SLIP/THROUGH – Chapter 1


Decades after the hotels of the Moon, in the age of space tourism, visitors flock to the Vegas of the stars. However, this is not utopia. Crime is still ever-present. Two detectives – one human, one cybernetic – track an elusive and relentless serial killer.

SLIP/THROUGH is hard-boiled action set in an original science-fiction universe filtered through 1930s FILM NOIR. This is R-rated stuff – for graphic violence, sexual subject matter, and coarse language.

This feature film screenplay is presented here with Chapters in the experimental PICTUREplay format. Actors will portray characters in images, like our two leads RYAN GOSLING and IDRIS ELBA. Listen and look while you scroll…

Pages 1 – 12





Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHESOur heroes fought their way through the Mos Eisley hangar on Tatooine… They defeated the Empire in the stars… They split up and set out on their own missions to defeat the Crevasse…

This time… Empress Nephtys prepares her forces for an attack… Luke Skywalker faces Darth Syndoor… Han Solo arrives on Notrhupa…

***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay.***


(click, listen, scroll – JERRY GOLDSMITH’s score from DEEP RISING)

The story continues here with CHAPTER ELEVEN – pages 86 – 96





Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES There was all-out war on Tatooine and in the stars above… The Rebels found the Empire on Notrhupa… MeCoulm used The Force to save himself…

This time… Our heroes clear the hangar… They dogfight the Empire in the stars… They depart for their individual missions…


***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay.***

click, listen, scroll – JERRY GOLDSMITH … TOTAL RECALL)

The story continues here with CHAPTER TEN – pages 76 – 85





Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES Cloud City (and Lando Calrissian) was attacked by The Crevasse… Luke and our heroes listened to Leia’s mission from a secret holo-disc… Kuwani Saewa, Syndoor’s apprentice, fought Luke Skywalker…

This time… Tatooine is under attack… Notrhupa’s Terranauts make a startling discovery… Meanwhile, Syndoor prepares himself for the next surprise guest to his icy home on Pel’N Drym…

***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay. Listen, read, look, scroll.***


(click, listen, scroll to JERRY GOLDSMITH and his score for LEGEND)

The story continues here with CHAPTER NINE – pages 65 – 76



It’s LANDO CALRISSIAN, hunched over a console, a bloody rip in his shoulder. He’s out of breath.

  LANDO: This message is intended for transmission across the Rebel Network.

The group looks to the image with concern, especially Han.

  LANDO (CONT.): Cloud City is under attack. The Empire strikes back. Again. After all these years. They came outta nowhere.

Kuwani looks on with concern. MeCoulm eyes her suspiciously.

  LANDO (CONT.): I can’t believe it. You guys know me. I’m Lando Calrissian, diplomat, mediator, protector of the New Rebel Republic. (smirks) Ladies man… I’m not one for the scrolls. But. Well. They have Jedis. They look for a legendary saviour born of the clouds. They call him the Sky Walker.


Luke looks to Kuwani, with wonder.

  LANDO (CONT.): Hurry. If they destroy this outpost, the Republic will be crippled. If it happens. If the city falls. Just know. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect the center of the Republic.

Lando looks away, struggling with emotions. An explosion rocks the room. He looks back to the console.

  LANDO (CONT.): Tell the Queen… I meant to.

The image disappears. The group is stunned. Chewie yells.

  KUWANI: The Crevasse reaches. Now they attack.

  MECOULM (realizing): They destroyed Cloud City to find you.

  LUKE: I’m sorry.

  HAN: That’s just the beginning, MeCoulm. You? Jedi. What’s their plan?

KUWANI (as *played here* by ALEXANDRA DADDARIO)

  KUWANI: The child, Solo. YOUR child. His birth has lit a fuse of events, that will explode one after another.

  MECOULM: They’re using Han’s kid to lure Luke?

  HAN (distracted): Something like that.

  MECOULM: Then what?

  KUWANI: We cut the fuse. That is why I am here.




Last time on THE CREVASSE REACHES… Luke and Han talked about old times… We learned of Syndoor’s exile and the Empress’ plan… Elix saved MeCoulm’s crew in the hangar…

This time… Cloud City is under attack by The Crevasse and their “special officers of night”… Luke and our heroes listen to Leia’s secret message… The Assassin, Kuwani Saewa, strikes again…

***To preface, this is a spec script to demonstrate my abilities. This is NOT the *REAL* script for EPISODE VII.***

***Formatting has been altered to fit more in less space. This is a continued experiment called PICTUREplay. Listen, read, look, scroll.***


(listen to this excellent score from PLANET OF THE APES -1968- by JERRY GOLDSMITH)

The story continues here with CHAPTER EIGHT – pages 56 – 65




Sunlight basks the wispy clouds surrounding the OPULENT floating Cloud City. The warm sunset SPARKLES across the shining towers.

A ship departs from one of the many floating hangars. It streams across the clouds and higher into space.

The clouds re-settle. A moment.

THEN, stealthily from within, three sleek ships appear, SHIMMERING with adjusting colours, and maintaining a chameleon-like invisibility.

Dark storm clouds roll in with the ships, overwhelming the brilliant pastels and filling them with rain and lightning.


A crew navigates ships to and from port. One member points up and YELLS, as a sleek ship FIRES into the hangar.

Panicked crews run. A departing ship EXPLODES.

The jet deactivates its cloak – its sleek body goes black – as it BLASTS apart the crew and lands on the empty hangar.


A cloaked man rushes down a long hallway, flanked by armed guards. It’s LANDO. He talks to his earpiece as he struts.

  LANDO: Who? What do you mean you don’t know? Do you know how many diplomats from across the galaxy are here? (listens, smirks) A lot. So. Protect them.

LANDO… played by original actor BILLY DEE WILLIAMS

Lando enters ANOTHER hallway. The doors SLIDE closed behind.

A bald cloaked assassin approaches. He THROWS one of the guards with the Force. He BLASTS the other.

The thrown guard quickly returns fire. It SPARKS the armour.

Lando BLASTS the bald head. Flesh PEELS off. SPARKS. But he keeps advancing. The blasted guard FIRES from the ground.

the Assassin as *played here* by AARON PAUL

The assassin REACHES out and sends the guard flying into the door. It SLIDES open just after he clumps to the ground.

Lando arrives at the other guard, who’s passed out. Lando grabs a grenade from the guard’s belt.

FZZAK. A blast GRAZES Lando’s arm. He WHIPS the grenade. KA-BLAM. The enemy explodes. SPARKS.

  LANDO: At least THAT worked.

Lando rises. Holds his shoulder. He looks out the window.


The enemy’s BLACK ships fight ships visiting Cloud City.

  LANDO (OS): Send all available units to the hangars. We got trouble.

Lando leans against the glass, holding himself up, while he watches the ships fire lasers in the dark storm.

  LANDO (TO COMM): Scan their ships. Find out where they came from. And who’s with ‘em.



A long thin speeder cruises the desert. It slows at the cave. The droids aren’t standing watch anymore.


The braided assassin, KUWANI SAEWA, parks her long speeder next to MeCoulm’s at the bottom of the cliff.


MeCoulm taps the R2 unit on its domed head. R2D2 whistles.

  MECOULM: Um, the R2’s ready. Are you? Guys?

(click, listen, scroll – PICTUREplay)

Luke and Han lean in, curious. They look to another.

PSSHT. A holographic image spotlights from R2 onto the cave floor. It’s Leia. Chewie groans a sad howl.

LEIA (Carrie Fisher)

  LEIA: Luke. If you’re watching this, the worst must have happened.

The image of Leia paces. She holds her smaller pregnant belly. MeCoulm wells up. He looks to the solemn faces of Luke and Han.

  MECOULM: Uh, should we be here for this?

  LUKE: Stay. No more secrets.

  LEIA: –new planets searching for some remnant of the Empire. Our Intel points to the solar system, KASDAN-77, named for its recent discoverer.


Han grabs a glass straw. Cracks. Inhales.

  LEIA (CONT.): The Empire survives. Palpatine has woven quite an elaborate plan far beyond the Death Star. Beyond Vader.

Luke flexes his robot hand, now re-attached.

  LEIA (CONT.): His contingency plans sprawl far into the future. The Empire has prepared for nearly 30 years. If you’re hearing this message, they must have returned.

MeCoulm looks to Han. This is bad news. Han doesn’t seem so concerned with that. He’s intently watching Leia. Just her.



Happy Holidays, fellow nerds. Here is a Christmas movie I wrote with an 80s vibe for the whole family. 

To put it briefly… An animator converts old cartoons into 3D. A Holiday wish & some weird science helps his cartoon character magically enter the real (3D) world for Christmas.

There’s a lot of slapstick humour, but also a lot of emotion.

I think adults and children alike will have fun with this Holiday story.

I hope you enjoy it…

***This short film is submitted here in the experimental PICTUREplay format…It is written as a one hour holiday special for television…Images may not match perfectly. The aim here is to make for more entertaining scrolling.***

H O L Y   3 D   C H R I S T M A S !

copyright, all rights reserved 12/2014 – thelastfountain(at)gmail com



Animated snowflakes fall from the bright blue sky. Sunrays reach for the winter wonderland below.

A 4 foot tall squirrel named ACORN builds a snowman.

ACORN… looks something like this

He wears a green hooded sweatshirt. A big black robber’s eye-mask makes him seem at least a little deviant.

Acorn prepares a boulder for the snowman’s head, rolling it across a long field of snow.

Smoke billows from a cabin’s chimney.

A picnic table is occupied by a large 2-foot (actual) acorn resting on its surface.

Acorn adds the head onto the snowman.

He places two lumps of coal for eyes.

He adjusts a carrot into the snowman’s face.

The squirrel admires his snowman. He smiles large.

    ACORN (sings) Merry Christmas to me.

A large shadow slowly grows behind Acorn, reaching across the snowman.

    ACORN (cont.) Merry Christmas to m–

A thunderous flapping sound draws the squirrel’s attention to the ominous shadow.

Acorn slowly cranks his neck.

A large 5 foot tall CROW swoops into the valley. His wingspan must be nearly 20 feet wide.

There’s a loud WHOOSH each time the enormous wings flap.

    ACORN Oh, shhhh–ugar balls.

The crow aims his talons for that large appetizing acorn.

It lands on the picnic table. It’s claws embedding in the wooden surface.

    ACORN Heh, that’s mine. Leave it alone.

A mischevious smile grows across the crow’s long beak, as he reaches down to the ground, and prepares a large snowball.

    ACORN Don’t even, you big nasty mess of feath–

SPLAT! Acorn is hit, square in the face by a messy snowball.

The slush slides down his shocked face.

    ACORN You?

The crow points its wing to itself.

    CROW Me?

ACORN… in a variety of poses

    ACORN Yeah. You… (hesitates) Y-You… farp.

    CROW Farp?

    ACORN Yeah. Farp: a lethal combination of burp and fart. You do both those at the same time and you die.

    CROW What?

    ACORN You die. That’s what lethal means, beak for brains.

    CROW No. You can’t die from… THAT? Um, can you?

    ACORN It’s true. Go on. Look it up in your Funk-n-Wagnel’s.

    CROW Whoah. Did you just say the F-word?

    ACORN Funk AND Wagnel’s. It’s a dictionary. Ever heard of those?

    CROW What do I care? I just want that nut?

Acorn, accordantly, pulls out a dictionary from some hidden compartment within his hoody.

He whips the thick book at the crow.

It hits the bird in his face and falls to the picnic table.

    CROW I can’t believe you just did that?

    ACORN Believe it. You hit me with snow, I hit you with knowledge… Farp.

The crow whips through the dictionary pages. He licks his feathered finger and flips some more. He finds it.

    CROW Me? A farp: a sharp expellation of gas? Through both exits?

    ACORN Exact-o-mundo.

    CROW But that’s nothing like me?

    ACORN Isn’t it though?

The squirrel has successfully confused the dim-witted crow. The large bird searches for a retort.

    ACORN How dare you fire upon an unarmed squirrel. But what should I expect from a big dumb thievin’ bird.

    CROW Okay. I know this much. Them’s fightin words.

The crow whips the book back at the squirrel.

WHIFF. Acorn ducks it.

    CROW Nice Acorn you got here. Mind if I eat it, little squirrel?

    ACORN Acorn? That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

The crow’s proverbial jaw drops. He cowers.

    CROW (aside) No. That name?

    ACORN So, Big Bird, if you want THAT acorn, you’ll have to go through me first.

Acorn tosses a snowball in his hand.

    CROW Acorn? I’ve heard of you. It can’t be? No.

    ACORN Oh it BE. It SO be me.

Acorn whips the snowball. Crow dodges, taking to the air.

He flies over to the cabin and lands on its roof.

The squirrel gives chase, heading for the cabin.

He throws another snowball at the crow above, but it falls short – out of his range.

The crow laughs at the little squirrel down below.

    CROW Nice arm, girly man. You’re nothing like the stories. Pathetic. Let me show you how it’s done.

The crow makes a big snowball and launches it.

Acorn runs for protection behind the snowman.

The ground is pelted by multiple snowballs, as the squirrel darts for cover.

It’s like a twisted holiday version of NAM. The snow explodes around Acorn like its shrapnel from a grenade.

The crow laughs into the cold air. Smoke billows behind his large frame. Menacing.

Acorn hides behind his cover. He breathes heavily.

The crow flies off the roof and swoops back in for the acorn on the picnic table.

    CROW You’re not so tough after all. Playing hide-n-go-seek behind a snowman. Coward.

He lands on the table and grabs the large acorn.

The crow looks over to the snowman. Amazement rushes across his face – his beak opens wide. Stunned.

Acorn grabs the large head off of the snowman, raises it high over his head.

    ACORN You were saying?

The squirrel WHIPS the large boulder at the crow.

BAM! The giant snowball hits the target.

The crow’s beak sticks out of the snowman’s head atop its own head.

The acorn falls to the ground, sinking into the snow.


A phone blares in the distance.

The squirrel looks to the sky.

The ringing echoes, sounding very far away.

The crow bobs its “snow-head” – saying something muffled as it looks for the ringing sound.


Acorn searches for the source of this strange sound, watching snowflakes cascade on this cartoon wonderland.

Again, and again. RING RING.

The snowflakes slowly loose their animated aesthetic…

EXT. TOWNHOUSE – sunset (live action)

…as snowflakes fall on a small subdivision of plug and play houses.

It looks more like a Lego-set than a community.


Perfect flakes float across Christmas lights. Red snowflake. Green snowflake.

Children build snowmen and forts on their front lawns.

A father and son team shovel their laneway.

INT. TOWNHOUSE – continuous

A frosted window looks out to the community at play.


ELLIOT… (*as played here by JAY BARUCHEL)

Seated at an artist’s draft table is a scruffy haired ELLIOT (early 30s).

He draws with a professional graphite pencil on thick porous paper – it’s the opening scene of Acorn and Crow in STORYBOARD format.

He’s in a trance. The persistent RINGING goes ignored.

Then, the graphite tip of his pencil SNAPS.

Elliot looks to the phone, his face scrunched in anger. Annoyed he’s been interrupted.

He swipes at his phone and taps the SPEAKER button.


    ELLIOT Sir?

    STEINWEIN (OS) Elliot–

    ELLIOT I know what you’re thinkin, Mr. Steinwein.

    STEINWEIN (OS) Do you? And?

    ELLIOT It’s the holidays, sir.

    STEINWEIN (OS) And with your extra free time I thought I could toss you this project.

    ELLIOT But, sir?


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