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Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESThe Empire struck back… After decades of hiding and mindful preparation, the enemy fought the Rebels in a perilous dogfight amongst the stars – over the recently discovered planet, Notrhupa. 

We also met QUEEN LEIA Organa-Solo, leading a peace-bringing mission aboard her New Alderaan Peace Council’s Mothership… The Empire tricked the Rebels, secretly sending a sleek JACKAL to board Leia’s ship.

the good old days

***To preface, this is a writing sample – a spec script to demonstrate my abilities, and perhaps garner interest for my original screenplays. This is NOT the REAL script for EPISODE VII.***

***I have altered the formatting to better suit your browser. Speakers / Dialogue will not be centered, as per the standard. Added images are just references. Hopefully, they help break up the wall of text… and makes for more exciting scrolling. These images may not always match up perfectly with the story.***

(There will also be a few musical score links to accompany these images. You can click to play the YouTube video, and scroll with the score if you like.)

***As a guideline, a page usually equates to a minute of screen-time. So by the end of Chapter 2 it’s been about 15 minutes into the movie. The complete script is 118 pages – just under 2 hours.***

The story continues here with CHAPTER TWO – pages 8 – 15…


the NAPC Mothership


A chamber room filled with star-maps and ancient artifacts.


From the BOTHAN’s side of the conversation…

A grey haired man, the GENERAL, hunches over a desk. A small-scale holographic alien, a BOTHAN, “stands” on a holo-tablet before him.

  BOTHAN: General, I fear it is so. The Cartesian Ring won’t let the cargo loose. This course of action could injure our relationship with them.

  GENERAL: Relationship? Come on, I don’t wanna hold their hand. Are you telling me the Enterprise I’ve worked so hard for. So long for. Doesn’t earn US more respect than that?

the BOTHAN (another design)


  BOTHAN: Never-the-less, the Cartesians will not listen.

  GENERAL: I don’t need to tell ya how smuggling works, now, do I, pal? You’re a damn Bothan. You know how it’s done. So… TAKE the provisions. Re-distribute them amongst the Rebel Flotillas. Like the plan.

  BOTHAN: Perhaps you should lend your name to the operation. Surely, they will listen then.

  GENERAL: Keep my name out of it. That’s it, that’s all. Now, make it known.

  BOTHAN: I should refrain, but General SOLO, sir. If the Cartesians knew who we represented th–

  GENERAL: You heard me… Make it known.

the BOTHAN relents

  BOTHAN (bows): General.

  GENERAL (aggressive): Off.

The holo bursts away with STATIC.

The General reaches and grabs a long thin glass straw from a richly ornate hand-carved box. He CRACKS the tip, and inhales. Smoke creeps around his silhouette.


It is HAN SOLO – aged and grey, but with that same sly smile.

  HAN: Han Solo? The name still means sumthin’.




A swimming green planet, NOTRHUPA, swirls with atmospheric gasses. A Steward and a few X-Wings, protects the NAPC.

A boxy CARRIER exits the NAPC and enters the atmosphere.


A large green ocean covers most of the planet. The solitary continent’s interior thrives with lush plant life. A habitat of bunkers and domes lines the coast.

atmospheric conversion – far inland, away from the coast and forests

Atmospheric conversion machines send pulse waves into the planet’s core. Others gather water from the ocean.

Terranauts look to the sky, as the carrier lands nearby.

CHADWICK (*played by historical figure Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander*)

A greying officer, Captain CHADWICK, exits. He is met by a formally dressed alien with numerous eyes, VILACQUA.

  VILACQUA: Captain Chadwick? What happened?

  CHADWICK: Vilacqua. Now is not the time.

VILACQUA, Chief Terranaut (alien designed by MASOCHA from DeviantArt)

  VILACQUA: But the battle. We all saw. What happened? Who were they?

  CHADWICK: I’m not here to discuss the momentary skirmishes of the stars. I’m here to inspect the Queen’s accommodations. She wants to be on soil for this important event.

  VILACQUA: But Captain, if WE just discovered Notrhupa, how’d the enemy find us?

  CHADWICK: Commander Lucas destroyed the enemy. That is all that matters. Now, show me the Queen’s Chambers.

  VILACQUA: You’re right. Commander Lucas gives us hope, in these dark unexplored corners of the galaxy… This way.

CHADWICK, has a rich past

The officers pass several terranauts, with official salutes.

  CHADWICK: Quite right, Vilacqua. He protects us again. Notrhupa is to be a shining beacon for the New Republic. And birth-place of a new Royal Legacy.

  VILACQUA: Long live the Rebellion. Long love the Queen.

Surrounding terranauts repeat the mantra with salutes.

images (3)



The NAPC Mothership is protected by its defensive flotilla.


Han Solo marches down a hallway, passing a tall droid.

The General’s DROID

  DROID: General Solo. Queen Leia eagerly awaits your presence.

  HAN: Tell me something I don’t know. How’s the arm?

  DROID (bends arm): Fully operational now. Thank you.

  HAN: I tried to warn ya, pal. It’s unwise to upset a Wookie.

  DROID: Quite right, General. My programming has been modified accordingly.

  HAN: What? Let the Wookie win?

  DROID: Affirmative. This method of action proves beneficial to this one. May I accompany you to the Queen’s chambers.

  HAN: No. I’m fine on my own. Is SHE alright though? Is it happening?

  DROID: The Maidens are at her side.

  HAN: That’s not what I asked.

  DROID: The signs are clear. Very soon, General.

  HAN: Thanks. I think. Isn’t it early?

  DROID: General, your vital signs show irritation. You hear rate has accelerated 17 percent.

  HAN: Dunno if I’m ready for this. Can’t be nine cycles already? Can it?

  DROID: From what I understand of human reactionary systems you should be quite pleased. General, perhaps I could relieve your stresses. I am fully automatized for emotional–

  HAN: Didn’t I say not to follow me?

The droid stops walking alongside Han. It waits a moment.

  DROID: General Solo? I’m not sure I und–

  HAN (looks back): Sorry. Let me to it. I’m not used to this… this…

Han trails off, creating a small distance between them.

  DROID: Emotion?

  HAN (smirks, over shoulder): I heard that.



Queen LEIA Organa-Solo (played by CARRIE FISHER)

Leia’s hive of hair reaches high to the ceiling. She paces the bedroom as several maidens prepare a lounger-like chair.

Leia watches them. Suddenly, her face SCRUNCHES up in pain.

  ROBOT: Are you alright?

  LEIA: It’s Han. I sense him. Unusual. He’s… anxious… and afraid.

Leia WINCES. A maiden rushes to her aid, holding Leia.

  LEIA: It’s coming. Make sure–

FSSSH! The bedroom door slides open. Two robot guards stand outside the entrance. Boots barge in. Han.

  HAN (concerned): Leia.

Leia turns to Han, revealing her very large PREGNANT tummy.

Han rushes over. They look in each other’s eyes. They kiss.

  DROID: Preparing the birthing pool.

The droid slides it hand along the lounger. Machinery UNFOLDS from within. A circular foundation builds.

Han helps the maidens lower Leia to the lounger.

  HAN: I love you, Princess.

  LEIA (smirks): That’s Queen, now… “General.

  HAN: Not to me. You’ll always be my–

Leia grabs his arm. Grinds her teeth. Winces.

  ROBOT: Please. We are ready.

The robot places its hand on Han’s shoulder. Leia musters a smile, from within all that pain. Han steps back.

Liquid quickly rises in the created birthing pool, around the maiden attending to Leia. The lounger reclines.

  HAN: What can I do?

  LEIA: Shh. It’s alright. See to our baby.

  MAIDEN: It is time.

  HAN: Will she be alright?

The droid advances with some birthing equipment.


  DROID: The process has been altered due to the Queen’s age. Worry not, Solo.

Leia yells out. She claws the droid’s arm. She closes her eyes. Han gently rubs her face. She gasps. Eyes snap open.

  LEIA: It’s. Coming.

  HAN: I know. Shhh.

  LEIA: No. Han. The Empire.

  HAN: What’s she talkin about?

  DROID: The attack on the NAPC. Only moments ago. Surely you must–

  HAN: Attack? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

  LEIA (straining): I was wrong. I thought it was Luke.

  HAN: What? Leia? Tell me.

  LEIA (struggles): The Force. I felt it. Pulling me.

Han looks to the maidens suspiciously. The droid. They help.

  HAN: No. No. Shhh. It’s the stress. You’re worried. That’s all, Leia. (to droid) Don’t just stand there.

  DROID: We cannot sedate her during birthing.

A pair of Medical Droids

  MAIDEN: All is well, Solo. The pain is part of the process.

Leia pushes hard. Screaming. Han watches, intently, as Leia struggles. Finally, the baby is coming.

A maiden pulls the baby out of the water and hands it to another maiden who wraps it in a blanket.

Leia smiles. Han holds her face. A tender moment, as the maiden hands the bundle to Leia. Han looks on in amazement.

  HAN (soft): We did it.

  LEIA (smiles wide): We DID.

  MAIDEN: It’s a boy.

  HAN: A boy? You hear that, Princess. A BOY!

Han hollers in celebration. He even grabs a maiden and twirls her. Leia watches with fond eyes, as a maiden takes the child.

KA-ZAAM! Blaster fire – from the hallway outside.

The door slides open. A tall dark caped silhouette fills the doorway. Two fallen robots smoke and SPARK at his feet.

Han DARTS his attention to the door. He PUSHES away the maiden to safety and reaches for his holster.

The droid RUSHES the dark figure and is shot by a blaster hiding in the cape’s shadows. The droid falls, SPARKING.

Han returns fire. The BLASTS ride their way up the BALD assassin, sparking his thin black Samurai-like armour.

The assassin BLASTS a maiden in the line of fire. She falls.

Han rushes the bald man. The assassin reaches for him. Han goes FLYING into a desk, THROWN by the invisible FORCE.

In that same brief moment… Han watches the…

The ASSASSIN (*played by GUY PEARCE*)

Assassin BLASTS Leia! Then he blasts, a nearby maiden. The maiden with the baby ducks for cover, as Leia is shot again.

Leia is stunned, standing in the pool, dripping wet. FRRZZAK. Another blast STRIKES her. She falls with a splash.

MEANWHILE… Han RUSHES the cloaked villain.

The assassin blasts the tank. It SHATTERS. Water floods out.

Han TACKLES the bald man over a desk. Heavy ornaments CRASH with them. The nose of Han’s blaster makes contact with the armour. Han blasts away, the shots burn their way through.

The assassin GROANS. His shaky hand reaches out. Han grabs a fallen statue and SMASHES the bald head.

SOLO, broken

Han rises over the unconscious assassin. He looks to a maiden trying to revive Leia. Another maiden runs with the bundled baby towards the exit.

TSSKRAAM. A heavy plasma blast from the assassin below BURIES into Han’s side. He falls, crippled in pain.

The maiden runs for the door.

The assassin admires his handiwork with his one good eye.

He shoots at the fleeing maiden. The shots BLAZE across the wall, missing. He USES the Force and WHIPS a maiden HIGH into the ceiling. And DOWN hard to the floor.

He blasts another maiden with several shots to the back.

And before the maiden with the baby can escape, she is BLASTED in the arm. She crumples to the ground.

One of LEIA’s cybernetic MAIDEN

He steps towards her. She rises and shuffles for the exit. Scared. The assassin tilts his head, toying with his prey.

THWACK! Han strikes the assassin with a statue. He huffs and puffs, standing over the fallen man. Han YELLS in RAGE, raising the statue and pummeling the assassin. Again. And AGAIN. Until the statue breaks.

Han looks at the dead man. His fury lifts. It shifts to awe.

  HAN (puzzled): But… the Force?

The assassin’s caved-in head SPARKS. Underneath the skin are WIRES.


PSSH. The door slides open. Han, with Leia’s blood on his shirt, advances – wounded, with his blaster at the ready.

The maiden lies on the floor, shot and injured. No baby.

She feebly points down the long hall. Han follows her shaky hand. At the end of the hallway, he sees…

A WOMAN runs with a bundle in her arms. Her long BRAIDED hair WHIPS in the air, as she disappears around a corner.



The NAPC hovers in orbit over, Notrhupa. No sign of the Empire presence.

THEN… that sleek JACKAL ship escapes the NAPC, slipping past the defensive flotilla unseen.

BAMF. It’s gone – warping away in an instance.






…to be continued…


We meet LUKE SKYWALKER… HAN storms the hangar looking for answers – ready to chase down the JACKAL & the long-braided ASSASSIN.

What do you think? Does reading something like this get you more excited for THE FORCE AWAKENS?

Will the *real* EPISODE VII unfold in a similar way? Are our favourite characters in danger?

How will Han deal with his emotions?

Do you want a PDF copy of the complete screenplay for SW:TCR?


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