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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES… We met LUKE SKYWALKER, living in seclusion on Tatooine like the hermit, Old BEN… Solo stormed the hangar and readied the MILLENIUM FALCON to hunt down the assassin… We also met new character MeCOULM TeThur, Han SOLO’s young smuggler apprentice…

This Chapter will begin to unravel the Empire’s sinister plot… And introduce another new character, villain Darth SYNDOOR.


***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my writing style, encouraging readers to consider my original screenplays… This is NOT the REAL script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to allow for quicker scrolling… This is another experiment in my PICTUREplay medium… Added images are just references (they won’t always match the descriptions)… I will take advantage of hypothetical casting. Who knows maybe in a few years we WILL see actors from years past return to the movies via future CGI technology?… Hopefully, these images make for a more compelling read. ***

(listen to HOWARD SHORE’s spooky synth score for VIDEODROME as you scroll)

The story continues here with CHAPTER THREE – pages 20 – 27

P E L ‘  N     D R Y M


A series of satellite moons orbit the massive temperate planet of PEL’N DRYM. The top half of ice and snow is separated from the bottom tropical half by layers and layers of wispy clouds.

Some of the moons are smashed apart. Debris floats in their own orbits – hinting at an ominous history of the planet.


The shattered moons of Pel’n Drym hover high above the frozen tundra, stretching for miles and miles. Occasional shards from the large ice sheet break the flat horizon.

A strangely angled ship flies overhead. A small drone follows closely, emitting a searchlight. It examines a long trail in the snow leading to the cloudy partition of the tropical side.

The ship races towards a large ice shard that rises high above the ice sheet. The snowy trail stops at the shard.

outside the cave entrance

The ship lands. The orb advances ahead, finding an opening in the iceberg near a pile of chopped trees.



A large icicle melts. A thick drop of water gathers at its tip. It drips. Another drop builds. It drips.

A large cavern dug into the ice. Tunnels split away into different directions. The ice GROANS and CREAKS.


An ALIEN dressed in animal hide carries a blazing torch down a long tunnel.

a design similar to KAZ’MUR… just add a beard and a parka 😉

He has a thick beard, and insect-like mandibles. This is KAZ’MUR. His breath forms in the air as he walks.

The dripping sounds get louder and louder.

Kaz’Mur touches the scars of slashes in the ice wall. He peers into the darkness.

His boots nearly slip on the icy floor. He’s startled, seeing a bonfire ahead. The iceberg groans again.

A silhouette is cast into the tunnels. A man sits at a fire.


Smoke travels high to the shadows of the ceiling. Drip drop.

The man stares into the fire. His amber eyes glint with the reflection of the flames. This is DARTH SYNDOOR.

DARTH SYNDOOR (*as played here by RIVER PHOENIX*)

His black COLLAR reaches high up to his sharp cheekbones, like a PRIEST collar with an empty gap where the white would show through. The gap shows his hooked nose and pursed lips.

Kaz’Mur sets his torch in a cradle of the ice wall as he enters. He pulls something from his waistband. It SHINES.

He looks to Syndoor. The high collar has that same gap in the back, where a long BRAID of hair drips down his cloak.

Kaz’Mur gets worried…

The dripping is louder. Each drop is followed by a SIZZLE.

Syndoor looks to the ceiling. The drops sizzle on the hot coals. They momentarily flare orange then return BLACK. Over and over.

Syndoor doesn’t turn to Kaz’Mur. He stares into the fire.

  SYNDOOR: It’s amazing isn’t it?

Kaz’Mur stops in his tracks…

Kaz’Mur is silent. He stops. And SHEATHES his blade.

  SYNDOOR: Do you see it?

Kaz’Mur holds his breath. His mandibles click anxiously.

  SYNDOOR: I can still feel your hearts beat. The vibrations in the air. You’re stirring the invisible… friend.

  KAZ’MUR (in alien tongue): See what, my lord.

  SYNDOOR: How one element can be expressed in such a variety of ways.

  KAZ’MUR (sub-titled): I mean you know harm, Darth Syndoor. I didn’t know who was down here.

  SYNDOOR: I can sense more than vibrations, thin man. I’m not concerned with your misguided attempt. Did you find him?

  KAZ’MUR: My lord, the Crevasse reaches. It grasps at the unknown. It splays its fingers across—

  SYNDOOR: Save me the propaganda, child. You come HERE in on your ship. Tell me, for what purpose? Has he faded from existence? Or have you found him?

  KAZ’MUR: The Crevasse. Every strain. They are at work. Are you sure he still lives?

  SYNDOOR: I would know if he faded to the next world. He’s out there. Somewhere. Now tell me, why are you here. If you deliver not the news of his discovery, then why do you search the darkness with a blade?

Kaz’Mur CLUTCHES at his throat. The FORCE is at work.

Syndoor waves his hand, THROTTLING Kaz’Mur through the air.

  SYNDOOR: Come, ye man of little faith.

Kaz’Mur lands at Syndoor’s bench.


The ICE groans again.

Syndoor points to the fire.

The drops sizzle on the coals.

  SYNDOOR: Do you see it?

  KAZ’MUR (coughs): The ice? It melts.

  SYNDOOR: Yes. Continue.

  KAZ’MUR: It burns.

  SYNDOOR: Go on. What else do you see?

  KAZ’MUR (confused): My lord?

  SYNDOOR: That element. It’s many forms. Liquid. Solid. Gas.

  KAZ’MUR: Lord?

  SYNDOOR: So is the Force. The dark, the light.

  KAZ’MUR: And what? Something else? Another form?

  SYNDOOR: If one could harness each component, one would be unstoppable.

  KAZ’MUR: The Jedi legends? From the Old Republic.

  SYNDOOR: Further yet. They speak of an imperfect balance. A mutation. A chimera of the Force. It’s out there. I’m sure of it.


  KAZ’MUR: He’s dead, my lord. Our maps far extend the universe beyond those of the Rebel’s.

  SYNDOOR: You listen to HER, when you should BELIEVE, as I do. I know he’s out there. The old one, the true one, promised to us all.

  KAZ’MUR: My lord, those are myths. What makes you have faith in those old tales?

a theatrical villain… menacing, but playful

  SYNDOOR: It’s too late for you. She has infected you with REASON. I know why she sent you, slave.

  KAZ’MUR: The Empress is right, you’ve gone crazy out here. All alone.

  SYNDOOR: Abandon all reason, bladed man. I will show you something void of logic. I will guide you to another form. Fly, without the aid of your ship.

Syndoor reaches with the Force.

Kaz’Mur ROCKETS high to the pointed ends of icicles. 

He STOPS. Inches away from his end.

His mandibles SNAP open and SLAM shut. Scared.

Kaz’Mur, scared

He reaches for his bracelet. Makes a series of swipes. Then laughter.

Ka-BooOOoM! From outside the cave.

  KAZ’MUR: The ship is gone. You will not escape. She was right, your religion is infantile.

  SYNDOOR: Blaspheme!

Kaz’Mur’s eyes are slowly but steadily FORCED towards the piercing tip of a long icicle.

Syndoor stares into the fire. Shadows dance across his sharp features. The alien SCREAMS. Blood drips down to the coals and SIZZLE. Red drop, after red drop.

  SYNDOOR: I know you’re alive. I will find a way out of here. A way to the clouds. To you. Ancient one. The saviour. The…

A cold stare. He inhales, as STEAM swims across his face.

  SYNDOOR (CONT.): …Sky Walker. I believe in you.



The Millenium Falcon cruises through dark space.


Alone, in the cockpit, Han rubs his temples. He pulls out a glass straw from his vest pocket. Cracks it and inhales. He relaxes into the chair, staring out at the starfield ahead.

Han swings a monitor over. A list of hyperjumps, ship codes, and coordinates. He swipes through them. He stops and swings the monitor over, bringing it closer.


  HAN (perplexed): What?

Han punches a button. An image pops up: an anxious crewmate.

  HAN: I was checkin’ the scans from my R2. I found an anomaly. A jump back and forth from Notrhupa. It doesn’t add up.

  CREW: It so happens that as we were boarded there was a carrier sent to Notrupha.

  HAN: Carrier? The cargo bay. No, it can’t be. I’ve known Chadwick for decades.

  CREW: Rumours, General. All those whispers. The Captain must have let the assassins board.

  HAN: Notrhupa is so close why waste fuel cells.

  CREW: To hide his tracks. He didn’t expect you to find out.

  HAN (realizes): Someone’s hiding… The Empire?

  CREW: But General, that’s craz–

  HAN (impatient): Don’t leave the NAPC. Stay off that blasted planet.

  CREW: What?

  HAN: You heard me. Off.

Han PUNCHES a button.

Wedge STARTLES him, appearing from behind.

Han tucks the glass straw back into his pocket. Wedge notices.


  WEDGE: General. Let me handle the comms. Get some rest.

  HAN: No, Wedge. I still haven’t found THAT ship. I can’t stop.

  WEDGE: I didn’t say that. We won’t stop. You’re not the only one who lost someone today.

  HAN: Sorry. Wedge. I didn’t…

Han brings his fingers to his lips, like he’s smoking.

  WEDGE (cautious): How many of those have you had?

  HAN (looks to pocket): Not enough.

  WEDGE: Those aren’t for humans, Han. They’re dangerous.

  HAN (laughs): Dangerous? I don’t need to be told about danger.

Han punches buttons. He looks to a monitor. Wedge watches.

  WEDGE: Go. REST. I’ll handle this. We’re not as young as we used to be.


  HAN: I’m not sprinting a marathon, Wedge. I’m flyin a ship. THAT, I can do.

  WEDGE: That’s not what I’m talking about.

  HAN: The glass? Not another word.

  WEDGE: Noted. But, not that either. Han?

Wedge, concerned for Han

They share a sombre glance. Sad. Wedge’s about to talk.

  HAN (points): Don’t. Don’t you say her name.

Han SLAMS his armrest. He barges out. He looks back to Wedge.

  HAN (sincere): Keep looking… Captain.



The cobble-stoned streets of Tyrannus. Filled with vendors and market activity.

MeCOULM TeTHUR, Han’s protege – – – *played by Michael B. Jordan*

VRRRRRRM. MeCoulm RIPS down the street in his speeder bike. He takes a look behind.

Two gnarled three-armed aliens pursue MeCoulm on their Harley-type speeder bikes. They BASH into vendors and dodge customers as they chase our hero.

…to be continued…


MeCOULM & CHEWBACCA must fight their way to freedom and escape Tyrannus… HAN battles his emotions, when he is unexpectedly visited by a surprising “guest”… The plot further develops, as we learn about The CREVASSE’s intentions and their strange beliefs…

And we meet a new JEDI

What do you think? Which of your favourite characters do you want to see return on the big screen?

the late great RIVER PHOENIX… Maybe in a few years, stars from previous decades will reappear with the aid of CGI FX ? Like River, LEDGER, BOGART, PECK, HEPBURN…

Who would like to see play a STAR WARS villain in the movies?

Do you want a PDF copy of the complete screenplay for SW:TCR?


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