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The STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer blew up the Interwebs recently. I commented on my experience in earlier articles.

I even posted the opening page of my EPISODE VII spec script (from last May) over on my movie site SLIP/THROUGH (movie news for movie nerds).

I am not a fanfic writer. I actually perceive it as a sort of dirty word. So I understand the hypocrisy of participating in this form of writing.

However, I have written screenplays for over a decade – all original content. I wanted to possibly garner more attention for my original screenplays with this writing sample. I even adapted this as an original property.

Enough with the preface… 

The entire script is available for your nerdy consumption should you desire. Email me at thelastfountain (at) gmail (dot) com … blame Spam bots for that weird description there. 

I am altering the traditional screenplay format to squeeze in more text into less space. Speakers/Dialogue will not be centered, for example.

I will break it up into chapters so it doesn’t take forever to load / scroll through. Makes for good bookmarks too. Check back later or FOLLOW me for updates. 

***Remember, this is NOT the REAL screenplay for THE FORCE AWAKENS.***

Here is CHAPTER ONE –  pages 1 – 8 of my writing sample STAR WARS: THE CREVASSE REACHES

Set the mood, listen and read… Watch for the occasional image too…







In the decades following the destruction of THE EMPIRE, the REBEL FORCES
have spread further out into the galaxy. Their peaceful reach extends into
unexplored territory.

currently en route to the recently discovered planet, NOTRHUPA, undergoing
atmospheric conversion.

HAN SOLO, pilot of the infamous MILLENIUM FALCON, accompanies his wife,
leaving his lucrative smuggling enterprise in the hands of his young protégé,

Unbeknownst to THE REBELLION, this newly discovered solar system is already
occupied by an extremist sect of specialized warriors known only as THE
CREVASSE, a splintered faction of the supposed FALLEN EMPIRE.

The long clawed reach of THE CREVASSE, led by the ruthless DARTH SYNDOOR,
grasps for the Royal ORGANA LEGACY, hoping to crush the future of the
REBELLION at its very conception…


The CRAWL comes to an end over a field of brilliant stars.

VRRAAMMM! A TIE FIGHTER whips across the stars, quickly followed by a new harshly angled model BLACK TIE FIGHTER.

Lasers blast between the TIE fighters. An X-WING whips across the starfield in pursuit. The TIEs split away.


A young pilot, THRESH, yells into his communiqué.

    THRESH: You heard me. TIE fighters. Over.

    RADIO: Repeat. Carbon Squadron 6. Say again?

    THRESH: Dammit. I’m not seein things, Cap.

Thresh chases the Grey TIE. The Black TIE is too agile.

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT… as THRESH … (nerd casting 2000)

    RADIO: How is that possible? The Empire fell decades ago.

    THRESH (obnoxious): You want me to ask? I’ll be polite.

The grey TIE approaches the large Mothership of the New Alderaan Peace Council (NAPC; nay’pack) in the distance.

Thresh follows.

The Black TIE circles him, RIPPING away at strange angles.

Three X-Wings and two large defensive ships, known as STEWARDS, protect the NAPC. An X-Wing launches after the Black TIE.

    THRESH: I lost visual.

Thresh keeps close, even though the TIE tries to evade.

The other X-wing pilot spots the BLACK TIE fighter. It quickly alters course, up and up. The X-Wing follows.

    RADIO: Carbon 9 found the Black TIE Fighter. Commander says if they get too close to the NAPC, take ‘em out.

    THRESH (obnoxious): How close is too close?

The grey TIE gets closer and CLOSER to the Mothership.

The Black TIE loops back down, facing the X-Wing, BLASTING.

Thresh notices the X-Wing EXPLODE, then whips his attention back to the enemy in front of him. He yells in anger and BLASTS away. The TIE is struck, but keeps going.

The STEWARDS shift to defend the front and rear of the NAPC.

The remaining X-Wings leave the NAPC’s side and rocket towards the Black TIE. They blast away as the TIE leads them further away from the NAPC Mothership, into deep space.

Thresh chases the grey TIE. They BLAST and dodge, back and forth, until Thresh EXPLODES the TIE. He hollers and cheers.

The other X-Wings pursue the Black TIE.

BAMF. It escapes, warping into hyperspace, leaving the Rebels far from the NAPC.



A uniformed operator, ABRAMS, swipes at a tablet-device.

    ABRAMS: The Stewards have shifted their stance to protect us. We lost a few X-Wings to battle before the enemy disappeared.

Abrams turns, holding the tablet, displaying the skirmish. He walks across the regal Victorian-style chamber.

LEIA sits in a modest throne, cross-legged and casual. Her hair is elaborately woven atop her head, like a tendrilled bee-hive. She still has that air of stubbornness about her.

    LEIA (unapologetic): We have more. Tell me, Abrams, the way they move – are those TIE fighters?

    ABRAMS: Private Thresh confirms it is.

  LEIA: I knew it.

  ABRAMS: What? Queen Organa, if I may, the Empire fell long ago. Perhaps there is another, more rational,         explanation.

    LEIA: You don’t know the Empire like I do. I knew there would be others. Somewhere. Our mission here is still a success, Abrams.

    ABRAMS: I thought we were exploring undiscovered territory? To shine the light, into the darkness. A peace mission, you said.

  LEIA: As you should, Operator. Not all should know of the Empire’s reach. Panic spreads more easily than Hope. The New Republic would never grow to this size if we were all afraid. Alas, we feared this day would come. And the day is not yet over. It has just begun.

    ABRAMS: Are you quite certain there will be more, Queen Organa?

    LEIA (looks away): There’s always more.


BAMF. Two massive Empire Motherships exit light-speed. Swarms of Grey TIEs escape from the black hulking exterior.

A structure extends from the Stewards, unfolding. Drones are released from ports. They fly along the extended structure, pulling a metallic fabric across like a sail.

The Stewards’ fully shield the NAPC from the TIEs.

X-Wings exit from the Mothership and form squads behind the shields – then rush the enemy.

X-Wings dogfight the TIEs in the strange dimensions of space. WHAAZAAAM. An X-Wing explodes. It’s all-out WAR.

Squadrons split away, engaging enemy formations. The TIEs are more agile, but the X-Wings can take more damage.


THRESH as portrayed (only) here as Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Thresh, leading a squad, cheers as he destroys a TIE.

The Imperial Motherships (IMS) slowly advance, like rolling clouds of thunder – impending their way towards Leia’s ship.

TIEs pelt a Steward’s shield. No damage – just flaring.

Two X-Wings squads form on the TIEs. That BLACK TIE appears behind them. It blasts the squad, exploding two X-Wings.

The massive Empire ships hulk over the smaller dogfight below, casting a large shadow over the laser battle.

A small sleek black ship known as a JACKAL, jettisons from an IMS. It zips away, stealthily, avoiding any skirmish.


The other IMS launches a pulse missile. It plumes liquid fire in its wake, like some twisted oil spill in zero gravity.

KA-THRAAM! It explodes against the Steward shield, a hole grows like insects chomping through a leaf in fast forward.

The other IMS fires a missile. It EXPLODES into the vulnerable Steward, EVISCERATING it from within.

Lasers fill the stars, until only a few fighters remain.

Thresh looks out at the hopeless battle. He carves away, changing course, and rockets towards an IMS.

LEVITT as X-Wing pilot, THRESH – “What needs to be done.”

    RADIO: Thresh?! What are you doing?

    THRESH: What needs to be done. You saw how powerful they are.

He rushes the cockpit of the IMS, dodging lasers as he goes.

    THRESH: We aren’t ready for this.

An X-Wing joins him, a young man with a moustache, TAIL.

    TAIL: I’m right behind you, Thresh.

Another X-Wing picks off a TIE pursuing Tail.

    THRESH: Tail? What took you so long ANTILLES?

    TAIL: Let’s finish this before it starts.

    THRESH: Affirmative.

They get closer and closer to the enemy’s Mothership.

Thresh dodges blasts from cannons mounted on the IMS hull.

Tail blasts the cannons, while Thresh aims for the cockpit. He sees inside – pilots run from the impending collision.

A squad of TIEs blasts at Thresh and Tail. An X-Wing squad chases these TIEs. It doesn’t look good for anyone.

    THRESH (yelling): Long live the Rebellion…

    THRESH / TAIL: Long love the Queen.

Thresh kamikazes, DEEP into the cockpit, firing as he goes. He breaks through the interior. Tail follows. They EXPLODE, setting off a chain reaction of nuclear events.

TIEs battle X-Wings, as the massive whale of the IMS, sinks through space like a smoking Titanic, in the background.

Only two X-Wings and a lone TIE fighter remain. They trick the enemy into their firing lane – and blast it away.

MEANWHILE, that small jettisoned enemy ship (the Jackal), appearing so small against the massive NAPC, enters an open hangar bay.

The remaining Imperial Mothership, finishing its mission, instantly BLIPS out of existence, through time and space.



NEXT TIME on THE CREVASSE… We meet HAN SOLO, and the villains from the JACKAL ship.

Leave a comment if you want to see more.

I will post the next chapter soon, should any of you be curious. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve experienced thus far.

What do you think? Is this sort of spec script sacrilegious? Or does it make you more compelled to read an original script from the same writer?


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