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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES… Han and Leia were attacked by assassins sent by the supposed fallen Empire… We also met terranauts altering the atmosphere on Notrhupa, awaiting the Queen’s arrival…

This Chapter… Enter SKYWALKER…

OBI-WAN KENOBI (played by Sir Alec Guiness)… How similar will LUKE act (and look) like Old Ben from EPISODE IV?

***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my abilities, and perhaps garner interest for my original screenplays. This is NOT the REAL script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to better suit your browser. Speakers / Dialogue will not be centered. Added images are just references. Hopefully, they make for more exciting scrolling. ***

***As a guideline, a page usually equates to a minute of screen-time. The complete 

script is 118 pages – just under 2 hours.***

Listen to the YouTube VIDEO for some haunting music by Canadian film composer PHILLIP GLASS.

The story continues here with CHAPTER THREE – pages 15 – 20




Han RUSHES through, knocking over pilots, pushing mechanics.


    HAN: Where is she?

The hangar crew looks to each other, confused, puzzled.

    HAN: Someone answer me.

A crew member close to Han, takes a step back. Intimidated.

    HAN: You! Ready an R2 Unit.

He rushes past cruiser ships, X-WINGs, a trade ship.

    HAN (CONT.): You! Check the star-field for recent jumps. Send it to the R2.

Han stops. Grimaces. His bloody hand. His wounded ribs.

the FALCON in flight

Then he looks up, to the MILLENIUM FALCON (parked). No fancy upgrade here.

    HAN: You. Prep the first aid station.

The anxious crew studies Han. He turns and looks to them.

    CREW: Who? General? Who do you look for?

    HAN: The assassins. Who let them in?

They’re all confused. Han grabs one by the collar.

    HAN: SPILL! Who killed my wife?

    CREW: Queen Leia? No. No.

Han looks around. They’re scared. He lets the crew mate go.

    CREW: All the ships went for battle.


    HAN: When I find out who did it. You’re dead. I don’t care who. Or why. You’re mine.

    PILOT: The Falcon is ready. I’ll co-pilot.

    HAN: Who are you?

    PILOT: Han, it’s me. WEDGE. The Death Star? I flew with Luke. Now? Well… this is my hangar.

    HAN: Then why should I trust YOU?

    WEDGE: I lost m-my son in the battle… I’m Captain Wedge An–

    HAN: Antilles? Alright. Get her ready.

WEDGE Antilles (Denis LAWSON)

    WEDGE: Leia? Are you sure?

    HAN (looks away): I wish I wasn’t.



the night skies above Tatooine

A blonde cracked desert sprawls on and on. Two bright moons rest in the horizon. A falling star, smears across the sky.

Hidden in the crevasses of the canyon, lies a small entrance. Plants grow along cracks. Firelight glows from within the cave.


Flames flicker. Shadows dance along the cave walls. A robed figure sits cross-legged at a campfire in the distance.

The bearded man’s eyes are closed, deep in concentration.

A multi-winged insect flutters across the shadows and between the embers floating up from the fire.

His eyes SNAP open.


Suddenly, an invisible Force PUSHES the insect over the fire. It is SCORCHED and instantly engulfed.

He gasps. He holds his head, grabbing at an unseen pain.

  OLD MAN: Leia!

He SLAMS his fist onto the ground, and instantly RISES like he were repelled magnetically. He whips out a weapon with one hand.

The grey hilt of a lightsaber. SNAP-HISS. It ignites, with crackling green energy.

This is LUKE SKYWALKER. He yells, full of a furious anger. And SLASHES the cave wall. The gashes drip lava.

The saber retracts. Luke crumbles to the ground. Infantile. He sobs into his hand, bringing up his other sleeve, revealing his severed arm from long ago.

    LUKE: Leia? No.

Another insect flutters by, and settles on Luke’s knee.

    LUKE: I’m sorry.

He looks up, through tears. He notices the insect calmly resting on his knee, licking it’s feelers.

A soft smile grows from within the unkempt silver beard.



(enjoy some fun, energetic, synth-y orchestrals from SCOTT PILGRIM’s score)




Space stations surround the giant ringed planet of TYRANNUS. There is significant activity as ships come and go. 


Ornate cards are SLAMMED onto a felt-lined table.

    MAN (OS): Read em and weep, fellas.

A smiling joker brings his hands behind his head. Relaxed. This is MeCOULM TeTHUR, a charismatic young man with a thin goatee and trim afro.


    MECOULM: I know it’s an emotional time for you right now. You lost a lot of creds. I understand. (smirks) That’s why I love comin’ to Tyrannus. Easy money. Get over it, pal. This is how the galaxy works. You play me, you lose.

A gnarled twisted alien face GLARES back at the joker.

    GNARLED: You cheat. I hear of you. Cheata.

    MECOULM: I think you got me confused. Ask around. I whooped all their asses.

GNARLED – One Gnarly Alien

    GNARLED: No! I count cards. You no have that one. Single one in deck. And it’s–

He flips the next card. Face up – the same winning card.

    GNARLED (CONT, OS): Right here.

The gnarled alien SLAMS his THREE fists on the table. The table SHUDDERS. Tokens bounce from the impact.

protege of Han SOLO.

    MECOULM (laughs nervous): Heh, Gnarly 3-Hands. I can explain. Gimme a parsec. This is all a Jabba-size misunderstanding.

    GNARLED: Me no laugh. Now. You. Pay.

    MECOULM: Pay? Me? See, I don’t travel with that kinda cash. You know, space ruffians and what not. I might get robbed.

    GNARLED: No, no. MeCOULM TeTHUR. Today? You die.

    MECOULM: I had a baaaad feelin about this. Shoulda paid more atten–

MeCoulm FLIPS the table. Tokens fly. Drinks shatter. The Alien reaches for his gun. MeCoulm ALREADY has his drawn.

    MECOULM: Aren’t you gonna shoot first?

    GNARLED: Shoot?

MeCoulm smiles and FIRES. Several times. Into the alien.

    MECOULM: I tried to warn him.

The alien falls to ground. Bleeding. He gurgles.

the uninterested crowd

MeCoulm looks to the shocked crowd. Some reach for their weapons. Others resume their drinking. One points a blaster.

    MECOULM: Ah ah ah. Didn’t you just see what I did there, buddy. D’you really wanna test me?

The alien relents, and puts his tentacles up. Surrendered.

    MECOULM: Anyone else?

No one budges. MeCoulm smiles. This joker.

    MECOULM (CONT.): What I thought. Now, if you’ll just pick that up for me.

The tentacled alien points a tendril at himself.

    MECOULM: Yeah, you. Come on, you got eight arms. Lend me one or two.

The alien goes about gathering the tokens. As MeCoulm stands grinning, with his smoking blaster raised to his shoulder.



MeCoulm straddles his speeder bike. RRWWOAR. He turns – face-to- face with a wall of hair. It’s CHEWBACCA.

    MECOULM: Geeze. You scared me, big guy. Now I KNOW I spend way too much time with you. I didn’t even smell ya comin’.

Chewie growls, as he loads a crate into his wide speeder.

    MECOULM: You find any new parts this time?

Chewie shakes his head. Angry. He roars and slams a crate.

    MECOULM: Next port. You’ll find him. Come on, Chewie. Cheer up. You hungry? I won at cards.

MeCOULM flashes the credits at him. Chewie tilts his head and roars again. He points to the club behind.

    MECOULM: Well, ya, while you were doin’ all the heavy lifting. And Han wouldn’t care. It’s my creds now. You smell that nerf herder meat or what?

Chewie raises his nostrils and takes a whiff. He growls.

    MECOULM: Let’s go. I’ll pay.



one of the shattered moons orbiting PEL’N DRYM

A series of satellite moons orbit the massive temperate planet of PEL’N DRYM. The top half of ice and snow is separated from the bottom tropical half by layers and layers of wispy clouds.

Some of the moons are smashed apart. Debris floats in their own orbits – hinting at an ominous history of the planet.



…to be continued…


We meet the main villain, DARTH SYNDOOR… HAN tracks down the JACKAL and the remnants of the EMPIRE… Han’s protégé, MeCOULM gets into more trouble on the streets of TYRANNUS…

harrison-ford-enders-game (1)

What do you think? Does reading something like this get you more excited for THE FORCE AWAKENS?

Do you like the new character MeCoulm TeThur? Should the *real* new trilogy set-up new heroes and villains to take over for the original characters we love already?

Do you want a PDF copy of the complete screenplay for SW:TCR?

Looks like I’m not the only fan of Wedge…


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