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Neo-Alchemists on board an orbiting spaceship unleash Hell in  DEMON STAR 31. The Captain, Sojourner, must battle demonic creatures to save her crew and return home to her family.

This SHORT FILM screenplay was submitted as part of a one week challenge for SIMPLY SCRIPTS.

The challenge parameters for the 10 page story was: a portal to an another world from sun up to sun down on Halloween. And there was only one speaking character allowed. This short film was the result.

a variety of demons are promised… now with 37% more flavour


The following content is recommended for adult audiences. This would be R-Rated.

The screenplay formatting has been altered for a streamlined browser experience.

DEMON STAR is another experiment in PICTUREplay format. There will be the occasional image (appropriate for scene) that may not perfectly demonstrate the content.

The demonic designs were hard to find especially. The idea is to be freaked out by the imagery. I hope it helps. Hopefully, the read is more “fun”.

There will also be musical score videos to listen to while you scroll.

I hope you enjoy this. Turn out the lights.

(this spooky music should set the mood – DARIO ARGENTO’s Proffondo Rosso.)

D E M O N . S T A R . 3 1

copyright, 2014

all rights reserved



“O God! I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself

King of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.”




The brilliant light of dying stars casts into the bleak void of outer space.

A long moment… Then the stars ripple.

The vast blanket of liquid crimson reflects celestial patterns. It shimmers, disturbed. A morbid reflection of the night sky.

some camera trickery… what looked like stars was a reflection… as a woman emerges…

Slowly, a human form emerges – a nude woman, thickly coated with dripping blood.

Twinkling stars reflect against the sheen of death.

The woman slowly smiles an ominous grin.

she accepts the sheen of death


SOJOURNER (30s, Black, long hair, athletic) snaps awake, exiting this portal to another world.

Her bedroom looks like it belongs in a submersible. Tight, cramped, and cold – littered with mechanical equipment.

SOJOURNER (*as portrayed here by KERRY WASHINGTON*)

She wipes sweat from her forehead, and gathers her breath.


Sojourner’s egg-brown shuttle drifts through the stars.


Delicate fingers trace along cracks in a mirror.

Sojourner’s sad reflection stares back, fragmented across the shining surface.

She slides her hand across a panel below the mirror.

The panel opens and she retrieves a straw-like tube. It extends as she pulls it to her lips for a drink.

Sojourner stands there in her underwear. Deep in thought.


A slashed wrist drains of life.

A feminine hand slices another wrist with a sleek blade.

Blood spills from the open wound.

The blade is passed to another hand.

Another wrist – slashed.

Candle flames dance across this strange blood ritual.

The process continues, as a circle of women methodically kill themselves.


The shuttle looks down on Earth.


A monitor displays streams of text. Amongst the code is today’s date: NOVEMBER 1.

A graphic displays DELAY TIME for their communication.

Sojourner stares into another monitor. Her wife, SCARLET, and small daughter stare back.

    SOJOURNER: I love your costume. Can you try it on for me? That was my favourite movie growing up. You look beautiful, baby. It’s already been Halloween up here. I was thinking of you two all day. Mommy had a bad dream. Seeing your faces always makes it better.

Scarlet fusses with their impatient daughter as they wait through the communication process.


   SOJOURNER: My crew has been really festive. Dressing up. Trying to scare each other. The Neo Alchemists were talking about some strange ritual. I can’t be bothered. They know I can’t stand the sight of blood. I guess it’s the one day of the year they can get away with tormenting their Captain. That said, don’t you get any ideas, little one.

She stares fondly at Scarlet. A smile grows.

A flashing icon gets her attention.

    SOJOURNER: My time is almost up. I know you guys hate the delay, but just be patient, baby.

Sojourner smiles again, then touches her lips for a kiss. She touches the comm-camera lens.

    SOJOURNER: I’ll try my best and call tomorrow. I love you two so much. Have fun tonight. (smiles) Happy Halloween.

Sojourner ends the message by kissing her wedding ring.

A graphic appears on the monitor: INCOMING RESPONSE.

A small bar slowly fills with a percentage readout.

Sojourner rises out of her seat. Her forced smile fades.

She approaches a large viewport of the stars.

She stares out. Melancholic. Her reflection looks back,the stars sparkle across her sadness.

Her calm hand reaches out and touches the surface.

She looks back to the monitor.

Her daughter skips away to retrieve her costume, finally hearing her mother’s message.


Scarlet kisses her wedding ring. Sojourner kisses her’s.

Her wife leans into the speakers on her end, to hear better.

Sojourner watches Scarlet with fond eyes. A smile grows.

Her daughter returns, smiling in a pale corn blue dress, and holding shining ruby slippers in her hands.

    SOJOURNER (softly to herself): There’s no place like home.

An alarm blares, interrupting.

The computer window of their chat closes automatically.

The window is replaced by a bold graphic of the shuttle with a highlighted and flashing HULL BREACH.


hull breach

A corridor explodes. Crew members are thrown around, and then sucked out into space.

A large open wound in the vessel’s hull bleeds mechanical equipment and scatters debris into zero gravity.

The vacuum of space sucks out the ship’s innards – including any non-Alchemist crewmates.

An escape pod launches. Then another. And another.


Alarms blare. Warning lights swirl.

Sojourner bolts down a long hallway.


The circle of suicides. A ring of emptied bodies.

demons birth themselves into this world… from any blood that has pooled… as they exit they transform and take shape

Blood collected in the circle, drips from the floor to the ceiling, forming a strange Occult symbol.

An articulated spiny claw teases its way into our world, as this demonic creature births itself from the symbol.

The ritual has opened a dimensional bridge to Hell.

Another crustaceous claw grips the ceiling.

Tendrils thrash from the portal – long and slippery. They whip about, reaching for a hold.

The demon slowly descends into the chamber room and drops to the floor. The glistening exo-skeleton steams.

It cranks its neck, sniffing sharply. It notices the fresh corpses, and shrieks in excitement. 


Sojourner rushes towards the ritual chamber

She speaks into a metallic bracelet as she runs.

    SOJOURNER: What do you mean negative life signs? Computer, run program again. Repeat: task crew to seal the hull.

A small green light flashes on the communicator.


Equipment sucks out into the void of space.

staring into the void… the void stares back

A humanoid stares into the vast blanket of stars.

It’s a bloody flayed woman. Twisted muscles glisten with gore. She stares into the abyss.

The extreme vacuous forces have no effect on this strange being. She stands firm. Planted.


The sun silhouettes the blue marble of Earth as the shuttle rotates in orbit.


Sojourner arrives at the chamber entrance. She gathers herself, before entering the chamber. A moment.

She plugs her nose from a strong stench.

Blood leaks out into the hallway, forming a puddle, under the door, and reaching for her boots.


The chamber door hisses open.

Sojourner’s boots enter.

She gasps. Horrified. Paralyzed by fear.

The ghastly horror stares back at her.

Her crew. Slaughtered in a circle. 

attacked from the Sigil (portal) in the floor

One alchemist is still alive. She is attacked by a demon exiting from a Sigil in the floor.

Ripped bodyparts are scattered across the room.

A hulking shape of confusing angles, rises from the crimson pulp. It’s hellish frame turns to the Captain.

compound eyes hidden within the exo-structure (instead)

A hundred beaded black eyes – sunk deep within a cephalopodan skull – blink out of unison.

This tendrilled demon with crustaceous joints leers at Sojourner, fully extending its 7 foot frame.

She snaps to action and turns to run.

Her path is blocked by another demon. This horrid creature clutches something in its grasp.

horror from the nether-realm between space

This grasped material is like flayed fabric. It is human skin. A long sheet of stretchy gore.

The creature’s jaws open and a piercing piping shrill exits.

Sojourner screams.

The demon reaches for her.

She ducks under the clawed reach. And bolts into the hall.


Sojourner runs down the long hall. Sirens. Blaring lights.

She swipes her bracelet as she goes. It activates.

    SOJOURNER: Computer. Scan for life.

The bracelet blinks a red light.

    SOJOURNER: Fuck. The Alchemists. That ritual. I told them not– Computer. Am I the only living crew member?

The light blinks green.

Sojourner keeps running. And running.

She suddenly stops. Thinking.

She clutches at her knees. Out of breath. Panicked.

Her eyes widen with absolute terror.

A horrific realization brews.

Sojourner closes her eyes and asks…

a dreadful realization…

    SOJOURNER (lost): Computer? Am I… alive?

A dreadful moment passes. Then, the bracelet flashes green.

She sighs in such relief. Tears build up. Before she releases them she gathers herself.

    SOJOURNER: Computer. Are there any escape vessels left?

The bracelet flashes red.

    SOJOURNER: Dammit. Computer. Prepare central cockpit for my command. Flashburn the rec. Confirmation code: Anubis.

The bracelet flashes green.


variety of demons exit the portal… this design comes from Kolakis at DEVIANTART…

A horned demon stares at a human head, holding it in its strange hands. Thinking. For a moment.

Another demon births from the ritualistic Sigel. Then–

The room ignites with a green phosphorous fire. Flames bloom across every surface.

The demon crushes the skull, like a rotting pumpkin. It squeals, engulfed by the flames along with the other demon.

That strange Occult symbol on the ceiling remains undamaged.

The creature’s otherworldly shriek pierces the ship.


The savage breach looks out to the vast stars, spinning galaxies light years away. 

The flayed woman sits at the edge of the ruptured hull. The extreme forces have no effect on her.

Her eyes are closed in concentration, as skin slowly FORMS along her body, across her dangling legs.

She opens her eyes. The task is done. She rises. Mended.

She examines her new skin, and smiles – pleased with her new host body.

THEN– That demonic scream shatters her heart.

the flayed woman

She echoes the beast, slashing the air with her voice.

The flayed woman looks back down – composing herself. Determination sets in, like cold steel.

She exits, casually swaying her flayed hips as debris throttles by her and rips into space.


let’s get down to business

Sojourner quickly slides into her Captain’s chair.

She furiously swipes away at the front console.

Graphics display the chamber on fire, empty escape pod bays, and the gashed hull.

    SOJOURNER: No. No. No. Computer. Run comms through alternate channel.

Sojourner reads the monitor. No luck. She curses and smashes it with a fist. Frustrated.

(one of the creepiest scores ever, by GOBLIN from SUSPIRIA)

She spins to a different monitor and scrolls text with her finger – searching for solutions.

Her attention is pierced by a demonic shrill.

A demonic creatures stands at the entrance.

Sojourner’s shoulders tremble as she vibrates with fear.

A deathly scream echoes from the corridor. A human scream.

The demon slowly turns around.

A nude woman, GRACE, clothed in blood, screams at the beast.

(saving) G R A C E

Grace aims her (horizontally) slashed wrist, out stretched, and accepting – slowly dripping blood.

The demons many eyes swivel in their sockets, aiming its gaze right at Grace.

Sojourner squints. She can’t believe it.

    SOJOURNER: Grace? What the hell have–

sad, pleading, sacrifice

Grace’s sad eyes look to Sojourner. A moment. Her eyes plead with the captain.

Sojourner calms down. She gathers a breath. And slams a button on the console.

The cockpit door closes behind the demon.

Sounds of the sacrifice bleed into the room.

Sojourner shakes her head. She can’t believe it.

She turns to a monitor. An image: SEVER UMBILICAL?

The Captain thinks a moment. Then taps the image.


just imagine a larger scale… um, right

The long body of the shuttle detaches.

Steam hisses out into zero gravity. Detached bolts float away from the vessel.

The front command station is now isolated.


The corridor detaches.

a demon in the connecting corridor

A silhouette casts along the corridor – the obtuse angles of a demonic creature.


Sojourner fastens her seatbelt.

She stares out of the front viewport. The stars ahead. The void of space.

A childish laughter shivers through her spine.

A twisted reflection appears in the viewport glass. The flayed woman with new skin. Laughing.

She jerks and spasms, transforms into a SUCCUBUS. A winged demonic temptress.  

flayed woman transforms again… is possession at hand? are some demons void of physical form, seeing a sacrificial host?

Sojourner searches for answers – examining her surroundings.

The Succubus saunters over. Casual, yet menacing.

Her deathly grin contrasts stark against her beauty. She keeps coming. Closer. And closer.

Sojourner trembles. All is lost.


Until – she notices a razorblade resting on the front console. That same blade from the ritual circle.

She snatches it. A bloody outline is left behind on the console’s dashboard.

The Succubus keeps coming. Tendrils rip out from the demon’s shoulders. Then crustaceous-like limbs.


The Hellish silhouette resembles an Angel with wings.

Sojourner aims her puny blade at the demon.

The demon laughs even louder. Maniacal.


The shuttle floats along the Earth’s orbit as the sun rises over the blue planet.

Laughter echoes from the shuttle.


The demon lowers its frame so that it comes face to face with the seated Captain.

Rays of sunlight shine behind Sojourner’s chair – reaching for the demon’s face – finally highlighting its TRUE features. A horrible sagging beast.

TRUE reflection

The creature implodes, like its insides are sucked into oblivion. Its body collapses, disappearing between space.

Nothing remains, but the trembling Captain, as the sun shines through the cabin.

Sojourner sighs. Her shoulders slack. Relaxed.

She notices small bloody footprints across the floor, leading to the console (the bloody razor imprint) and back to the exit.

    SOJOURNER (realizing): Grace? Thank you.

basking in “the light”

She gathers herself. A moment. The sunlight shining behind her.

She spins her chair to the shining viewport.

She presses a button on the console. A song begins: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

(the TORI AMOS version of the classic sad song)

Sojourner closes her eyes, basking in the sunlight.

She sighs. Emotions set in.

She covers her eyes with the back of her hand.

A tear escapes, rolling down her cheek, and catching the light.

Sojourner cries.

She removes her hand. And opens her eyes.

She looks to the sun. Hope sets in. She smiles.

A small laugh escapes. She’s saved herself… Then–

An alarm blares. Sojourner looks to the computer monitor.

A graphic stares at the Captain – COURSE ALTERED.


The shuttle slowly turns.

And enters the dark side of the planet. Where it’s still Halloween night.

Sojourner bashes at the computer. Cursing it.

Error messages scroll across the screen. Amongst them, ENTERING NEW TIME ZONE, and a graphic displaying the depletion of thrusters.

The ship reverses it’s path as thrusters fire, propelling the vessel quickly away.

Sojourner continues to bang on the equipment.

Whirring sounds perforate the cabin, as the shuttle powers down. All the lights go out.

course altered… the sun retreats…

The viewport grows dark as the sun retreats behind Earth.

The bloody footprints drips to the ceiling – a new portal.

The Succubus’ laughter continues, as she appears upside down from the ceiling, slowly taking form.


Sojourner clutches her razorblade. Tight.

The Succubus lands on the ground. She smiles and sways towards the seated Captain.

Sojourner steels herself. She sets aside emotion.

And looks to the shining razor in her grasp.

The demon advances – such a strange horrifying silhouette.

As the Succubus becomes more and more visible, it’s clear she’s trying to seduce the Captain.

Sojourner kisses her wedding ring.

    SOJOURNER (softly): There’s no place like home.



What did you think?

The ending is open to interpretation. It’s supposed to make you think on it for a minute or two.

Is Sojourner prepared to fight, or die trying? Is she going to kill herself? Is this all a dream, and she just needs to click her heels? How does she wake? Is there another way to defeat the demon? Or there something else suggested?

I’d love to hear what you think.


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