks up his jacket. He looks to panicked people, stunned waitresses and all the damage. He opens the door.

  MECOULM (smiles): Make sure to tip your waitress.


MeCoulm runs, putting on his jacket as he goes. Chewbacca soon follows, firing his bowcaster behind them. He roars.

  MECOULM: How was I to know that gnarly dude had friends. Did you SEE his face?


They run down the alley. Two gnarled aliens round the corner and give chase. They shoot, when they spot our heroes.

MeCoulm taps on his silver bracelet. It pulses with light.

  MECOULM: Nova! Prep The Bird. We gotta fly!

FZZAAK! A blast nearly strikes MeCoulm as he runs. He fires back. Another shot GRAZES his jacket.

  MECOULM: No. Han gave me this jacket for gradua-SHI–

FRRZAAK. Another laser interrupts him from swearing.

  MECOULM: Cover fire, Chewie. Cover FIRE!

The Wookie growls. He pivots, grabs a grenade from the belt across his chest, and throws it.

KA-BOOM! One alien is disintegrated. The other one flies into a market stall.

The bracelet comm activates. A small image of NOVA appears – a wide and burly alien face.


  NOVA (BRACELET): Calm. We are a go for flight. What’s the hurry?

  MECOULM: If you could see what I see, Nova.

  NOVA (BRACELET): Ummm. I CAN see what you see. So, should I send K’SOL to the guns or what?

Chewbacca fires a bowcaster bolt into the alien. And roars.

  NOVA (BRACELET): Guess not. Way to go, Chewie.

MeCoulm grins. He pats Chewbacca on the shoulder. They look at the damaged market. Chewie roars. No more aliens.

  MECOULM (obnoxious, quick): So, THAT happened. Now. How was lunch? Did you get enough? I really liked those squiggly crunchy things. What were those?

Chewie laughs, explaining to MeCoulm.

MeCoulm and Chewbacca joke after the fight

  MECOULM (grossed out): Ugh. No way. Forget I asked.

Chewie keeps going, roaring out juicy details.

  MECOULM (disgusted): I get it. I get it.

Chewie’s back is to the fallen aliens as he jokes with MeCoulm.

THEN, MeCoulm notices something…

The fallen alien has THROWN a grenade, with his last breath. It ARCS in the air TOWARDS them.


this GNARLED guy is definitely RELATED to the slain alien from the CARD GAME

He yells, REACHING out with his hand. Amazingly, the grenade FLIES back and EXPLODES the alien.

MeCoulm USED the FORCE?!

Chewie roars. MeCoulm stares at his trembling hands.

  MECOULM (confused): What?

The Wookie talks to him. He grabs MeCoulm’s hands. He growls, as he shakes them. Then he jabs MeCoulm in the chest with a fist.

  MECOULM: I didn’t know. Chewie. I didn’t.

Chewie tilts his head, growls sad. Then does the unexpected: he hugs his friend. His boots dangle above the sand.

  MECOULM: Thanks. But. Heh, Fuzzbucket. Need. Air.



(more music… BEETHOVEN’s Moonlight Sonata… cliched? sure, but evocative)



The Millenium Falcon continues its travel through space.


A personal den lined with shelves of ancient scrolls and hand painted ornaments, some look like EWOK culture. There is a holo-still of a young Luke and Leia on ENDOR.

The Previous Adventures are the stuff of legend… even in their own fictional universe.

There’s also a framed comic book with bright colours: STARKILLER vs. THE EMPIRE. Luke swings, holding Leia.

Han lays on a couch, inhaling on glass straws. A pile of them are discarded on the rug below. He looks to a saucer shaped device resting on his chest.

  HAN: Again.

The saucer bursts with static. The distorted holographic image of Leia appears – home videos from another galaxy.

  HAN: Forward.

The images fast forward. It’s their wedding. Chewbacca stands next to C3PO, beside the large wedding cake. Lando Calrissian raises a glass.

Han smiles with Leia, holding her in his arms. He dabs some cake on her nose. She giggles.

  HAN: Freeze.

Leia & Han

The image freezes. A younger Han holds a younger Leia.

Han exhales. Tilts his head back. Closes his eyes. A tear falls from behind his eyelids. He brushes away the tear and covers his eyes with his hand.

His other hand slowly reaches out and covers the saucer with an open palm, CANCELLING out the holographic image.

  HAN: You weren’t there. Some Jedi. And today? Didn’t you sense it? Luke Skywalker, saviour of the galaxy, abandons his sister to die. Some hero.

  LEIA (Off-Screen): He is.

Han SNAPS open his eyes. He searches for her voice.


  HAN: Princess?

  LEIA (OS): I feel his pain. He suffers. He is lost.

  HAN: Luke? I’m sorry. I just–

  LEIA (OS): Need someone to blame. It’s alright, Han. Our son lives. I’m not with him, he’s with you.

  HAN: What?

  LEIA (OS): I’m not here, but you are.

Han turns. She IS behind him – a spectre. Tears well up.

  LEIA: My sad prince. Do not give up hope.

  HAN (sad): Leia? (pause) Are you real?

  LEIA (ignores): Our son lives. Out there. Somewhere.

  HAN: I can’t believe I let that happen. Leia… (struggles) I never even held him.

  LEIA: Han Solo. You’re a survivor. The carbonite. The Empire. Your home. Do not forget your place in history, my love.

  HAN (composed): Tell me what to do.

  LEIA: The Empire has survived. It took decades, but small factions eventually grew larger. They call themselves the Crevasse?

  HAN: Lemme guess. They’re on Notrhupa.

  LEIA: Yes. Quite right. The Force pulled me to the green planet. I thought it was Luke. I was wrong. They tricked me.

  HAN: Where is he then?

  LEIA: I don’t know. From here, I only sense the Crevasse, reaching across the galaxy. They must be stopped. You must find Luke and give him what I’ve prepared.

  HAN: Prepared?

  LEIA: Yes, just in case. I hid it in your secret spot.

Han reaches down for the ornately carved box of glass straws. He exams the seams. He realizes. He pulls on the edge of the lid. It slides away. Revealing a holo-disc.

  LEIA (OS, CONT.): There. Contained within are the original plans that Mon Mothma retrieved.

Han flips the disc over in his hands. He looks to Leia.

  LEIA (CONT.): We eventually deciphered their codex discovering a more elaborate plan than even the Death Star. Make sure he gets it.

  HAN: I’ll do it. I’ll find him somehow. Are you sure the Empire will come for Luke?

  LEIA: They follow the ancient prophecies. They believe in the chosen one. A Jedi Knight born of the clouds with immeasurable power. They think it’s Luke. And they’ll do anything to draw him out of hiding. Including stealing away his nephew. Our son.

  HAN: Does he know all this… scroll stuff?

  LEIA: It matters not. I believe. Now Han, please continue my work. Will you find my brother?

  HAN (smirks): Yeah, I got an idea. I’ll find him where I found him. The most obvious spot.

  LEIA: Perhaps. Yes, the Empire are unaware of this. Go to him. Set the plan in motion. Stop the Crevasse.

  HAN: If I do all this? Will I see you again?

  LEIA: Some day. Some where.

  HAN: Princess. That’s not good enough.

Leia smiles. So does Han. They embrace and kiss.

WHAM! Han snaps awake in the couch. Alone.

He swings his legs around and CRUNCHES the pile of glass straws with his boots.

was that real? was that a dream?

He catches his breath. Thinking.

He opens the carved box and removes the disc, staring at it.


(mix it up with some METRIC)


a toll station of the stars

There are several small ship flotillas over the sandy planet below. There is a toll station of sorts in orbit.

BAMF. A sleek smuggling vessel appears out of hyperspace.


MeCoulm stares out the cockpit, sitting next to Chewbacca.

  MECOULM: This is it. We gotta hurry. It’s a race. I bet Han my Cynthia Page holo-disc.

Chewie growls and points to the planet below.

  MECOULM: Oh. You’ve been here before? Me too. S’why we need an alias.

Chewie replies.

  MECOULM (smirks): What? Blame Mos Eisley. A most wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Chewie talks, some sad notes in there.

  MECOULM: With him? Oh. Maybe you’ll find him here. Like I said, we’ll check every port, every planet.

Chewie replies. Then the comm sparks alive.

  COMM: Welcome to destination Tatooine. State your purpose.

MeCoulm clears his throat. Chewie reaches out with his paw. Encouraging. MeCoulm presses the comm button. Looks to Chewie once more.

Then he reaches out, trying to use the Force.

  MECOULM: This is the cargo outfit KOBAYASHI. Requesting approval for landing.

MeCoulm shrugs, unsure if their ruse will work.

  COMM: Kobayashi. Your manifest checks. Permission approved for landing at the Mos Eisley spaceport.

  MECOULM: Roger that. Kobayashi, out.

The comm sparks off. The Wookie growls. MeCoulm laughs.

  MECOULM: It worked? Guess I owe you a pint now.



A bubbly frothing PINT slides (with the WIPE) across the counter. Chewbacca catches it, and takes a big swig.


…to be continued…


The smugglers reunite at the MOS EISLEY CANTINA… MeCOULM learns of the earlier tragedy. HAN lays out the mission to find LUKE…

We also meet a new character who could be an important ally…

What do you think?

Will the REAL EPISODE VII follow a similar path, as Han searches for Luke on Tatooine?

How does the FORCE operate? Can anyone manipulate this magical energy? Or are others more pre-disposed to learning this ancient philosophy?

Are the specters that visit Jedi merely ghosts? Or is the Jedi seeing the invisible?

Did Han see a ghost? Or was he dreaming? Does the dream-world somehow share a portal with the invisible?

Do you want a PDF copy of the complete screenplay for SW:TCR?


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